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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2004/09/26 AM Set Your House In Order Isaiah 38v17 Morning Service Download
2004/10/10 AM Spiritual Questions Jeremiah 8v20 Morning Service Download
2004/10/31 AM A Review Of Life John 14v9 Morning Service Download
2004/11/07 AM We Must Exercise Our Memory 2 Peter 1v12 Morning Service Download
2004/11/14 AM Servant Of The Lord - Our Redeemer Isaiah 42v25 & 43v1 Morning Service Download
2004/11/28 AM The Danger Of Rejecting The Lord Malachi 2v6-7 Morning Service Download
2004/12/05 AM Praise God For His Goodness Psalm 106v44 Morning Service Download
2004/12/26 AM Our Obligation To Respond To The Gospel John 1v11-12 Morning Service Download
2005/01/09 AM A Question Of Reverence Jeremiah 5v22-23 Morning Service Download
2005/09/25 AM The Suffering Of Jesus On The Cross Luke 23v44 Morning Service Download
2005/03/27 AM The Presence Of The Lord Mark 16v7 Morning Service Download
2005/04/10 AM Repentance Matthew 3v1-6 Morning Service Download
2005/10/09 AM Choices Genesis 13 Morning Service Download
2005/04/17 AM Where Will Death Take You? Hebrews 9v26-28 Morning Service Download
2005/05/29 AM Jesus Calls UsTo Salvation Luke 19v5 Morning Service Download
2005/06/05 AM Don't Play Around with God Proverbs 1v24-33 Morning Service Download
2005/06/12 AM God Honours Those Who Honour Him 1 Samuel 2v30 Morning Service Download
2005/06/19 AM Peter Encourages Persecuted Believers 1 Peter 3v15 Morning Service Download
2005/07/03 AM Cleave To The Lord Joshua 23v8 Morning Service Download
2005/10/16 AM Abraham Believed God - Do We? Romans 4v1-3 Morning Service Download
2005/10/23 AM God Speaks - Do We Listen? 1 Samuel 3 Morning Service Download
2005/09/11 AM The Dealings Of God With Namaan 2 Kings 5v1-14 Morning Service Download
2007/01/07 AM Consider Your Ways Haggai 1v5&7 Morning Service Download
2007/01/14 AM Dedication To The Lord Judges 16v20 Morning Service Download
2007/01/21 AM Fullness Of Life - Only Found In Jesus Exodus 9v34-35 Morning Service Download
2007/01/28 AM The Writing On The Wall Daniel 5v5 Morning Service Download
2007/02/04 AM Where Art Thou? Genesis 3v9 Morning Service Download
2007/02/18 AM Importance Of Church Attendance Luke 4v16 Morning Service Download
2007/02/25 AM Mary Anoints Jesus' Feet John 12v1-11 Morning Service Download
2007/03/11 AM Concerned Parents & Ignorant Disciples Luke 9v37-42 Morning Service Download
2007/03/18 AM Rejecting Goodness From God Matthew 21v33 Morning Service Download
2007/03/25 AM The Responsibility Of Parents Deuteronomy 6v4-7 Morning Service Download
2007/04/08 AM The Easter Message Luke 24v6-7 Morning Service Download
2007/04/15 AM Repent & Believe In The Lord Jesus Acts 2v36-37 Morning Service Download
2007/04/22 AM Waiting For A Word From God Mark 5v21-43 Morning Service Download
2007/05/06 AM Perseverance In Prayer Luke 18v37-43 Morning Service Download
2005/11/13 AM The Truly Happy Man Psalm 1 Morning Service Download
2005/11/20 AM The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v9-10 Morning Service Download
2007/05/13 AM An Anchor For The Soul Hebrews 6v19 Morning Service Download
2007/05/20 AM Lot Lingered Genesis 19v16 Morning Service Download
2007/05/27 AM Whom Do Ye Say I Am? Matthew 16v18 Morning Service Download
2007/06/03 AM Take Up Your Cross & Follow Christ Hebrews 13v13 Morning Service Download
2007/06/17 AM God's Gracious Dealings Mark 2v14-17 Morning Service Download
2007/06/24 AM The Family Of God 1 John 3v1 Morning Service Download
2007/07/01 AM Jesus- The Perfect Sacrifice Philippians 2v5 Morning Service Download
2007/07/08 AM God's Wonderful Mercy 2 Corinthians 4v3-6 Morning Service Download
2007/07/15 AM God's Word Stands Forever Isaiah 40v1-8 Morning Service Download
2007/07/29 AM Praise The Lord Psalm 107 Morning Service Download
2007/08/05 AM The Blame Culture Ezekiel 18v2 Morning Service Download
2007/08/12 AM What Has God To Say To Me Acts 10v33 Morning Service Download
2007/08/19 AM The Miracle Of Conversion Acys 16v14 Morning Service Download
2007/09/02 AM A Stretched Out Arm Exodus 6v6 Morning Service Download
2007/09/16 AM Hope For The Sinner Matthew 18v11-14 Morning Service Download
2007/09/23 AM God Is Speaking To Us Psalm 19 Morning Service Download
2007/09/30 AM Warning Ignored Ezekiel 12v22-28 Morning Service Download
2007/10/14 AM The Bread Of Life John 6v35 Morning Service Download
2007/10/21 AM The Lord Addresses His People John 14v6 Morning Service Download
2007/10/28 AM Elijah On Mount Carmel 1 Kings 18v21 Morning Service Download
2007/11/11 AM What Do We Want Out Of Life? Mark 10v51 Morning Service Download
2007/11/18 AM Who Is On The Lord's Side? Exodus 32v26 Morning Service Download
2007/12/02 AM They (The Disciples) Considered Not Mark 6v51-52 Morning Service Download
2005/11/27 AM Have We Learned To Be Content Philippians 4v11-12 Morning Service Download
2005/12/11 AM God Assess Us Isaiah 55 Morning Service Download
2005/12/18 AM The Joy Of Christmas Rests In Christ Hebrews 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2005/12/25 AM The Search For Jesus Matthew 2v1-3 Morning Service Download
2006/01/01 AM Spiritual Courage To Follow Jesus Jeremiah 29v10-14 Morning Service Download
2006/01/15 AM The Valley Of Dry Bones Ezekiel 37v1-14 Morning Service Download
2007/12/09 AM Show Us The Father John 14v9 Morning Service Download
2007/12/16 AM A Light In The Darkness Isaiah 9v2 Morning Service Download
2007/12/23 AM The Experience Of Mary, Jesus' Mother Luke 1v31-33 Morning Service Download
2007/12/30 AM Open Our Eyes! 2 Kings 6v17 Morning Service Download
2017/01/01 AM Daughters Of Zelophehad Joshua 17v3-4 Morning Service Download
2017/01/08 AM Queen Of Sheba 1 Kings 10v1-13 Morning Service Download
2017/01/15 AM Greater Than Jonah Matthew 12v40-41 Morning Service Download
2017/01/22 AM The Hour Has Come John 12v23-33 Morning Service Download
2017/01/29 AM Examine Me Psalm 26v2 Morning Service Download
2006/03/26 AM The Privilege Of Invitation John 21v12 Morning Service Download
2008/01/06 AM Repent Before It Is Too Late Luke 13v6-9 Morning Service Download
2008/01/13 AM The Vanity Of Life - The Lord's Fullness Ephesians 4v17 Morning Service Download
2008/01/20 AM Paul Boasts In The Cross Galatians 6v14 Morning Service Download
2008/01/27 AM "The Look" Luke 22v61 Morning Service Download
2008/02/03 AM God Speaks - Are We Listening? 1 Samuel 3v9-10 Morning Service Download
2008/02/10 AM Tested Of God Genesis 22v1 Morning Service Download
2006/06/25 AM The God Before Whom We Stand 1 Kings 17v1 Morning Service Download
2006/07/23 AM Our Response When Faith Is Tested 2 Kings 18&19 Morning Service Download
2006/11/05 AM Never Underestimate The Power Of Sin! 1 Kings 19v12-13 Morning Service Download
2006/04/23 AM What Makes A Believer Courageous John 19v39-42 Morning Service Download
2006/05/28 AM The Afflictions Of The Blind John 9v25 Morning Service Download
2006/04/09 AM The Importance Of Obedience 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2008/02/17 AM The Lord Reveals Himself Luke 24v35 Morning Service Download
2008/03/02 AM The Touch Of Jesus On Our Lives Luke 8v45 Morning Service Download
2008/03/09 AM "Fear Thou Not" Isaiah 41v10 Morning Service Download
2008/03/23 AM The Cost Of Calvary Matthew 27v42-43 Morning Service Download
2008/03/30 AM Come!! Luke 14v17 Morning Service Download
2008/04/13 AM Holding On To Spiritual Things Hebrews 10v23 Morning Service Download
2008/06/29 AM How Do We Respond To God's Call? Exodus 4v13 Morning Service Download
2006/05/07 AM The Danger Of Pride 1 Chronicles 21 Morning Service Download
2006/05/14 AM How Do We Deal With Stress? Psalm 31v15 Morning Service Download
2006/05/21 AM The Believer Warned About Opposition Matthew 10v30 Morning Service Download
2006/06/04 AM The Origin Of Sin Genesis 3v1 Morning Service Download
2006/06/11 AM The Calling Of Levi Luke 5v27-29 Morning Service Download
2006/06/18 AM Waiting For God Habakkuk 1v1-2v4 Morning Service Download
2006/07/02 AM Enlightened & Enabled To Endure Ephesians 3v14-19 Morning Service Download
2006/07/09 AM Signs God Gives For Preparation Matthew 25v34&41 Morning Service Download
2006/07/16 AM The Quest For Peace Romans 5v1 Morning Service Download
2006/08/06 AM The Danger Of Making Assumptions Luke 2v44 Morning Service Download
2006/08/20 AM Two Vital Questions Luke 9v20 Morning Service Download
2006/09/10 AM The Scriptures Fulfilled In Christ Luke 5v1-11 Morning Service Download
2006/09/17 AM Where Is Our Life Going? Matthew 7v13-14 Morning Service Download
2006/09/24 AM Will Ye Also Go Away? John 6v67 Morning Service Download
2006/10/08 AM The Road To Emmaus Luke 24v16 Morning Service Download
2006/10/15 AM Faith & Trust Hebrews 4v2 Morning Service Download
2006/10/22 AM Rebellion, Ruin & Repentance Luke 15v11-32 Morning Service Download
2006/11/12 AM The Holy Spirit Applies The Word To Our Souls John 16v8-11 Morning Service Download
2006/11/26 AM Are We Dressed & Ready To Meet The King Of Kings? Matthew 22v11-12 Morning Service Download
2006/12/03 AM The Power Of The Love Of God To Us 2 Corinthians 5v14-15 Morning Service Download
2006/12/10 AM Undeserved Love! John 4v4&34 Morning Service Download
2006/12/31 AM A Time For Reflection Psalm 103v1-5 Morning Service Download
2008/10/12 AM The Widow Of Nain Luke 7v11-17 Morning Service Download
2008/10/19 AM John The Baptist Luke 7v18-23 Morning Service Download
2008/10/26 AM Reaching The Wrong Conclusion Luke 7v24-35 Morning Service Download
2008/11/09 AM Appreciation Of The Lord Luke 7v30-50 Morning Service Download
2008/11/16 AM Listen Carefully Luke 8v18 Morning Service Download
2008/11/23 AM The Preciousness Of A Soul Luke 8v26-40 Morning Service Download
2008/11/30 AM Maid Arise!! Luke 8v54 Morning Service Download
2006/08/13 AM The Significance Of Jesus' Baptism Luke 3v21-22 Morning Service Download
2006/10/29 AM Paul's Preaching And The People's Reaction Acts 17v1-3 Morning Service Download
2006/12/17 AM The Spiritual Purpose Of The Lord's Coming 1 John 3v7-8 Morning Service Download
2006/12/24 AM The Purpose Of The Lord's Coming John 1v14 Morning Service Download
2008/12/07 AM We Are Accountable To God Acts 17v23 Morning Service Download
2008/12/28 AM A Kingdom That Cannot Be Moved Hebrews 12v28 Morning Service Download
2009/01/04 AM Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation Luke 2v30 Morning Service Download
2009/01/11 AM Christian Virus - Doubt Isaiah 45v17 Morning Service Download
2009/01/18 AM The Danger Of Complacency 1 Kings 16v34 Morning Service Download
2009/01/25 AM The Law Of The Lord Convicting Galatians 3v24 Morning Service Download
2009/02/08 AM The Imbalance In Our Lives Matthew 23v23 Morning Service Download
2009/02/15 AM The Suffering Of the Lord Luke 22v44 Morning Service Download
