2007 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2007/01/01 New Year's Day The Gift Of Time Psalm 90v12 New Year's Day Download
2007/01/04 Bible Study Compassion 2 Kings 4v1-7 History Of Israel 8 Download
2007/01/07 AM Consider Your Ways Haggai 1v5&7 Morning Service Download
2007/01/07 PM Consider Your Ways 2 Corinthians 4v16-18 Evening Service Download
2007/01/11 Bible Study Unfinished Business 2 Kings 8v13-9v3 History Of Israel 9 Download
2007/01/14 AM Dedication To The Lord Judges 16v20 Morning Service Download
2007/01/14 PM The Danger Of Letting Slip Judges 16v22 Evening Service Download
2007/01/18 Bible Study Unfinished Business 1 Kings 22v37 History Of Israel 10 Download
2007/01/21 AM Fullness Of Life - Only Found In Jesus Exodus 9v34-35 Morning Service Download
2007/01/21 PM The Softening Of Our Hearts Zechariah 12v10 Evening Service Download
2007/01/25 Bible Study Unfinished Business - Still 2 Kings 1v17 History Of Israel 11 Download
2007/01/28 AM The Writing On The Wall Daniel 5v5 Morning Service Download
2007/01/28 PM Isaiah Sees Something Of God's Glory Isaiah 6v1 Evening Service Download
2007/02/01 Bible Study Jehu - Bloody Business 2 Kings 10v32 History Of Israel 12 Download
2007/02/04 AM Where Art Thou? Genesis 3v9 Morning Service Download
2007/02/04 PM What Did They Say? 1 Samuel 3v17 Evening Service Download
2007/02/08 Bible Study Attitudes & Assessments 2 Kings 13 History Of Israel 13 Download
2007/02/11 PM Growth Or Stagnation? 2 Peter 3v18 Evening Service Download
2007/02/15 Bible Study Jereboam 2 Kings 14v23 History Of Israel 14 Download
2007/02/18 AM Importance Of Church Attendance Luke 4v16 Morning Service Download
2007/02/18 PM The Lord Deals With His People Isaiah 43v1 Evening Service Download
2007/02/25 AM Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet John 12v1-11 Morning Service Download
2007/02/25 PM The Great Transaction John 13v1-16 Evening Service Download
2007/03/11 AM Concerned Parents & Ignorant Disciples Luke 9v37-42 Morning Service Download
2007/03/11 PM Like Precious Faith 2 Peter 1v1 Evening Service Download
2007/03/15 Bible Study Deportation Amos History Of Israel 15 Download
2007/03/18 AM Rejecting Goodness From God Matthew 21v33 Morning Service Download
2007/03/18 PM What Do We Do With Jesus? Matthew 27v22 Evening Service Download
2007/03/22 Bible Study The Last Lap 2 Kings 15 History Of Israel 16 Download
2007/03/25 AM The Responsibility Of Parents Deuteronomy 6v4-7 Morning Service Download
2007/03/25 PM We Would See Jesus John 12v21 Evening Service Download
2007/04/08 AM The Easter Message Luke 24v6-7 Morning Service Download
2007/04/08 PM Doubting Thomas John 20v26-29 Evening Service Download
2007/04/15 AM Repent & Believe In The Lord Jesus Acts 2v36-37 Morning Service Download
2007/04/15 PM The Lord Appears To The Disciples John 21v6 Evening Service Download
2007/04/22 AM Waiting For A Word From God Mark 5v21-43 Morning Service Download
2007/04/22 PM A Personal Relationship With God Daniel 11v32 Evening Service Download
2007/05/06 AM Perseverance In Prayer Luke 18v37-43 Morning Service Download
2007/05/06 PM Test - Retreat - Return Mark 6v31 Evening Service Download
2007/05/10 Bible Study Death Of A Kingdom 2 Kings 17v1-23 History Of Israel 19 Download
2007/05/13 AM An Anchor For The Soul Hebrews 6v19 Morning Service Download
2007/05/13 PM Taught By The Spirit Of God 1 Corinthians 2v9-10 Evening Service Download
2007/05/17 Bible Study Aftermath 2 Kings 17v24-41 History Of Israel 20 Download
2007/05/20 AM Lot Lingered Genesis 19v16 Morning Service Download
2007/05/20 PM Remember Lot's Wife Luke 17v32 Evening Service Download
2007/05/27 AM Whom Do Ye Say I Am? Matthew 16v18 Morning Service Download
2007/05/27 PM The Great Commission Matthew 28v16-20 Evening Service Download
2007/06/03 AM Take Up Your Cross & Follow Christ Hebrews 13v13 Morning Service Download
2007/06/03 PM Fullness & Freedom In Christ Colossians 2v6-7 Evening Service Download
2007/06/17 AM God's Gracious Dealings Mark 2v14-17 Morning Service Download
2007/06/17 PM God's Commitment To His People Luke 9v57-62 Evening Service Download
2007/06/24 AM The Family Of God 1 John 3v1 Morning Service Download
2007/06/24 PM Working Together For The Lord 1 Chronicles 28v20 Evening Service Download
2007/06/28 Bible Study Jesus Prays For Himself John 17v1-5 The High Priestly Prayer 2 Download
2007/07/01 AM Jesus- The Perfect Sacrifice Philippians 2v5 Morning Service Download
2007/07/05 Bible Study Jesus' Prayer For The Apostles - For Safety John 17v6-19 The High Priestly Prayer 3 Download