2009/02/22 AM A Personal Experience John 4v42 Morning Service Download
2009/03/01 AM Warnings & Encouragement Luke 23v42-43 Morning Service Download
2009/03/08 AM "Father Forgive" Luke 23v34 Morning Service Download
2009/03/15 AM Is He Precious To You? 1 Peter 2v7 Morning Service Download
2009/03/22 AM Forsaken - In Order To Save Us! Matthew 27v46 Morning Service Download
2009/03/29 AM What Is Your Life? James 4v14 Morning Service Download
2010/01/03 AM Consider Your Ways! Haggai 1v5-7 Morning Service Download
2010/01/24 AM Pharisee & Publican Luke 18v9 Morning Service Download
2010/01/31 AM Miletus & Farewell Acts 20v17-38 Morning Service Download
2009/04/12 AM The Event Of The Resurrection Luke 24v34 Morning Service Download
2009/04/19 AM Decisive Moments Isaiah 30v21 Morning Service Download
2009/05/03 AM Hear Gods Voice! Hebrews 4v12 Morning Service Download
2009/05/17 AM Encouraging Words For The Downcast Psalm 43 Morning Service Download
2009/05/24 AM The Ascension Acts 1v9-11 Morning Service Download
2009/05/31 AM The Judgement Seat Of Christ 2 Corinthians 5v10 Morning Service Download
2009/06/07 AM Seek Gods Kingdom First Matthew 6v33-34 Morning Service Download
2009/06/14 AM Fearful Consequences Of Ignoring God Deuteronomy 1v41-46 Morning Service Download
2009/06/21 AM For Me To Live Is Christ Philippians 1v21 Morning Service Download
2010/02/07 AM Yes Or No? Matthew 21v28-31 Morning Service Download
2010/02/14 AM The Vineyard Matthew 21v33-46 Morning Service Download
2010/02/21 AM Invitation & Dress Code Matthew 22v1-14 Morning Service Download
2010/03/14 AM The Cross Matthew 16v13-28 Morning Service Download
2010/03/21 AM Naaman 2 Kings 5v1-19 Morning Service Download
2010/03/28 AM Knowing Christ Philippians 3v10 Morning Service Download
2010/04/11 AM The Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15v3-5 Morning Service Download
2010/04/18 AM Lessons From Zarephath 1 Kings 17 Morning Service Download
2010/05/02 AM Born Again John 3v3 Morning Service Download
2010/05/09 AM Speaking Out & Standing Out John 7v50-51 Morning Service Download
2010/05/16 AM Nicodemus John 19v39 Morning Service Download
2010/05/23 AM Cheap Repentance & Return Jeremiah 3v1-4v4 Morning Service Download
2010/05/30 AM Defiance, Derision, Decree, Decision Psalm 2v6-7 Morning Service Download
2010/06/06 AM The Great Divide Matthew 25v31-46 Morning Service Download
2010/06/13 AM Day Of Salvation 2 Corinthians 6v2 Morning Service Download
2010/06/20 AM One Desire Psalm 27v4&14 Morning Service Download
2010/07/04 AM Good To Be Near God Psalm 73v28 Morning Service Download
2017/02/05 AM The Net Matthew 13v47-51 Morning Service Download
2017/02/12 AM Remember Me Psalm 25v1-7 Morning Service Download
2017/02/19 AM What Is A Christian? 1 Peter 1v1-2 Morning Service Download
2017/02/26 AM Repeated Teaching Matthew 16v21 Morning Service Download
2017/03/05 AM A Sense Of Purpose Luke 9v51-56 Morning Service Download
2017/03/12 AM Must Go Through Samaria John 4v4 Morning Service Download
2010/07/11 AM The Servant Of The Lord Isaiah 49v2 Morning Service Download
2010/07/18 AM The Call Of Levi Matthew 9v9-13 Morning Service Download
2010/07/25 AM Had Everything - Lacked Something Matthew 19v16-30 Morning Service Download
2010/08/01 AM Are You Afraid? Luke 12v4-14 Morning Service Download
2010/08/08 AM Defeat & Victory John 12v23-32 Morning Service Download
2016/01/03 AM A Future And A Hope Jeremiah 29v11 Morning Service Download
2016/01/10 AM Counting The Cost Jeremiah 20v7-13 Morning Service Download
2016/01/17 AM Once I Was Blind - Now I See John 9v25 Morning Service Download
2016/01/24 AM Breaks The Mould Of History Isaiah 43v18 Morning Service Download
2016/01/31 AM New Work Of God Jeremiah 31v31-34 Morning Service Download
2016/02/07 AM A Heart Of Flesh Ezekiel 36v25-26 Morning Service Download
2016/02/14 AM A New Spirit Ezekiel 36v27 Morning Service Download
2016/02/21 AM Sure & Certain Ezekiel 36v36&37v14 Morning Service Download
2016/02/28 AM Who Can Stand? Revelation 6v17&7v9 Morning Service Download
2016/03/06 AM Separation Matthew 25v34&41 Morning Service Download
2016/03/13 AM Strangers & Pilgrims Hebrews 11v13 Morning Service Download
2016/03/20 AM God's Love & Wrath John 3v16&36 Morning Service Download
2016/03/27 AM Resurrection In Christian Faith John 16v20-22 Morning Service Download
2016/04/10 AM Words Of The Lord Matthew 7v28-29 Morning Service Download
2016/04/24 AM The Way. The Truth & The Life John 14v6 Morning Service Download
2016/05/01 AM The Truth Makes You Free John 8v32&36 Morning Service Download
2016/05/08 AM Wheat & Weeds Matthew 13v24-30 Morning Service Download
2016/06/05 AM Had Everything - Lacked Something Matthew 19v16-30 Morning Service Download
2016/06/12 AM Gladden My Heart Psalm 86v4 Morning Service Download
2016/06/19 AM Closing Of The Sunday School Psalm 78v1-8 Morning Service Download
2016/06/26 AM Are You Staying? Or Coming? Numbers 10v29 Morning Service Download
2016/07/03 AM Deliverance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2016/07/10 AM Persistence In Preaching Jeremiah 36v2 Morning Service Download
2016/07/17 AM Persistent In Commitment Job 13v15-16 Morning Service Download
2016/07/24 AM Who Will Speak For You? Zechariah 3v1-5 Morning Service Download
2016/09/25 AM Longing Of The Lord Luke 22v15 Morning Service Download
2016/10/16 AM Thinking Things Through 2 Timothy 2v7 Morning Service Download
2016/10/23 AM Thinking Things Through Deuteronomy 32v28-29 Morning Service Download
2016/10/30 AM Confrontation With Consequences 2 Chronicles 26v18-19 Morning Service Download
2016/11/06 AM Wisdom & Understanding Proverbs 9v10 Morning Service Download
2016/11/13 AM Remembrance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2016/11/20 AM Felix Acts 24v25 Morning Service Download
2016/11/27 AM Time Is Up! Daniel 5 Morning Service Download
2016/12/04 AM God Reigns Daniel 4v34-35 Morning Service Download
2016/12/11 AM Preparatory Work Luke 3v4-6 Morning Service Download
2016/12/18 AM Planning Before Hand Acts 10v33 Morning Service Download
2016/12/25 AM Protection Of The Lord Matthew 2v11-15 Morning Service Download
2015/03/15 AM At Cross Roads Jeremiah 6v16 Morning Service Download
2015/03/08 AM Problem With Providence Psalm 73v13 Morning Service Download
2015/03/01 AM Pure Words Psalm 12v6 Morning Service Download
2015/02/01 AM Cheer Up Matthew 9v2&22 Morning Service Download
2015/01/25 AM Prodigal Son Luke 15v11-32 Morning Service Download
2015/01/18 AM Obedience 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2015/01/04 AM Contentment Philippians 4v11 Morning Service Download
2015/01/11 AM Seeking The Lost Luke 15v3-7 Morning Service Download
2015/07/12 AM What You Sow Is What You Reap Galatians 6v7-8 Morning Service Download
2015/07/05 AM Coming Of The Lord Is Near James 5v8 Morning Service Download
2015/06/28 AM Repentance Matthew 4v17 Morning Service Download
2015/06/21 AM You Must Be Born Again John 3v3 Morning Service Download
2015/06/14 AM Prepare To Meet Your God Amos 4v12-13 Morning Service Download
2015/06/07 AM Sin Of Doing Nothing Numbers 32v23 Morning Service Download
2015/05/17 AM Afraid?? Luke 12v4-12 Morning Service Download
2015/03/22 AM Commitment Luke 9v57-62 Morning Service Download
2015/03/29 AM One Last Try Luke 9v37-45 Morning Service Download
2015/04/12 AM Pilate's Problem - Ours! Matthew 27v22 Morning Service Download
2015/04/19 AM Building His Church Matthew 16v18 Morning Service Download
2015/08/16 AM Vanity Of The Mind Ephesians 4v17-20 Morning Service Download
2015/08/09 AM Carrying The Cross Mark 8v34 Morning Service Download
2015/08/02 AM A Great Question Acts 16v30-31 Morning Service Download
2015/07/19 AM Behold The Lamb Of God John 1v29&36 Morning Service Download
2015/07/26 AM Jesus Christ & Him Crucified 1 Corinthians 2v1-2 Morning Service Download
2015/09/20 AM Nathan Confronting David 2 Samuel 12v7 Morning Service Download
2015/09/13 AM What The Lord Is Looking For Hosea 6v6 Morning Service Download
2015/09/06 AM Knowing God Daniel 11v32 Morning Service Download
2015/08/30 AM Essential Living Luke 12v15 Morning Service Download
2015/08/23 AM Priorities In Life Matthew 6v19-34 Morning Service Download
2015/09/27 AM Come - All Is Ready Luke 14v17 Morning Service Download
2015/10/11 AM The Bread? And The Storm Matthew 14v26-33 Morning Service Download
2015/10/18 AM Our Only Hope Psalm 39v7 Morning Service Download
2015/10/25 AM A Great God & Saviour Psalm 103v8-14 Morning Service Download
2015/11/01 AM A Sure & Certain Hope 1 Peter 1v3 Morning Service Download
2015/11/08 AM Remembrance Psalm 20v7 Morning Service Download
2015/11/15 AM The Gospel Isaiah 55v6-7 Morning Service Download
2015/11/22 AM Convcern For Your Soul Psalm 51v1-4 Morning Service Download
2015/11/29 AM No Other Name Acts 4v12 Morning Service Download
2015/12/06 AM Paul In Athens Acts 17v16 Morning Service Download
2015/12/13 AM Benedictus Luke 1v68-80 Morning Service Download
2015/12/20 AM Effect Of Christmas Luke 2v17-20 Morning Service Download
2015/12/27 AM Our Standing Before The Lord John 1v11-13 Morning Service Download
2017/04/30 AM Passion & Focus Colossians 2v1-8 Morning Service Download
2017/04/23 AM Fullness Of Jesus Christ Colossians 1v24-29 Morning Service Download
2017/04/16 AM The Resurrection Matthew 28v6-7 Morning Service Download
2017/04/09 AM Heed Your Soul Deuteronomy 4v9&29 Morning Service Download
2017/03/26 AM A Promise Kept John 21v1 Morning Service Download
2017/03/19 AM The Day Is Set 2 Corinthians 5v10 Morning Service Download
2011/01/02 AM To Whom Shall We Go? John 6v67-68 Morning Service Download
2011/01/09 AM Reviewing My Life Psalm 119v59 Morning Service Download
2011/03/27 AM Being Focused 2 Corinthians 4v18 Morning Service Download
2011/04/10 AM The Waters At Marah Exodus 15v26 Morning Service Download
2011/04/17 AM Manna From Heaven Exodus 16v4 Morning Service Download
2011/04/24 AM The Resurrection Matthew 28v5-7 Morning Service Download
2011/05/08 AM A Royal Wedding Psalm 45 Morning Service Download
2011/06/19 AM A Great God & Saviour Micah 7v18 Morning Service Download
2011/06/26 AM None Like God! Deuteronomy 33v26-29 Morning Service Download
2011/07/03 AM Gentleness Of God Psalm 18v31-36 Morning Service Download
2011/07/10 AM To God?s People ? A Rest Hebrews 4v9 Morning Service Download
2011/07/17 AM Reasons To Be Thankful Psalm 106v1-3 & 44 Morning Service Download
2011/07/24 AM Cost Of Breaking Covenant 2 Samuel 21v1-14 Morning Service Download
2011/07/31 AM A Dangerous God 1 Samuel 5v6-7 Morning Service Download
2011/08/07 AM Weight Of Grace 1 Samuel 12v20-24 Morning Service Download
2011/08/14 AM Rich, Abundant Blessings Joshua 24v1-13 Morning Service Download
2011/09/04 AM Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9 Morning Service Download
2011/09/11 AM Encouraging Vision Isaiah 35 Morning Service Download
2011/09/18 AM In The Hands Of An Angry God Joshua 7v1-12 Morning Service Download
2011/09/25 AM How Long? Psalm 13 Morning Service Download
2011/10/09 AM God Speaking 1 Samuel 3v17 Morning Service Download
2011/10/16 AM The Servant Isaiah 43v10 Morning Service Download
2011/10/23 AM The True Gospel 2 Corinthians 4v3-6 Morning Service Download
2011/10/30 AM The Crucified Saviour (Part I) 1 Corinthians 2v1-5 Morning Service Download
2011/11/06 AM Christ And Him Crucified (Part II) 1 Corinthians 2v1-5 Morning Service Download
2011/11/13 AM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Morning Service Download
2011/11/20 AM Contentment Psalm 131 Morning Service Download
2011/11/27 AM Running Away Psalm 55v6-8 Morning Service Download
2011/12/04 AM Almost Gone - But Held! Psalm 73v23 Morning Service Download
2011/12/11 AM Joy & Happiness Psalm 126 Morning Service Download
2011/12/18 AM Love & Protection Matthew 2v15 Morning Service Download
2011/12/25 AM Consequences Of Christ?s Coming Luke 2v10 Morning Service Download
2013/01/06 AM A Vow By God Genesis 15v17 Morning Service Download
2013/02/03 AM Called Christians Acts 11v21&26 Morning Service Download
2013/02/10 AM The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v10 Morning Service Download
2013/03/10 AM Desire Of The Soul Psalm 63v1-5 Morning Service Download
2013/03/17 AM Things Seen - Things Unseen 2 Corinthians 4v16-18 Morning Service Download
2013/03/24 AM God Looks On The Heart 1 Samuel 16v7 Morning Service Download
2013/03/31 AM The Resurrection John 11v25 Morning Service Download
2013/04/21 AM Where Were You? 2 Kings 5v25 Morning Service Download
2013/05/05 AM Don't Be Weary Galatians 6v9 Morning Service Download
2013/05/12 AM Meeting The Lord Isaiah 6v1 Morning Service Download
2013/05/19 AM A Blessed Person Psalm 1 Morning Service Download
2013/05/26 AM Seriousness Of Sin Joshua 7v1&12 Morning Service Download
2013/06/02 AM What Protection? 1 Peter 4v17-18 Morning Service Download
2013/06/09 AM Empty Ritual - Fullsome Reality Isaiah 58v11 Morning Service Download
2013/06/16 AM Entry Of Sin Genesis 3v1-9 Morning Service Download
2013/07/14 AM Faithfulness Of God Lamentaions 3v21-24 Morning Service Download
2013/07/21 AM Opportunities John 9v4 Morning Service Download
2013/07/28 AM God Speaking - Jonah Running Jonah 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2013/08/04 AM Faith & Trust 2 Kings 7v3-4 Morning Service Download
2013/08/11 AM In The Right Place? Psalm 92v4-6 Morning Service Download
2013/08/18 AM Where Are You? Psalm 92v12-14 Morning Service Download
2013/09/22 AM Satisfaction In Life & Ministry John 4v34 Morning Service Download
2013/09/29 AM How Can I Give You Up?! Hosea 11v1-11 Morning Service Download
2013/10/13 AM Who Do You Say I Am? Luke 9v20 Morning Service Download
2013/10/27 AM The Presence Of The Lord 2 Samuel 6v12 Morning Service Download
2013/11/03 AM Wanting A King! 1 Samuel 8v6 Morning Service Download
2013/11/10 AM Rememberance Joshua 4v6&21 Morning Service Download
2013/11/17 AM Christian Experience Psalm 32 Morning Service Download
2013/12/01 AM Dangerous Ground 1 Kings 20v40 Morning Service Download
2013/12/08 AM God Speaking Through His Son Hebrews 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2013/12/15 AM The Word Became Flesh Hebrews 2v14-18 Morning Service Download
2013/12/22 AM Jesus - Saving His People Matthew 1v20-21 Morning Service Download
2013/12/29 AM Looking Back (Part I) Luke 2v15, 19 & 29 Morning Service Download
2014/02/16 AM The Place To Be Psalm 84v10 Morning Service Download
2014/02/02 AM Some Things, Just Don't Change Isaiah 46v4 Morning Service Download
2014/01/05 AM Breaking Fallow Ground Hosea 10v11 Morning Service Download
2014/01/12 AM The Unexpected Judges 6v7-10 Morning Service Download
2014/01/19 AM Be Converted Matthew 18v1 Morning Service Download
2014/04/20 AM The Resurrection Psalm 89v13-19 Morning Service Download
2014/04/13 AM Pilate's Problem Mark 15v12 Morning Service Download
2014/03/30 AM Gripped By Love 2 Corithians 5v14-15 Morning Service Download
2014/03/23 AM What Do You Want Out Of Life? Psalm 36v10 Morning Service Download
2014/03/16 AM The Bread Of Life John 6v48 Morning Service Download
2014/02/23 AM Are You Sure God Is For You? Psalm 56v9 Morning Service Download
2014/03/02 AM How Long Has It Been? Psalm 42v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/06/15 AM Seeking & Using Wisdom 1 Kings 3v9 Morning Service Download
2014/06/08 AM Settling Down - Stirring Up Psalm 30 Morning Service Download
2014/06/01 AM Christ Crucified 1 Corinthians 1v22-24 Morning Service Download
2014/05/25 AM Christian?s Confidence Psalm 46v1&10 Morning Service Download
2014/05/18 AM Preaching Jesus Acts 8v5&35 Morning Service Download
2014/05/11 AM Loving A Leper Mark 1v40-41 Morning Service Download
2014/05/04 AM Lydia Acts 16v14 Morning Service Download
2014/08/17 AM He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Morning Service Download
2014/08/10 AM What Do You Want? Matthew 20v32 Morning Service Download
2014/08/03 AM You Weary The Lord Malachi 2v17 Morning Service Download
2014/07/27 AM What Is Man Like? Ephesians 2v1&5 Morning Service Download
2014/07/20 AM What Is Faith? Romans 4v18-22 Morning Service Download
2014/07/13 AM A Vital Experience Acts 16v30 Morning Service Download
2014/07/06 AM Counting The Cost Luke 14v28-33 Morning Service Download
2014/06/29 AM Narrow Way Matthew 7v13-14 Morning Service Download
2014/06/22 AM Faith Is Essential Hebrews 4v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/09/14 AM An Important Question Mark 8v27-38 Morning Service Download
2014/08/24 AM Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9 Morning Service Download
2014/08/31 AM One Desire Psalm 27 Morning Service Download
2014/09/07 AM God Travelling With His People 2 Samuel 7v5 Morning Service Download
2014/10/19 AM Whose Side Are You On? Exodus 32v26 Morning Service Download
2014/10/26 AM The Vineyard Luke 20v9-19 Morning Service Download
2014/11/02 AM The Anchor Hebrews 6v19 Morning Service Download
2014/11/09 AM Remembrance Joshua 4v6&21 Morning Service Download
2014/11/16 AM Consequences Of Justification Romans 5v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/11/23 AM Personal Testimony Joshua 24v15 Morning Service Download
2014/11/30 AM Black Friday Jeremiah 8v20 Morning Service Download
2014/12/07 AM As An Eagle Deuteronomy 32v11 Morning Service Download
2014/12/14 AM Child With Four Names Isaiah 9v2-7 Morning Service Download
2014/12/21 AM Bethlehem Micah 5v1-5 Morning Service Download
2014/12/28 AM Effect Of Christmas Luke 2v25-30 Morning Service Download
2005/01/23 AM Knowing God Jonah 1 Jonah 1 Download
2005/07/10 AM The Proper Use Of The Sabbath Day Luke 6v1-11 The Quality Of The Christian Life 1 Download
2006/01/22 AM Myrtle Trees Zechariah 1v1-17 Visions Of Zechariah 1 Download
2008/04/20 AM Paul's Faith Acts 27v23-25 Faith 1 Download
2008/12/14 AM Ma-her-shal-al-hash-baz Isaiah 8v1 Names 1 Download
2009/11/08 AM Responses To God Matthew 13v1-17 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 1 Download
2016/07/31 AM How Long Lord? Psalm 13 Searching Questions 1 Download
2015/02/08 AM Report About The Servant Isaiah 53v1 Servant Of The Lord 1 Download
2011/01/16 AM Preparation Work By John Luke 3v1-6 Life Of John The Baptist 1 Download
2013/04/14 AM Consider Your Ways Haggai 1v5&7 Haggai 1 Download
2014/01/26 AM A Story Worth Telling Psalm 66v16 A Great God 1 Download
2005/01/30 AM God Spoke - Jonah Ran Jonah 1v1-3 Jonah 2 Download
2005/07/17 AM Significance Of The Life Of Jesus Luke 6v12 The Quality Of The Christian Life 2 Download
2006/01/29 AM Horns & Carpenters Zechariah 1v18-21 Visions Of Zechariah 2 Download
2009/11/15 AM Are You In The Kingdom Of Heaven? Matthew 13v24-30 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 2 Download
2016/08/07 AM How Many, Lord? Psalm 3 Searching Questions 2 Download
2015/02/15 AM Response To The Report Isaiah 53v2 Servant Of The Lord 2 Download
2011/01/23 AM Repentance Luke 3v7-9 Life Of John The Baptist 2 Download
2014/02/09 AM A Song Worth Singing Psalm 40v3 A Great God 2 Download
2005/02/06 AM The Providence Of The Lord?! Jonah 1v1-6 Jonah 3 Download
2005/07/24 AM Changed By His Grace Luke 6v13-16 The Quality Of The Christian Life 3 Download
2006/02/05 AM Measuring Line Zechariah 2 Visions Of Zechariah 3 Download
2008/05/18 AM Abraham's Faith Romans 4v17-25 Faith 3 Download
2008/07/13 AM Where Are You? Genesis 3v9 Vital Questions 3 Download
2009/11/22 AM Warning Of Style Over Substance Matthew 13v31-32 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 3 Download
2008/12/21 AM Jesus Matthew 1v21 Names 3 Download
2016/08/14 AM A Searching Question Psalm 15v1 Searching Questions 3 Download
2015/02/22 AM Despised & Rejected Isaiah 53v3 Servant Of The Lord 3 Download
2011/01/30 AM Preaching Luke 3v10-20 Life Of John The Baptist 3 Download
2013/04/28 AM Questions & Answers Haggai 2v10-19 Haggai 3 Download
2014/03/09 AM A God Worth Trusting Psalm 34v3 A Great God 3 Download
2005/02/13 AM Principles & Prayer Jonah 1v7-10 Jonah 4 Download
2005/07/31 AM The Unfolding Of God's Plan & Purpose Luke 6v20 The Quality Of The Christian Life 4 Download
2006/02/12 AM The Branch Zechariah 3 Visions Of Zechariah 4 Download
2008/05/25 AM Noah's Faith Hebrews 11v7 Faith 4 Download
2008/07/20 AM Do You Understand? Acts 8v30 Vital Questions 4 Download
2009/11/29 AM Size Of The Kingdom Matthew 13v33 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 4 Download
2016/08/21 AM Who Can Stand? Psalm 24 Searching Questions 4 Download
2015/04/26 AM Suffering Substitute Isaiah 53v4-6 Servant Of The Lord 4 Download
2011/02/06 AM Delight From Heaven Matthew 3v13-17 Life Of John The Baptist 4 Download
2013/01/13 AM Lonely & Oppressed Lives Ecclesiastes 4 Ecclesiastes 4 Download
2005/02/20 AM The Justice & Grace Of God Jonah 1v11-12 Jonah 5 Download
2005/08/07 AM Our Great Need - A Search For Peace Luke 6v21 The Quality Of The Christian Life 5 Download
2006/02/19 AM Candlestick & Olive Trees Zechariah 4 Visions Of Zechariah 5 Download
2008/06/01 AM The Centurian's Faith Luke 7v9 Faith 5 Download
2008/07/27 AM What Think Ye Of Christ? Matthew 16v15 Vital Questions 5 Download
2009/12/06 AM The Value Of The Kingdom Matthew 13v44 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 5 Download
2016/08/28 AM The Glory Of Our God Micah 7v18-19 Searching Questions 5 Download
2015/05/03 AM Self Control Isaiah 53v7-10 Servant Of The Lord 5 Download
2011/02/13 AM A Sense Of Purpose Luke 9v51-56 Life Of John The Baptist 5 Download
2013/01/20 AM Worship Ecclesiastes 5v1-7 Ecclesiastes 5 Download
2005/02/27 AM Jonah Prays Inside The Fish Jonah 2v1-10 Jonah 6 Download
2005/08/14 AM Sorrow Over Sin Luke 6v21 The Quality Of The Christian Life 6 Download