2007/07/08 AM God's Wonderful Mercy 2 Corinthians 4v3-6 Morning Service Download
2007/07/08 PM The Problem Of Providence! Jeremiah 12v5 Evening Service Download
2007/07/12 Bible Study Jesus Prays For Sanctification For The Apostles John 17v17 The High Priestly Prayer 4 Download
2007/07/15 AM God's Word Stands Forever Isaiah 40v1-8 Morning Service Download
2007/07/15 PM The Need For Repentance Hebrews 2v1&3v7 Evening Service Download
2007/07/19 Bible Study Christ's Love To Sinners John 17v17 The High Priestly Prayer 5 Download
2007/07/29 AM Praise The Lord Psalm 107 Morning Service Download
2007/07/29 PM Remembering God Faithfulness Lamentations 3v21-33 Evening Service Download
2007/08/05 AM The Blame Culture Ezekiel 18v2 Morning Service Download
2007/08/05 PM The Danger Of Riches Mark 10v21-22 Evening Service Download
2007/08/12 AM What Has God To Say To Me Acts 10v33 Morning Service Download
2007/08/12 PM The Importance Of Quiet Times Mark 8v27-38 Evening Service Download
2007/08/16 Bible Study Christ Prays For Peter Luke 22v31 The High Priestly Prayer 7 Download
2007/08/19 AM The Miracle Of Conversion Acys 16v14 Morning Service Download
2007/08/19 PM Decree - Defiance - Deliverance Daniel 3 Evening Service Download
2007/09/02 AM A Stretched Out Arm Exodus 6v6 Morning Service Download
2007/09/06 Bible Study Rest In The Lord Psalm 37v7 Bible Study Download
2007/09/13 Bible Study Paul's Assessment Of His Approach To Life 1 Corinthians 9v24-27 Bible Study Download
2007/09/16 AM Hope For The Sinner Matthew 18v11-14 Morning Service Download
2007/09/16 PM God's Providence In The Life Of David 1 Samuel 25v32-33 Evening Service Download
2007/09/23 AM God Is Speaking To Us Psalm 19 Morning Service Download
2007/09/23 PM The Grace & Tenderness Of The Lord Jeremiah 31v18-20 Evening Service Download
2007/09/30 AM Warning Ignored Ezekiel 12v22-28 Morning Service Download
2007/09/30 PM Imminent Danger Ezekiel 33 Evening Service Download
2007/10/14 AM The Bread Of Life John 6v35 Morning Service Download
2007/10/14 PM Stages Of Life 1 Chronicles 29v30 Evening Service Download
2007/10/18 Bible Study Joy Unspeakable 1 Peter 1v6-7 Bible Study Download
2007/10/21 AM The Lord Addresses His People John 14v6 Morning Service Download
2007/10/21 PM Life Of Moses Exodus 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2007/10/25 Bible Study Qualities Of The Christian Life 2 Peter 1v5-7 Bible Study Download
2007/10/28 AM Elijah On Mount Carmel 1 Kings 18v21 Morning Service Download
2007/10/28 PM Come Boldly To The Throne Of Grace Hebrews 4v15-16 Evening Service Download
2007/11/01 Bible Study The Providences Of The Lord Esther 4v13-14 Bible Study Download
2007/11/11 AM What Do We Want Out Of Life? Mark 10v51 Morning Service Download
2007/11/11 PM God Keeps & Protects His People Jude v20-21 Evening Service Download
2007/11/15 Bible Study For This Cause Ephesians 3v1 Ephesians 38 Download
2007/11/18 AM Who Is On The Lord's Side? Exodus 32v26 Morning Service Download
2007/11/18 PM The Providence Of God In Joseph's Life Genesis 39v3,21&23 Life Of Joseph 2 Download
2007/11/22 Bible Study Paul - A Prisoner For Jesus Christ Ephesians 3v1 Ephesians 39 Download
2007/11/25 PM Joseph Early Life Genesis 37v1-4 Life Of Joseph 3 Download
2007/11/29 Bible Study Heavenly Credentials Ephesians 3v2 Ephesians 40 Download
2007/12/02 AM They (The Disciples) Considered Not Mark 6v51-52 Morning Service Download
2007/12/02 PM The Dreams Of Joseph Genesis 37v5 Life Of Joseph 4 Download
2007/12/06 Bible Study Qualifications Of An Apostle Ephesians 3v5 Ephesians 41 Download
2007/12/09 AM Show Us The Father John 14v9 Morning Service Download
2007/12/09 PM The Experience Of Joseph Genesis 39 Life Of Joseph 5 Download
2007/12/13 Bible Study Gentiles - Fellow Heirs With Christ Ephesians 3v6 Ephesians 42 Download
2007/12/16 AM A Light In The Darkness Isaiah 9v2 Morning Service Download
2007/12/16 PM Joseph In Prison Genesis 40v3 Life Of Joseph 6 Download
2007/12/20 Bible Study God's Purpose For Jews & Gentiles Ephesians 3v7-8 Ephesians 43 Download
2007/12/23 AM The Experience Of Mary, Jesus' Mother Luke 1v31-33 Morning Service Download
2007/12/23 PM Simeon- A Servant Of The Lord Luke 2v23&29 Evening Service Download
2007/12/27 Bible Study Jew & Gentile - Equal In God's Sight Ephesians 3v9-10 Ephesians 44 Download
2007/12/30 AM Open Our Eyes! 2 Kings 6v17 Morning Service Download
2007/12/30 PM The Faithfulness Of God Psalm 23v1&6 Evening Service Download