2006/02/26 AM Flying Scroll Zechariah 5v1-4 Visions Of Zechariah 6 Download
2008/06/08 AM The Sick Of The Palsy's Faith Mark 2v5-11 Faith 6 Download
2008/08/03 AM Which Way Do We Go? Genesis 13v9 Vital Questions 6 Download
2009/12/13 AM The Pearl Of Great Price Matthew 13v45-46 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 6 Download
2016/09/04 AM What Shall I Give..? Psalm 116v1&12 Searching Questions 6 Download
2015/05/10 AM Delight Of God Isaiah 53v10-12 Servant Of The Lord 6 Download
2011/02/20 AM Lamb Of God John 1v19-42 Life Of John The Baptist 6 Download
2013/01/27 AM Money, Money, Money Ecclesiastes 5v10-6v12 Ecclesiastes 6 Download
2005/03/13 AM The Sign Of Jonah Jonah 2v10 Jonah 7 Download
2005/08/21 AM Counting The Cost Of Discipleship Luke 6v22-23 The Quality Of The Christian Life 7 Download
2006/03/12 AM Woman In A Basket Zechariah 5v5-11 Visions of Zechariah 7 Download
2008/06/15 AM Joshua's Faith Joshua 23v14 Faith 7 Download
2008/08/10 AM Which Path? Jeremiah 6v16 Vital Questions 7 Download
2010/01/10 AM Division, Destiny & Distress Matthew 13v47-51 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 7 Download
2016/09/11 AM What The Lord Requires Micah 6v6-8 Searching Questions 7 Download
2011/02/27 AM Testify To The Truth John 3v31 Life Of John The Baptist 7 Download
2013/02/17 AM Shining Faces Ecclesiastes 7v3&8v1 Ecclesiastes 7 Download
2005/05/01 AM Jonah Preaches At Nineveh Jonah 3 Jonah 8 Download
2006/03/19 AM Building Of The Temple Zechariah 6 Visions Of Zechariah 8 Download
2008/06/22 AM Timothy's Faith 2 Timothy 1v12 Faith 8 Download
2008/08/17 AM Does God Care? Mark 4v38 Vital Questions 8 Download
2010/01/17 AM Responsibility Matthew 13v51-52 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 8 Download
2016/09/18 AM How Can We Escape? Hebrews 2v1-4 Searching Questions 8 Download
2011/05/15 AM The Doubts Of John Matthew 11v1-6 Life Of John The Baptist 8 Download
2013/02/24 AM Life Can Be A Puzzle Ecclesiastes 8v1 Ecclesiastes 8 Download
2005/05/08 AM God Does Not Change Jonah 3v9-10 Jonah 9 Download
2008/08/24 AM Who Believes? Isaiah 53v1-2 Vital Questions 9 Download
2016/10/09 AM Yes? Or No? Matthew 21v28-32 Searching Questions 9 Download
2011/05/22 AM Expectations Matthew 11v7-10 Life Of John The Baptist 9 Download
2013/08/25 AM A Picture Of Life Ecclesiastes 9 Ecclesiastes 9 Download
2005/05/15 AM God's Forgiveness & Jonahs Rage Jonah 4v1-3 Jonah 10 Download
2008/08/31 AM Will You Go With Me? Ruth 1v11 Vital Questions 10 Download
2011/05/29 AM Perfect Wisdom Matthew 11v16-19 Life Of John The Baptist 10 Download
2013/09/01 AM Wisdom & Folly Ecclesiastes 10 Ecclesiastes 10 Download
2005/05/22 AM God Corrects Jonah Jonah 4v4&9 Jonah 11 Download
2008/09/07 AM How Can I Be Right With God? Matthew 27v46 Vital Questions 11 Download
2011/06/05 AM Death Of John Mark 6v16 Life Of John The Baptist 11 Download
2013/09/08 AM Bread On The Waters Ecclesiastes 11 Ecclesiastes 11 Download
2008/09/21 AM What Is My Responsibility? Genesis 4v9 Vital Questions 12 Download
2011/06/12 AM Encouraged John 10v40-42 Life Of John The Baptist 12 Download
2013/09/15 AM Spiritual Realities Ecclesiastes 12 Ecclesiastes 12 Download
2008/09/28 AM Is It Finished? John 19v30 Vital Questions 13 Download
2010/06/27 AM What God Says Is What Is Important 2 Timothy 4v6-8 2 Timothy 14 Download
2010/03/07 AM Joseph''s Faith In God Genesis 50v25 Life Of Joseph 16 Download
2005/04/21 Bible Study Three Barren Women Genesis 17v6 Bible Study Download
2005/04/28 Bible Study Dealing With Inequalities In Life Genesis 29v17 Bible Study Download
2005/08/18 Bible Study Prayer - Hope Or Habbit? Acts 12 Bible Study Download
2007/09/06 Bible Study Rest In The Lord Psalm 37v7 Bible Study Download
2007/09/13 Bible Study Paul's Assessment Of His Approach To Life 1 Corinthians 9v24-27 Bible Study Download
2007/10/18 Bible Study Joy Unspeakable 1 Peter 1v6-7 Bible Study Download
2007/10/25 Bible Study Qualities Of The Christian Life 2 Peter 1v5-7 Bible Study Download
2007/11/01 Bible Study The Providences Of The Lord Esther 4v13-14 Bible Study Download
2006/06/29 Bible Study The Call Of Eternity 2 Kings 13v14 Bible Study Download
2006/07/06 Bible Study The Shunammite Woman 2 Kings 4v8-37 Bible Study Download
2006/08/10 Bible Study The importance Of Obedience 2 Kings 8v1-6 Bible Study Download
2008/07/09 Bible Study The Church In An Affluent Society Revelation 3v14-21 Bible Study Download
2006/05/18 Bible Study Baruch - A Helpmeet For Jeremiah Jeremiah 32&36 Bible Study Download
2006/06/08 Bible Study The Aaronic Blessing Numbers 6v22-27 Bible Study Download
2006/06/15 Bible Study Duties & Responsibilities Of Those Who Rule Over Us Deuteronomy 16v20-17v20 Bible Study Download
2006/07/13 Bible Study The Boldness Of Faith Joshua 17v3-4 Bible Study Download
2006/07/20 Bible Study Barnabas Acts 4v36 Bible Study Download
2006/08/17 Bible Study The Martyrdom Of Stephen Acts 6v1-7&18 Bible Study Download
2006/08/24 Bible Study The Life & Ministry Of Philip Acts 8 Bible Study Download
2006/09/14 Bible Study A Song Of The Slandered Saint Psalm 7 Bible Study Download
2006/09/21 Bible Study "Nothing" Psalm 26 Bible Study Download
2006/10/12 Bible Study The Danger Of Complacency Psalm 30 Bible Study Download
2006/10/19 Bible Study Draw Near To God Psalm 73v28 Bible Study Download
2006/11/02 Bible Study True & False Words Psalm 12 Bible Study Download
2008/07/16 Bible Study Summary Of Micah Micah Bible Study Download
2008/08/20 Bible Study The Christian Life - A Constant Battle Psalm 25 Bible Study Download
2008/08/27 Bible Study The Corruption Of Society Psalm 14 Bible Study Download
2008/09/03 Bible Study God As Man's Host - Man As God's Guest Psalm 15 Bible Study Download
2008/09/25 Bible Study "Come Down Lord" Isaiah 64v1 Bible Study Download
2008/10/15 Bible Study Commiting All To The Lord Psalm 17 Bible Study Download
2008/10/22 Bible Study Rejoice In The Lord Psalm 33 Bible Study Download
2008/10/29 Bible Study Taste & See That The Lord Is Good Psalm 34 Bible Study Download
2008/11/05 Bible Study "Why, When & How Long Lord?" Psalm 35 Bible Study Download
2006/07/27 Bible Study Silas - Paul's Companion Acts 15v22 Bible Study Download
2006/10/26 Bible Study A Longing For God's House Psalm 84 Bible Study Download
2009/05/13 Bible Study A Promise Of Safety For Gods People Psalm 91 Bible Study Download
2009/05/27 Bible Study A Prayer Of Jabez 1 Chronicles 4v9-10 Bible Study Download
2010/02/10 Bible Study Relationships, Requirements & Obligations Deuteronomy 6-7 Bible Study Download
2010/02/17 Bible Study Never Forsaken By The Lord! Psalm 22 Bible Study Download
2010/04/14 Bible Study The Blood Of The Lord Jesus 1 Peter 1v19 Bible Study Download
2010/04/28 Bible Study "I Know Thy Works" Revelation 3v8 Bible Study Download
2010/05/12 Bible Study The God Of All Comfort 2 Corinthians 1v3-4 Bible Study Download
2010/08/11 Bible Study Waiting Patiently For The Lord Psalm 28 Bible Study Download
2015/03/18 Bible Study Stored Up Blessing Psalm 31v19-24 Bible Study Download
2015/03/11 Bible Study God Does Not Change Malachi 3v6 Bible Study Download
2015/02/25 Bible Study A Good Man Acts 11v24 Bible Study Download
2015/06/17 Bible Study Uplift For The Downcast Psalm 42-43 Bible Study Download
2015/05/20 Bible Study Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye Isaiah 40v1-11 Bible Study Download
2015/05/13 Bible Study Prayer Luke 11v1-13 Bible Study Download
2015/03/25 Bible Study Restoring Kindness Isaiah 54v1-10 Bible Study Download
2015/04/15 Bible Study Enthusiastic Praise 2 Samuel 22v31-33 Bible Study Download
2015/04/22 Bible Study We Will NOT Be Ashamed Isaiah 49v23 Bible Study Download
2015/04/29 Bible Study Father's Love Romans 8v32 Bible Study Download
2013/07/17 Bible Study Lessons From History Amos 1-2 Bible Study Download
2013/07/24 Bible Study A Jealous God Exodus 20v5 Bible Study Download
2013/07/31 Bible Study Prayer Meetings! Acts 12v5&12 Bible Study Download
2013/08/14 Bible Study Escapism Psalm 55v6-8 Bible Study Download
2013/08/21 Bible Study Sitting With Them Ezekiel 3v15-27 Bible Study Download
2013/08/28 Bible Study Wonderful Works Of God 2 Kings 11v1-3 Bible Study Download
2013/09/18 Bible Study Do Things God's Way Exodus 31&35v20 Bible Study Download
2013/10/11 Bible Study Sitting With Them Ezekiel 3v15-27 Bible Study Download
2013/10/30 Bible Study Don't Worry Philippians 4v6-9 Bible Study Download
2013/11/13 Bible Study Anything Too Hard? Jeremiah 32v17&27 Bible Study Download
2013/11/20 Bible Study Exodus Overview Exodus 1 & 40 Bible Study Download
2013/12/18 Bible Study Hagar Genesis 21v17 Bible Study Download
2014/08/20 Bible Study Troubles Can Be Good Psalm 119v71 Bible Study Download
2014/08/13 Bible Study Promise Fulfilled John 21v1 Bible Study Download
2014/08/27 Bible Study If God Be For Us? Romans 8v31-39 Bible Study Download
2014/11/12 Bible Study A Strong Hand - Stretched Out Arm Exodus 6v1&6 Bible Study Download
2005/01/13 Bible Study The Praise & Prayer Of A Christian Ephesians 1v4 Ephesians 1 Download
2006/06/23 Bible Study The Path Of Joseph Genesis 37 Life Of Joseph 1 Download
2006/11/09 Bible Study A Divided History 1 Kings 11v11 History Of Israel 1 Download
2008/04/16 Bible Study The Day Of The Lord Joel 3v16-17 The Minor Prophets 1 Download
2008/07/23 Bible Study The Calling To Repent Malachi 1v2 Malachi 1 Download
2008/11/19 Bible Study Amos & His Times Amos 1v1-2v3 Amos 1 Download
2009/06/03 Bible Study Ehud Judges 3v15 Judges 1 Download
2009/11/25 Bible Study Sovereignty Of God Ezra 1 Ezra 1 Download
2010/02/24 Bible Study The Powerful Words Of The Servant Isaiah 49v14-26 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 1 Download
2010/05/19 Bible Study God's Gift & Man's Efforts 2 Timothy 1v1-8 2 Timothy 1 Download
2015/06/24 Bible Study Introduction Deuteronomy 1v1-8 Deuteronomy 1 Download
2014/01/08 Bible Study Andrew - Simon Peter's Brother John 1v40 The Disciples 1 Download
2014/11/19 Bible Study Balaam's Ass Numbers 22v12, 20 & 35 The Life Of Balaam 1 Download
2005/01/27 Bible Study Predestination & Adoption Ephesians 1v5 Ephesians 2 Download
2007/06/28 Bible Study Jesus Prays For Himself John 17v1-5 The High Priestly Prayer 2 Download
2006/11/16 Bible Study Division 1 Kings 13v33 History Of Israel 2 Download
2008/04/23 Bible Study A Message To Assyria Nahum 2v13-3v5 The Minor Prophets 2 Download
2008/07/30 Bible Study Warnings For The Priests Malachi 2v1-10 Malachi 2 Download
2008/11/26 Bible Study Amos' Sermons Amos 2v4-6 Amos 2 Download
2009/06/10 Bible Study Deborah Judges 4v11 Judges 2 Download
2009/12/02 Bible Study Homecoming To God Ezra 2 Ezra 2 Download
2010/03/10 Bible Study The Obedience Of The Servant Isaiah 50v4-9 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 2 Download
2010/05/26 Bible Study The Revelation Of The Gospel 2 Timothy 1v8-10 2 Timothy 2 Download
2015/07/08 Bible Study The Land Deuteronomy 1v8 Deuteronomy 2 Download
2014/01/22 Bible Study Philip John 14v8 The Disciples 2 Download
2014/11/26 Bible Study First Oracle Numbers 22v36-23v13 The Life Of Balaam 2 Download
2005/02/03 Bible Study "To Himself" Ephesians 1v4-5 Ephesians 3 Download
2007/07/05 Bible Study Jesus' Prayer For The Apostles - For Safety John 17v6-19 The High Priestly Prayer 3 Download
2006/11/30 Bible Study Bleak Prospects 1 Kings 14v14 History Of Israel 3 Download
2008/04/30 Bible Study A Message To Edom Obadiah 3-4 The Minor Prophets 3 Download
2008/08/06 Bible Study A Principle To The People Malachi 2v11-3v6 Malachi 3 Download
2008/12/03 Bible Study The Lord's Judgement Amos 2v4-3v2 Amos 3 Download
2009/06/17 Bible Study Gideon Judges 6 Judges 3 Download
2009/12/09 Bible Study Counting The Cost Ezra 3 Ezra 3 Download
2010/03/17 Bible Study The Perseverance Of The Servant Isaiah 50v10-11 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 3 Download
2010/06/10 Bible Study Our Responsibility To The Gospel 2 Timothy 1v11-18 2 Timothy 3 Download
2015/07/15 Bible Study Rebellion At Kadesh Barnea Deuteronomy 1v9-46 Deuteronomy 3 Download
2014/01/29 Bible Study James & John - Sons Of Thunder Mark 7v17 The Disciples 3 Download
2014/12/17 Bible Study Second Oracle Numbers 23v13-26 The Life Of Balaam 3 Download
2005/02/17 Bible Study Redemption Through Jesus Christ Ephesians 1v7 Ephesians 4 Download
2007/07/12 Bible Study Jesus Prays For Sanctification For The Apostles John 17v17 The High Priestly Prayer 4 Download
2006/12/07 Bible Study Repeats, Repeats 1 Kings 16v1 History Of Israel 4 Download
2008/05/21 Bible Study A Message To God's People Haggai The Minor Prophets 4 Download
2008/08/13 Bible Study Do You Love The Lord? Malachi 3v6-4v6 Malachi 4 Download
2008/12/10 Bible Study Crossroads Of Spiritual Opportunity Amos 3v1-8 Amos 4 Download
2009/06/24 Bible Study Jephthah (Part 1) Judges 10-11 Judges 4 Download
2010/03/24 Bible Study The Suffering Of The Servant Isaiah 52v13-53v12 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 4 Download
2010/06/16 Bible Study Resources Of God's Grace 2 Timothy 2v1 2 Timothy 4 Download
2015/01/21 Bible Study Third Oracle Numbers 23v27-24v13 The Life Of Balaam 4 Download
2015/07/22 Bible Study Travelling & Arriving Deuteronomy 2-3 Deuteronomy 4 Download
2013/01/16 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 123 Pilgrim Songs 4 Download
2014/02/19 Bible Study Simon (Part I) John 1v42 The Disciples 4 Download
2005/02/23 Bible Study The Riches Of His Grace Ephesians 1v7 Ephesians 5 Download
2007/07/19 Bible Study Christ's Love To Sinners John 17v17 The High Priestly Prayer 5 Download
2006/12/14 Bible Study Elijah & Ahab 1 Kings 17 History Of Israel 5 Download
2008/05/28 Bible Study Judgement Zephaniah 1 The Minor Prophets 5 Download
2008/12/17 Bible Study The Encircling Foe Amos 3v11 Amos 5 Download
2009/07/01 Bible Study Jephthah (Part II) Judges 11v30-40 Judges 5 Download
2010/07/07 Bible Study Paul's Mantle Falls On Timothy 2 Timothy 2v1-7 2 Timothy 5 Download
2015/02/11 Bible Study Forth Oracle Numbers 24v14-25v18 The Life Of Balaam 5 Download
2015/07/29 Bible Study A Wise People Deuteronomy 4v6 Deuteronomy 5 Download
2013/01/23 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 124 Pilgrim Songs 5 Download
2014/03/19 Bible Study Simon (Part II) Luke 5v1-11 The Disciples 5 Download
2005/05/12 Bible Study The Inheritance That Comes To God's People Ephesians 1v11 Ephesians 6 Download
2006/12/21 Bible Study Summary Of The Life Of Elijah James 5v17 History Of Israel 6 Download
2008/06/04 Bible Study Repentance Zephaniah 2 The Minor Prophets 6 Download
2009/07/08 Bible Study Samson Judges 13 Judges 6 Download
2008/12/24 Bible Study Why Lord? Amos 3v9-15 Amos 6 Download
2010/01/06 Bible Study Providence & Worship Ezra 6 Ezra 6 Download
2010/07/14 Bible Study The Cost Of Following The Lord 2 Timothy 2v8-13 2 Timothy 6 Download
2015/02/18 Bible Study Lessons & Applications Revelation 2v14 The Life Of Balaam 6 Download
2015/08/19 Bible Study Essential Commandments Deuteronomy 5v1-21 Deuteronomy 6 Download
2011/01/12 Bible Study Restoration Of The Kingdom Hosea 1v10-2v1 Hosea 6 Download
2013/01/30 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 125 Pilgrim Songs 6 Download
2014/03/26 Bible Study Simon (Part III) Matthew 14v25-31 The Disciples 6 Download
2005/05/26 Bible Study The Assurance Of The Believer Ephesians 1v13-14 Ephesians 7 Download
2007/08/16 Bible Study Christ Prays For Peter Luke 22v31 The High Priestly Prayer 7 Download
2006/12/28 Bible Study The Other World 2 Kings 2v12 History Of Israel 7 Download
2008/06/11 Bible Study Rejoicing Zephaniah 3 The Minor Prophets 7 Download
2009/01/07 Bible Study Passionate But Effective Action Amos 4 Amos 7 Download
2010/01/13 Bible Study Reinstating The Worship Of God Ezra 7 Ezra 7 Download
2010/07/21 Bible Study A Workman Approved Of God 2 Timothy 2v14-26 2 Timothy 7 Download
2015/08/26 Bible Study Relevance Deuteronomy 5v3 Deuteronomy 7 Download
2011/01/19 Bible Study Israel's Unfaithfulness Hosea 2v2-13 Hosea 7 Download
2013/02/13 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 126 Pilgrim Songs 7 Download
2014/04/16 Bible Study Simon (Part IV) Mark 8v29-31 The Disciples 7 Download
2005/06/02 Bible Study The Word of Truth Ephesians 1v13-14 Ephesians 8 Download
2007/01/04 Bible Study Compassion 2 Kings 4v1-7 History Of Israel 8 Download
2008/06/18 Bible Study A Man With A Problem! Habakkuk The Minor Prophets 8 Download
2010/01/20 Bible Study Journey To Jerusalem Ezra 8 Ezra 8 Download
2010/07/28 Bible Study Hostility To Be Encountered 2 Timothy 3v1-9 2 Timothy 8 Download
2015/09/16 Bible Study Key Words Deuteronomy 6 Deuteronomy 8 Download
2011/01/26 Bible Study Overtures Of Love And Grace Hosea 2v14-15 Hosea 8 Download
2013/02/20 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 127 Pilgrim Songs 8 Download
2014/04/23 Bible Study Simon (Part V) John 6v67-68 The Disciples 8 Download
2005/06/09 Bible Study Paul Prays For The Believer Ephesians 1v15-16 Ephesians 9 Download
2007/01/11 Bible Study Unfinished Business 2 Kings 8v13-9v3 History Of Israel 9 Download
2009/01/28 Bible Study The Lesson Of Bethel Amos 5v6-13 Amos 9 Download
2010/01/27 Bible Study Preaching & Prayer Ezra 9 Ezra 9 Download
2010/08/04 Bible Study A Contrast & Contiunation 2 Timothy 3v10-15 2 Timothy 9 Download
2015/09/23 Bible Study Who Are We? Deuteronomy 7 Deuteronomy 9 Download
2011/02/02 Bible Study Consequences Hosea 2v16-23 Hosea 9 Download
2013/03/13 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 128 Pilgrim Songs 9 Download
2014/05/14 Bible Study Simon (Part VI) Matthew 26v75 The Disciples 9 Download
2005/06/16 Bible Study Giving Thanks To God Ephesians 1v16-17 Ephesians 10 Download
2007/01/18 Bible Study Unfinished Business 1 Kings 22v37 History Of Israel 10 Download
2009/02/04 Bible Study Amos Sowing A Seed Of Doubt Amos 5v14-20 Amos 10 Download
2010/02/03 Bible Study Beginnings Ezra 10 Ezra 10 Download
2015/10/14 Bible Study The Lord For All Changes Deuteronomy 8 Deuteronomy 10 Download
2011/02/09 Bible Study A Loving God Hosea 3v1 Hosea 10 Download
2013/03/20 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 129 Pilgrim Songs 10 Download
2014/05/28 Bible Study Simon (Part VII) 1 Peter 5v5 The Disciples 10 Download
2005/06/23 Bible Study Wisdom & Revelation Ephesians 1v17 Ephesians 11 Download
2007/01/25 Bible Study Unfinished Business - Still 2 Kings 1v17 History Of Israel 11 Download
2009/02/11 Bible Study Where Is The Assurance Of Your Faith? Amos 5v21-27 Amos 11 Download
2015/10/21 Bible Study Meticulous Preparation Deuteronomy 9 Deuteronomy 11 Download
2011/02/16 Bible Study Restoration Hosea 3v2-5 Hosea 11 Download
2013/04/17 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 130 Pilgrim Songs 11 Download
2014/06/11 Bible Study Simon (Part VIII) 1 Peter 2v7 The Disciples 11 Download
2005/07/07 Bible Study The Presence Of the Lord Ephesians 1v17 Ephesians 12 Download
2007/02/01 Bible Study Jehu - Bloody Business 2 Kings 10v32 History Of Israel 12 Download
2009/02/18 Bible Study Pride & Punishment Amos 6 Amos 12 Download
2015/11/11 Bible Study Devotion To The Lord (Part I) Deuteronomy 10v12 Deuteronomy 12 Download
2011/02/23 Bible Study A Complaint Hosea 4v1-3 Hosea 12 Download
2013/04/24 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 131 Pilgrim Songs 12 Download
2014/06/18 Bible Study Nathaniel Bartholomew John 1v45-51 The Disciples 12 Download
2005/07/21 Bible Study The Riches Of Our Inheritance Ephesians 1v18 Ephesians 13 Download
2007/02/08 Bible Study Attitudes & Assessments 2 Kings 13 History Of Israel 13 Download
2009/03/04 Bible Study God Does Not Change Amos 7v1-6 Amos 13 Download
2015/11/18 Bible Study Devotion To The Lord (Part II) Deuteronomy 11v1&13 Deuteronomy 13 Download
2011/04/13 Bible Study Lack Of Knowledge Hosea 4v4-6 Hosea 13 Download
2013/05/08 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 132 Pilgrim Songs 13 Download
2014/06/25 Bible Study Matthew Levi Matthew 9v8 The Disciples 13 Download
2005/07/28 Bible Study Our Riches In Christ Ephesians 1v19 Ephesians 14 Download
2007/02/15 Bible Study Jereboam 2 Kings 14v23 History Of Israel 14 Download
2009/03/11 Bible Study The Vision Of The Plumbline Amos 7v7-9 Amos 14 Download
2015/11/26 Bible Study Worship Of The Lord Deuteronomy 12-13 Deuteronomy 14 Download
2011/04/20 Bible Study Behaviour Of Priests Hosea 4v7-10 Hosea 14 Download
2013/05/15 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 133 Pilgrim Songs 14 Download
2014/07/23 Bible Study Simon, The Zealot Matthew 10v4 The Disciples 14 Download
2005/08/11 Bible Study Paul Encourages The Christian Ephesians 1v22v23 Ephesians 15 Download
2007/03/15 Bible Study Deportation Amos History Of Israel 15 Download
2009/03/18 Bible Study Counting The Cost Amos 7v10-17 Amos 15 Download
2015/12/16 Bible Study Principles & Practice Deuteronomy 14 Deuteronomy 15 Download
2011/04/27 Bible Study No Understanding Hosea 4v11-14 Hosea 15 Download
2013/06/12 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 134 Pilgrim Songs 15 Download
2014/07/30 Bible Study Thomas John 20v25 The Disciples 15 Download
2005/09/08 Bible Study The Condition Of All Men Ephesians 2v1 Ephesians 16 Download
2007/03/22 Bible Study The Last Lap 2 Kings 15 History Of Israel 16 Download
2009/03/25 Bible Study The Basket Of Summer Fruit Amos 8v1-10 Amos 16 Download
2016/01/20 Bible Study Social Responsibilities Deuteronomy 15-16 Deuteronomy 16 Download
2011/05/11 Bible Study Bad Company Corrupts Hosea 4v15-19 Hosea 16 Download
2014/09/10 Bible Study James Of Alphaeus - Judas Of Thaddeus Luke 6v15-16 The Disciples 16 Download
2005/09/15 Bible Study The Conduct Of Man Ephesians 2v2-3 Ephesians 17 Download
2009/04/15 Bible Study The Judgement Of Our Sin Is Upon Us Amos 8v11-14 Amos 17 Download
2016/01/27 Bible Study Judges Deuteronomy 16v18-17v13 Deuteronomy 17 Download
2011/05/24 Bible Study Leadership??? Hosea 5v1-7 Hosea 17 Download
2014/10/15 Bible Study Matthias Acts 1v15-26 The Disciples 17 Download
2005/09/22 Bible Study The Consequence - Under Condemnation Ephesians 2v3 Ephesians 18 Download
2009/04/22 Bible Study Reality At Last (Part 1) Amos 9v1-10 Amos 18 Download
2016/02/17 Bible Study Kings Deuteronomy 17v14-20 Deuteronomy 18 Download
2011/06/08 Bible Study Look Behind You Hosea 5v8-14 Hosea 18 Download
2014/10/29 Bible Study Judas Iscariot Acts 1v25 The Disciples 18 Download
2005/10/13 Bible Study But God! - A Divine Solution Ephesians 2v4 Ephesians 19 Download
2007/05/10 Bible Study Death Of A Kingdom 2 Kings 17v1-23 History Of Israel 19 Download
2009/04/29 Bible Study Reality At Last (Part 2) Amos 9v11-15 Amos 19 Download
2016/02/24 Bible Study Priests & Prophets Deuteronomy 18 Deuteronomy 19 Download
2011/06/15 Bible Study A Waiting God Hosea 5v15-6v3 Hosea 19 Download
2005/10/20 Bible Study God's Intervention Ephesians 2v4 Ephesians 20 Download
2007/05/17 Bible Study Aftermath 2 Kings 17v24-41 History Of Israel 20 Download
2009/05/06 Bible Study Summary Of Amos Amos 3v1-2 Amos 20 Download
2016/03/16 Bible Study Killing, Stealing & Telling Deuteronomy 19 Deuteronomy 20 Download
2011/06/29 Bible Study What Am I To Do With YOU Hosea 6v4-11 Hosea 20 Download
2005/10/27 Bible Study Saved By Grace Ephesians 2v5-6 Ephesians 21 Download
2016/04/13 Bible Study Going Out To War Deuteronomy 20 Deuteronomy 21 Download
2011/07/13 Bible Study Different Approach - Same Response Hosea 7v1-7 Hosea 21 Download
2005/11/03 Bible Study Union With Christ Ephesians 2v6-7 Ephesians 22 Download
2016/04/20 Bible Study Vivid Examples - Basic Principles Deuteronomy 21 Deuteronomy 22 Download
2011/07/20 Bible Study Foreign Policy Hosea 7v8-16 Hosea 22 Download
2005/11/17 Bible Study Unmerited Favour Ephesians 2v8-9 Ephesians 23 Download
2016/04/27 Bible Study Be Different!! Deuteronomy 22 Deuteronomy 23 Download
2011/07/27 Bible Study Reaping The Whirlwind (Part I) Hosea 8v1-6 Hosea 23 Download
2005/12/01 Bible Study God's Workmanship Through Us Ephesians 2v10 Ephesians 24 Download
2016/05/11 Bible Study Pure Worship Deuteronomy 23v1-8 Deuteronomy 24 Download
2011/08/10 Bible Study Reaping The Whirlwind (Part II) Hosea 8v7-14 Hosea 24 Download
2005/12/15 Bible Study Man's Weakness - Forgetfulness Ephesians 2v11-22 Bible Study 25 Download
2016/06/08 Bible Study Ordinary & Routine Deuteronomy 23v9-25 Deuteronomy 25 Download
2011/08/17 Bible Study Here it Comes!! Hosea 9v1-9 Hosea 25 Download
2005/12/22 Bible Study The Power Of God In Our Lives Ephesians 2v11-12 Ephesians 26 Download
2016/06/15 Bible Study Basic Rights Deuteronomy 24 Deuteronomy 26 Download
2011/09/14 Bible Study Grapes In Wilderness Hosea 9v10-17 Hosea 26 Download
2005/12/29 Bible Study Brought Near To God By Christ's Blood Ephesians 2v13 Ephesians 27 Download
2016/06/29 Bible Study Social Foundation Deuteronomy 25 Deuteronomy 27 Download
2011/09/21 Bible Study Full, But Empty Hosea 10v1-8 Hosea 27 Download
2006/01/12 Bible Study Rich Blessings Of The Gospel Ephesians 2v13 Ephesians 28 Download
2016/07/20 Bible Study Spiritual Worship Deuteronomy 26 Deuteronomy 28 Download
2011/10/19 Bible Study The Heifer Hosea 10v9-15 Hosea 28 Download
2006/01/19 Bible Study Christ Is Our Peace Ephesians 2v14 Ephesians 29 Download
2016/07/27 Bible Study Dealings With The Lord Deuteronomy 27 Deuteronomy 29 Download
2011/10/26 Bible Study The Love Of The Father Hosea 11v1-11 Hosea 29 Download
2006/01/26 Bible Study Being Reconciled To Christ Ephesians 2v16 Ephesians 30 Download
2016/08/17 Bible Study Blessings & Cursings Deuteronomy 28 Deuteronomy 30 Download
2011/11/09 Bible Study Lessons From History (Part I) Hosea 11v12-12v8 Hosea 30 Download
2006/02/02 Bible Study Unique Position Of Christ Ephesians 2v17-18 Ephesians 31 Download
2016/08/31 Bible Study Valedictory Address Deuteronomy 29 Deuteronomy 31 Download
2011/11/16 Bible Study Lessons From History (Part II) Hosea 12v9-14 Hosea 31 Download
2006/02/09 Bible Study Unique Position Of The Believer Ephesians 2v19 Ephesians 32 Download
2016/09/14 Bible Study Valedictory Address Concluded Deuteronomy 30 Deuteronomy 32 Download
2011/11/23 Bible Study Guilty As Charged - With A Hint Of Grace Hosea 13 Hosea 32 Download
2006/03/09 Bible Study The Family Of God Ephesians 2v19 Ephesians 33 Download
2016/09/21 Bible Study Some Things Change - Some Things Remain The Same Deuteronomy 31v1-18 Deuteronomy 33 Download
2011/11/30 Bible Study Returning Saints Hosea 14v1-3 Hosea 33 Download
2006/03/23 Bible Study Holy Temple Ephesians 2v20-22 Ephesians 34 Download
2016/10/26 Bible Study Our God Deuteronomy-32v1-14 Deuteronomy 34 Download
2011/12/14 Bible Study Restoring Grace Hosea 14v4-7 Hosea 34 Download
2006/04/27 Bible Study Christ The Corner-Stone Ephesians 2v20 Ephesians 35 Download
2016/11/09 Bible Study Jeshurun Deuteronomy 32v15-18 Deuteronomy 35 Download
2011/12/21 Bible Study Conclusion Hosea 14v8-9 Hosea 35 Download
2006/05/04 Bible Study Fitly Framed Together Ephesians 2v21 Ephesians 36 Download
2016/11/23 Bible Study Intervention Of God Deuteronomy 32v19-33 Deuteronomy 36 Download
2006/05/11 Bible Study The Growth Of The Christian Ephesians 2v21 Ephesians 37 Download
2016/12/07 Bible Study Purposes Of The Lord Deuteronomy 32v34-43 Deuteronomy 37 Download
2007/11/15 Bible Study For This Cause Ephesians 3v1 Ephesians 38 Download
2016/12/14 Bible Study A People The Lord Loves Deuteronomy 33v1-5 Deuteronomy 38 Download
2007/11/22 Bible Study Paul - A Prisoner For Jesus Christ Ephesians 3v1 Ephesians 39 Download
2016/12/21 Bible Study Blessings On The Tribes Deuteronomy 33v6-12 Deuteronomy 39 Download
2007/11/29 Bible Study Heavenly Credentials Ephesians 3v2 Ephesians 40 Download
2017/01/18 Bible Study Provision & Protection Deuteronomy 33v13-19 Deuteronomy 40 Download
2007/12/06 Bible Study Qualifications Of An Apostle Ephesians 3v5 Ephesians 41 Download
2017/01/25 Bible Study People's Obedience & The Lord's Presence Deuteronomy 33v20-29 Deuteronomy 41 Download
2007/12/13 Bible Study Gentiles - Fellow Heirs With Christ Ephesians 3v6 Ephesians 42 Download
2017/02/08 Bible Study A Happy People Deuteronomy 33v28-29 Deuteronomy 42 Download
2007/12/20 Bible Study God's Purpose For Jews & Gentiles Ephesians 3v7-8 Ephesians 43 Download
2017/02/15 Bible Study Death Of Moses Deuteronomy 32&34 Deuteronomy 43 Download
2007/12/27 Bible Study Jew & Gentile - Equal In God's Sight Ephesians 3v9-10 Ephesians 44 Download
2017/03/15 Bible Study Finding The Book 2 Kings 22 Deuteronomy 44 Download
2008/01/09 Bible Study Paul's Relationship With Christ Ephesians 3v12-13 Ephesians 45 Download
2008/01/30 Bible Study Paul's Prayer For Believers Ephesians 3v14 Ephesians 46 Download
2008/02/06 Bible Study Strengthened In The Inner Man Ephesians 3v16 Ephesians 47 Download
2008/02/13 Bible Study Christ Dwelling In The Believer Ephesians 3v17 Ephesians 48 Download
2008/02/20 Bible Study Rooted & Grounded In Love Ephesians 3v17 Ephesians 49 Download
2008/02/27 Bible Study Overwhelmed By The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18 Ephesians 50 Download
2008/03/05 Bible Study To Know The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v19 Ephesians 51 Download
2008/03/12 Bible Study The Doxology Ephesians 3v20-21 Ephesians 52 Download
2008/03/26 Bible Study What Do We Do With What God Is Telling Us? Ephesians 3v20-21 Ephesians 53 Download
2006/10/02 Communion Focused On Christ Hebrews 13v15 Communion Download
2009/02/26 Communion The Vision Of the Lord Isaiah 6 Kilmallie Communion 1 Download
2016/04/15 Communion Rejoice With Me Psalm 32 Callanish Communion 1 Download
2011/03/18 Communion Come With Us! Numbers 10v29 Kinloch Communion 1 Download
2013/03/01 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 North Tolsta Communion 1 Download
2013/11/22 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 Kiltearn Communion 1 Download
2014/04/25 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 Fortrose Communion 1 Download
2009/02/26 Communion Regarded By God Isaiah 66v1-2 Kilmallie Communion 2 Download
2016/04/16 Communion How Can I Give You Up?! Hosea 11v8 Callanish Communion 2 Download
2011/03/18 Communion God Commands Us To 'Fear Not!' Isaiah 41v10 Kinloch Communion 2 Download
2013/03/02 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v13 North Tolsta Communion 2 Download
2013/11/23 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v13 Kiltearn Communion 2 Download
2014/04/26 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v1,3&7 Fortrose Communion 2 Download
2016/04/17 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Callanish Communion 3 Download
2015/04/04 Communion God's Love - To Sinners Romans 5v8 Fort William Communion 1 Download
2011/03/20 Communion To You Who Believe He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Kinloch Communion 3 Download
2013/03/03 Communion God's Love - To Sinners Romans 5v8 North Tolsta Communion 3 Download
2013/11/24 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Kiltearn Communion 3 Download
2014/04/27 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Fortrose Communion 3 Download
2016/04/17 Communion One Thing... (Table Address) Isaiah 42v3 & Hebrews 10v18 Callanish Communion 4 Download
2015/04/05 Communion To The Uttermost Matthew 27v34 Fort William Communion 2 Download
2011/03/20 Communion Fencing The Table John 9 Kinloch Communion 4 Download
2013/03/03 Communion Fencing The Table Isaiah 43v1-5 North Tolsta Communion 4 Download
2013/11/24 Communion Responding Hebrews 3v7 Kiltearn Communion 4 Download
2014/04/27 Communion Vision Of The Lord Isaiah 6v5,7&9 Fortrose Communion 4 Download
2016/04/17 Communion Separation Matthew 25v34&41 Callanish Communion 5 Download
2015/04/05 Communion Death Of Three People Luke 23v33 Fort William Communion 3 Download
2011/03/20 Communion The Death Of Three People Luke 23v33 Kinloch Communion 5 Download
2013/03/03 Communion Responding How? Hebrews 2v1&3v7 North Tolsta Communion 5 Download
2015/04/06 Communion Fear Not Isaiah 41v10 Fort William Communion 4 Download
2010/03/03 Faith Mission Confronted, Convicted, Cleansed & Commissioned Isaiah 6v5,7&9 Faith Mission, Argyle 1 Download
2010/03/04 Faith Mission Comfort For The Fearful Christian Isaiah 41v10 Faith Mission, Argyle 2 Download
2010/03/05 Faith Mission The God Who Never Fails Joshua 23v14 Faith Mission, Argyle 3 Download
2011/01/01 New Year's Day Hope For The New Year Psalm 80v3,7&19 New Year's Day Download
2013/01/01 New Year's Day Boldness Of Faith Joshua 14v12 New Year's Day Download
2014/01/01 New Year's Day Door Of Opportunity Revelation 3v8 New Year's Day Download
2007/01/01 New Year's Day The Gift Of Time Psalm 90v12 New Year's Day Download
2008/01/01 New Year's Day Godly Contentment Is Great Gain 1 Timothy 6v6 New Year's Day Download
2010/01/01 New Year's Day Not By Might!! Zechariah 4v6 New Year's Day Download
2016/01/01 New Year's Day God With Us Acts 18v9-10 New Year's Day Download
2015/01/01 New Year's Day Behold, A Throne Revelation 4v2 New Year's Day Download
2004/10/10 PM This Is The Way - Walk In It Isaiah 30v21 Evening Service Download
2004/10/31 PM Looking Unto Jesus Hebrews 12v2 Evening Service Download
2004/11/07 PM "Remember Me Lord" Psalm 25v6-7 Evening Service Download
2004/11/14 PM The Peace & Joy Of The Believer Phillipians 4v4 Evening Service Download
2004/11/28 PM The Seriousness Of Disobedience 1 Kings 21 Evening Service Download
2004/12/05 PM God Is On His Throne Psalm 9v1-20 Evening Service Download
2004/12/26 PM God Is! Psalm 46v10 Evening Service Download
2005/01/09 PM The Opposition Of The Eneny Acts 4 Evening Service Download
2005/01/23 PM The Path Of Prayer 2 Chronicles 20v12 Evening Service Download
2005/02/06 PM A Voyage Of Discovery! John 16v20 Evening Service Download
2005/02/13 PM The Seriousness Of Sin Joshua 7 Evening Service Download
2005/02/20 PM God's Controversy With His People Jeremiah 32 Evening Service Download
2005/02/27 PM The Lord Jesus Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Evening Service Download
2005/03/27 PM The Resurrection Of Christ Romans 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2005/09/25 PM The Meaning Of Communion Exodus 12v26-27 Evening Service Download
2005/04/10 PM A Rest For God's People Hebrews 4v9 Evening Service Download
2005/04/17 PM God Comforts His People Genesis 15v1-6 Evening Service Download
2005/10/09 PM Dealing With Problems Genesis 32v7 Evening Service Download
2005/05/01 PM The Reaction To The Gospel Acts 26v24&28 Evening Service Download
2005/05/08 PM Do We Measure Up To The Interest Of God? Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2005/05/15 PM Mountain Tops & Valleys 1 Kings 19v4 Evening Service Download
2005/05/22 PM Death - The Last Enemy Luke 23v33 Evening Service Download
2005/05/29 PM Depending On Jesus Christ John 15 Evening Service Download
2005/06/05 PM Fulfilling God's Commands Psalm 24 Evening Service Download
2005/06/12 PM Futility Of Life & Refuge Of God Psalm 90v15 Evening Service Download
2005/06/19 PM The Importantance Of Wisdom James 1v2 Evening Service Download
2005/07/03 PM Calebs Example Joshua 14 Evening Service Download
2005/07/10 PM Privileges Bring Responsibility Matthew 11v28-30 Evening Service Download
2005/07/17 PM God's Provision Psalm 34v8 Evening Service Download
2005/07/24 PM The Sufficiency Of God's Grace 2 Corinthians 12v9 Evening Service Download
2005/10/16 PM What Does God Require Of Us? 2 Timothy 1v1-12 Evening Service Download
2005/08/07 PM The Neglect Of Our Spiritual Needs Jeremiah 2v13 Evening Service Download
2005/08/14 PM Jesus Heals The Broken Hearted Matthew 12v19 Evening Service Download
2005/08/21 PM Considering The Peace Of God's People Isaiah 26v3 Evening Service Download
2005/09/11 PM Dangers Of A Covetous Heart 2 Kings 5v15-27 Evening Service Download
2005/01/30 PM The Prophet's Challenge Jeremiah 35 Evening Service Download
2007/01/07 PM Consider Your Ways 2 Corinthians 4v16-18 Evening Service Download
2007/01/14 PM The Danger Of Letting Slip Judges 16v22 Evening Service Download
2007/01/21 PM The Softening Of Our Hearts Zechariah 12v10 Evening Service Download
2007/01/28 PM Isaiah Sees Something Of God's Glory Isaiah 6v1 Evening Service Download
2007/02/04 PM What Did They Say? 1 Samuel 3v17 Evening Service Download
2007/02/11 PM Growth Or Stagnation? 2 Peter 3v18 Evening Service Download
2007/02/18 PM The Lord Deals With His People Isaiah 43v1 Evening Service Download
2007/02/25 PM The Great Transaction John 13v1-16 Evening Service Download
2007/03/11 PM Like Precious Faith 2 Peter 1v1 Evening Service Download
2007/03/18 PM What Do We Do With Jesus? Matthew 27v22 Evening Service Download
2007/03/25 PM We Would See Jesus John 12v21 Evening Service Download
2007/04/08 PM Doubting Thomas John 20v26-29 Evening Service Download
2007/04/15 PM The Lord Appears To The Disciples John 21v6 Evening Service Download
2007/04/22 PM A Personal Relationship With God Daniel 11v32 Evening Service Download
2007/05/06 PM Test - Retreat - Return Mark 6v31 Evening Service Download
2005/11/13 PM Why Does God Allow Suffering? Job 1v1 Evening Service Download
2007/05/13 PM Taught By The Spirit Of God 1 Corinthians 2v9-10 Evening Service Download
2007/05/20 PM Remember Lot's Wife Luke 17v32 Evening Service Download
2007/05/27 PM The Great Commission Matthew 28v16-20 Evening Service Download
2007/06/03 PM Fullness & Freedom In Christ Colossians 2v6-7 Evening Service Download
2007/06/17 PM God's Commitment To His People Luke 9v57-62 Evening Service Download
2007/06/24 PM Working Together For The Lord 1 Chronicles 28v20 Evening Service Download
2007/07/08 PM The Problem Of Providence! Jeremiah 12v5 Evening Service Download
2007/07/15 PM The Need For Repentance Hebrews 2v1&3v7 Evening Service Download
2007/07/29 PM Remembering God Faithfulness Lamentations 3v21-33 Evening Service Download
2007/08/05 PM The Danger Of Riches Mark 10v21-22 Evening Service Download
2007/08/12 PM The Importance Of Quiet Times Mark 8v27-38 Evening Service Download
2007/08/19 PM Decree - Defiance - Deliverance Daniel 3 Evening Service Download
2007/09/16 PM God's Providence In The Life Of David 1 Samuel 25v32-33 Evening Service Download
2007/09/23 PM The Grace & Tenderness Of The Lord Jeremiah 31v18-20 Evening Service Download
2007/09/30 PM Imminent Danger Ezekiel 33 Evening Service Download
2007/10/14 PM Stages Of Life 1 Chronicles 29v30 Evening Service Download
2007/10/21 PM Life Of Moses Exodus 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2007/10/28 PM Come Boldly To The Throne Of Grace Hebrews 4v15-16 Evening Service Download
2007/11/11 PM God Keeps & Protects His People Jude v20-21 Evening Service Download
2005/11/20 PM The Reality Of The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v11-14 Evening Service Download
2005/11/27 PM The Danger Of Envy Proverbs 23v17-18 Evening Service Download
2005/12/11 PM How Do We Respond To Gods Word? Mark 4v3-20 Evening Service Download
2005/12/18 PM With Privilege Comes Responsibility Mark 12v1-12 Evening Service Download
2005/12/25 PM True Peace & Joy - Only In Christ Luke 2v17-20 Evening Service Download
2006/01/01 PM A Promise To Bless Us Psalm 115v12 Evening Service Download
2006/01/08 PM Remembering God's Goodness To Us Joshua 24v14-28 Evening Service Download
2006/01/15 PM Jesus Christ Our Advocate 1 John 2v1-2 Evening Service Download
2006/01/22 PM John The Baptist Preaches Repentence Luke 3v1-22 Evening Service Download
2007/12/23 PM Simeon- A Servant Of The Lord Luke 2v23&29 Evening Service Download
2007/12/30 PM The Faithfulness Of God Psalm 23v1&6 Evening Service Download
2017/01/01 PM Afraid Of The Future? Deuteronomy 1v19-46 Evening Service Download
2017/01/08 PM A Bountiful Year Psalm 65v11 Evening Service Download
2006/01/29 PM Jesus Has Overcome The World John 16v33 Evening Service Download
2006/02/19 PM Obedience Is Followed By Deliverance Judges 7 Evening Service Download
2006/02/26 PM A Prayer For Guidance Psalm 5 Evening Service Download
2006/03/12 PM Our Lack Of Commitment Haggai 1v6 Evening Service Download
2006/03/19 PM The Need To Listen To God Haggai 2v1-9 Evening Service Download
2008/01/06 PM Living Faith - Trophies Of Grace Acts 4v13-14 Evening Service Download
2006/07/23 PM God Tests Hezekiah 2 Kings 20v12-19 Evening Service Download
2006/11/05 PM At The Crossroads 1 Kings 19v19-21 Evening Service Download
2006/03/26 PM Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7v46 Evening Service Download
2006/04/09 PM Whom Do You Serve 1 Samuel 16v7 Evening Service Download
2008/03/23 PM Resurrection Appearance To Peter 1 Corinthians 15v5 Evening Service Download
2008/03/30 PM Come With Us! Numbers 10v29 Evening Service Download
2008/05/18 PM A Lesson To Learn From Mary Luke 10v39-42 Evening Service Download
2008/05/25 PM The Solemnity Of Death Isaiah 38v1-2 Evening Service Download
2008/06/01 PM Wait On The Lord Psalm 27 Evening Service Download
2008/06/08 PM The Transfiguration Mark 9v1-10 Evening Service Download
2008/06/15 PM A Lifetime Of Spiritual Battles Psalm 71v16 Evening Service Download
2008/06/22 PM Gideon & The Fleece Judges 6 Evening Service Download
2008/07/06 PM Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved Isaiah 42v22 Evening Service Download
2008/07/13 PM The Reliability Of God's Word 1 Kings 22v38 Evening Service Download
2006/04/23 PM Obedience Leads To Abundant Blessing Nehemiah 1v4 Evening Service Download
2006/05/07 PM A Call To Praise & Worship God Psalm145 Evening Service Download
2006/05/14 PM The Importance Of Our Conversation Malachi 3v13-17 Evening Service Download
2006/05/21 PM The Wonder Of Our God Psalm139v14 Evening Service Download
2006/05/28 PM The Conversion Of Saul Acts 9 Evening Service Download
2006/06/04 PM Jesus Brings Pardon To His People Luke 4v1-13 Evening Service Download
2006/06/11 PM Gospel Tact Philemon v9 Evening Service Download
2006/08/06 PM A Sense Of Purpose Luke 9v51 Evening Service Download
2006/08/20 PM The Challenge Of The Gospel Luke 7v24-26 Evening Service Download
2006/09/17 PM Manipulating Or Obeying God? Isaiah 58v11-12 Evening Service Download
2006/09/24 PM Our Commitment To Christ Colossians 2v9-10 Evening Service Download
2006/10/08 PM From Sadness To Gladness Luke 24v31 Evening Service Download
2006/10/15 PM Listen - Obey - Trust Deuteronomy 8v3 Evening Service Download
2006/10/22 PM Where Am I? Psalm 119v59-60 Evening Service Download
2006/10/29 PM Not Ashamed Romans 1v16 Evening Service Download
2008/07/20 PM Thinking Things Through 2 Timothy 2v1&7 Evening Service Download
2008/07/27 PM Look Back - Learn - Be Encouraged Deuteronomy 1v21&28 Evening Service Download
2008/08/03 PM Light Affliction 2 Corinthians 4-5v9 Evening Service Download
2008/08/10 PM "I Love The Lord" Psalm 18v1&35 Evening Service Download
2006/11/12 PM More Than Knowledge Acts 24v25 Evening Service Download
2006/11/26 PM A Quiet Confidence 1 John 2v28 Evening Service Download
2006/12/03 PM Wonderful Love Romans 5v8 Evening Service Download
2006/12/17 PM Abundant Life In Christ John 10v10 Evening Service Download
2006/12/24 PM Good Tidings Of Great Joy! Luke 2v1-20 Evening Service Download
2006/12/31 PM What Shall We Render To The Lord? - Love! Psalm 116v12 Evening Service Download
2006/02/05 PM Supersitition - God's Glory Removed 1 Samuel 4v21 Evening Service Download
2006/02/12 PM Repentance - God's Glory Restored 1 Samuel 7v12 Evening Service Download
2008/08/17 PM God Calls Us To Repent & Return Malachi 3v6-7 Evening Service Download
2008/08/24 PM Who Is To Blame? Isaiah 59v1 Evening Service Download
2008/08/31 PM Problem, Provision, Providence & Praise 1 Samuel 30v6 Evening Service Download
2008/09/21 PM Doors Of Opportunity John 9v3-4 Evening Service Download
2008/09/28 PM What Mean Ye These Stones? Joshua 4v6&21 Evening Service Download
2008/10/12 PM Peace & Contentment Philippians 4v11 Evening Service Download
2008/10/19 PM Christian Assurance 1 John 3v2&24 Evening Service Download
2008/10/26 PM The Door Was Shut! Matthew 25v10 Evening Service Download
2008/11/09 PM The Believer's Appreciation Luke 7v41-43 Evening Service Download
2008/11/16 PM The Pursuit Of Holiness Romans 6v13 Evening Service Download
2008/11/23 PM The Rich Man & Lazarus Luke 16v19-31 Evening Service Download
2008/11/30 PM Believe Or Doubt? Genesis 12v1-3 Evening Service Download
2006/06/18 PM Struggling With God's Providences Psalm 73v13 Evening Service Download
2006/06/25 PM The Lord's Controversy With His People 1 Kings 18v41-46 Evening Service Download
2006/07/09 PM God's Reward 2 Timothy 4v8 Evening Service Download
2006/07/16 PM Loving God's Law Brings Peace Psalm 119v165 Evening Service Download
2006/09/10 PM The Mirror Of God's Word Psalm 32 Evening Service Download
2006/12/10 PM The Lord's Commitment To His People Hosea 11v8-9 Evening Service Download
2008/12/07 PM Behold Your Sins Will Find You Out!! Numbers 32v23 Evening Service Download
2009/01/04 PM Time Is Up! Daniel 5 Evening Service Download
2009/01/18 PM The Place Of Prayer Daniel 6v10 Evening Service Download
2009/01/25 PM The Love Of The Lord Comforting Jeremiah 31v3 Evening Service Download
2009/02/08 PM The Problems Of Old Age! Psalm 71v9 Evening Service Download
2009/02/22 PM Rehab In The Trophy Room Of Faith Hebrews11v31 Evening Service Download
2010/01/03 PM A Spiritual Problem Haggai 1v13&2v4 Evening Service Download
2010/01/24 PM Regarded By God Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2009/03/29 PM A Personal Experience Luke 24v28-29 Evening Service Download
2009/04/12 PM The Effect Of The Resurrection John 20v16 Evening Service Download
2009/05/24 PM Trust In The Lord Jesus! Acts 3v6 Evening Service Download
2009/06/14 PM The Just Shall Live By Faith Habakkuk 2v4 Evening Service Download
2009/06/21 PM Gods Requirements Micah 6v8 Evening Service Download
2010/01/31 PM Honouring God 1 Samuel 2v30 Evening Service Download
2010/02/07 PM Who Has The Last Word? Proverbs 1v24-33 Evening Service Download
2010/04/11 PM Power, Love & Self Control 2 Timothy 1v7-8 Evening Service Download
2010/04/18 PM What Is Faith? Genesis 15v16 Evening Service Download
2010/05/02 PM Conquerors Romans 8v35 Evening Service Download
2010/05/09 PM Bethel Genesis 28v15 Evening Service Download
2010/05/16 PM He Prays! Acts 9v11 Evening Service Download
2010/05/23 PM The Battle Ephesians 6v10 Evening Service Download
2010/05/30 PM The Intense Battle In The Soul Psalm 25v7 Evening Service Download
2010/06/06 PM God On His Throne - Man In His Place Psalm 9v9-10 Evening Service Download
2010/06/13 PM Witnessing John 4v6-7 Evening Service Download
2010/06/20 PM Doubt, Darkness... & Light! Job 3v1 Evening Service Download
2010/06/27 PM A Rest For The People Of God Revelation 14v13 Evening Service Download
2010/07/04 PM The Tears Of The Lord Luke 19v41-42 Evening Service Download
2010/07/11 PM The Return Of The Lord Malachi 4v1-6 Evening Service Download
2010/07/18 PM The Lord Of Glory Revelation 1v9-29 Evening Service Download
2010/07/25 PM At Wit's End Corner Psalm 107v23-32 Evening Service Download
2010/08/01 PM God Cares For You 1 Peter 5v7 Evening Service Download
2010/08/08 PM The Battle Romans 7v24-25 Evening Service Download
2016/01/03 PM New Year Resolution Psalm 71v16 Evening Service Download
2016/01/24 PM Seeing & Believing John 20v29-31 Evening Service Download
2016/03/27 PM Resurrection In Christian Living Ephesians 1v19-23 Evening Service Download
2016/04/24 PM A Decisive Moment Exodus 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2016/05/01 PM Privileges Abused Brings Peril Amos 3v1-2 Evening Service Download
2016/05/08 PM God's Intervention Psalm 84v11-12 Evening Service Download
2016/06/05 PM Temptation Luke 4v1-13 Evening Service Download
2016/06/12 PM One Thing Needful Luke 10v39 Evening Service Download
2016/06/19 PM My People Isaiah 51v1-16 Evening Service Download
2016/06/26 PM A Rest For The People Of God Hebrews 4v9 Evening Service Download
2016/07/03 PM Immediate Obedience Deuteronomy 1v19-43 Evening Service Download
2016/07/10 PM Persistence In Praying Luke 18v1 Evening Service Download
2016/07/17 PM Persistent In Commitment Romans 8v32&38 Evening Service Download
2016/07/24 PM Who Will Speak For You? Luke 22v31-32 Evening Service Download
2016/07/31 PM Words From Jesus Mark 5v21-43 Evening Service Download
2016/08/14 PM Evening Meditation Psalm 4 Evening Service Download
2016/08/21 PM A Bold Faith Hebrews 10v19-39 Evening Service Download
2016/08/28 PM Experience Of Forgiveness Isaiah 6v5 Evening Service Download
2016/09/11 PM What The Lord Looks For Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2016/09/18 PM Where Can We Go? Psalm 139v7 Evening Service Download
2016/09/25 PM Be Still? Psalm 46v15 Evening Service Download
2016/10/09 PM He Trusted In God Matthew 27v43 Evening Service Download
2016/10/16 PM Comprehending The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18 Evening Service Download
2016/10/23 PM Scripture Is Sufficient Luke 16v29-31 Evening Service Download
2016/10/30 PM Confrontation With Consequences Acts 9v5 Evening Service Download
2016/11/06 PM Trials & Wisdom James 1v2-8 Evening Service Download
2016/11/13 PM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Evening Service Download
2016/11/20 PM No Control Proverbs 25v28 Evening Service Download
2016/11/27 PM Bold Praying Acts 4v24-31 Evening Service Download
2016/12/04 PM Great & Precious Provision 2 Peter 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2016/12/11 PM Preparatory Work Acts 20v17-21 Evening Service Download
2016/12/18 PM Planning Before Hand Ephesians 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2015/03/15 PM What Is Faith? Romans 1v17 Evening Service Download
2015/03/08 PM A Lonely Servant Jeremiah 15v10 Evening Service Download
2015/02/22 PM Kept Safe 2 Peter 2v9 Evening Service Download
2015/02/15 PM Providences 1 Samuel 25v32-33 Evening Service Download
2015/02/08 PM Jesus Wept John 11v35 Evening Service Download
2015/02/01 PM What If? 2 Chronicles 7v12-22 Evening Service Download
2015/01/25 PM Do Not Pray (Part III) Jeremiah 14v11 Evening Service Download
2015/01/18 PM Do Not Pray (Part II) Jeremiah 11v14 Evening Service Download
2015/01/04 PM Church In An Affluent Society Revelation 3v14-22 Evening Service Download
2015/01/11 PM Do Not Pray (Part I) Jeremiah 7v16 Evening Service Download
2015/07/05 PM Does God Care? Mark 4v38 Evening Service Download
2015/06/28 PM My Hope Psalm 119v49 Evening Service Download
2015/06/21 PM Where Are You? Genesis 3v9 Evening Service Download
2015/06/14 PM Who Is Like Our God! 1 Kings 8v54-61 Evening Service Download
2015/06/07 PM Christian's Portion Psalm 16v5 Evening Service Download
2015/05/17 PM Treating Anxiety Philippians 4v6-7 Evening Service Download
2015/05/10 PM Assurance 1 John 3v14 Evening Service Download
2015/03/22 PM Commitment Ruth 1v16-18 Evening Service Download
2015/03/29 PM Like Precious Faith 2 Peter 1v1 Evening Service Download
2015/04/12 PM Receiving Christ Jesus The Lord Colossians 2v6-7 Evening Service Download
2015/04/19 PM Be Strong? God Is With You 1 Chronicles 28v20 Evening Service Download
2015/04/26 PM Knowing Christ Philippians 3v8 Evening Service Download
2015/05/03 PM The Lord Speaking With Samuel 1 Samuel 3v4 Evening Service Download
2015/08/16 PM Unseen Protection 2 Kings 6v16 Evening Service Download
2015/08/09 PM Highly Exalted Philippians 2v9-11 Evening Service Download
2015/08/02 PM Christ Is Precious 1 Peter 1v8-9&2v7 Evening Service Download
2015/07/12 PM Reaping What We Sow Luke 16v19-31 Evening Service Download
2015/07/19 PM Things We Need To Know 1 John 1v5-7 Evening Service Download
2015/07/26 PM Preaching Christ Crucified Acts 2v23 Evening Service Download
2015/09/20 PM Jesus Confronting Peter John 21v15-19 Evening Service Download
2015/09/13 PM The Patience Of The Lord Romans 2v4 Evening Service Download
2015/08/30 PM Love To The Lord Luke 7v47 Evening Service Download
2015/08/23 PM Imbalances Matthew 23v24 Evening Service Download
2015/09/27 PM It Is Finished John 19v30 Evening Service Download
2015/11/01 PM Growing In Grace & Knowledge 2 Peter 3v17-18 Evening Service Download
2015/11/08 PM Meeting Our Needs Joshua 5v13 Evening Service Download
2015/11/15 PM Convicted Luke 23v48 Evening Service Download
2015/12/20 PM Come To Destroy 1 John 3v8 Evening Service Download
2015/12/27 PM The Christian's Confidence Hebrews 12v27-29 Evening Service Download
2017/04/16 PM The Resurrection Luke 24v1-12 Evening Service Download
2017/03/26 PM Softening Of The Heart Zechariah 12v10-14 Evening Service Download
2017/04/30 PM Affection & Assurance Isaiah 43v1-2 Evening Service Download
2011/01/02 PM Looking Forward Psalm 115v12 Evening Service Download
2011/01/09 PM Perfect Peace Isaiah 26v3 Evening Service Download
2011/01/16 PM Making Sure! 2 Peter 1v8-11 Evening Service Download
2011/01/23 PM Godly Sorrow 2 Corinthians 7v8-11 Evening Service Download
2011/01/30 PM Christ, And Him Crucified 1 Corinthians 2v2-5 Evening Service Download
2011/02/06 PM Gentle Whispers 1 Kings 19v12 Evening Service Download
2011/02/13 PM Call Of Elisha 1 Kings 19v19-21 Evening Service Download
2011/02/20 PM Pressing On To Maturity Hebrews 6v1 Evening Service Download
2011/02/27 PM Rejoice In The Lord Philippians 4v4 Evening Service Download
2011/03/27 PM A Burning Heart Luke 24v27&32 Evening Service Download
2011/04/10 PM Strangers And Pilgrims Hebrews 11v13-16 Evening Service Download
2011/04/17 PM Three Hours Of Darkness Luke 23v44-45 Evening Service Download
2011/04/24 PM "? And Peter" Mark 16v7 Evening Service Download
2011/05/08 PM Nothing Too Great: No One Too Small Psalm 113 Evening Service Download
2011/05/15 PM Looking To The Lord 2 Chronicles 20v12 Evening Service Download
2011/05/22 PM Apollos Acts 18v24-28 Evening Service Download
2011/05/29 PM Wisdom Of God Acts 10v34 Evening Service Download
2011/06/05 PM Martyr Stephen Acts 7v58 Evening Service Download
2011/06/12 PM Rechabites Jeremiah 35 Evening Service Download
2011/06/19 PM Response To Correction Hebrews 12v5-6 Evening Service Download
2011/06/26 PM God Told Moses "No!" Deuteronomy 3v23-29 Evening Service Download
2011/07/03 PM Uniqueness, Used In Prayer Psalm 35v10 Evening Service Download
2011/07/10 PM Testimony Of Faith Joshua 23v14 Evening Service Download
2011/07/17 PM Giving Thanks (Part I) Psalm 107v1-9 Evening Service Download
2011/07/24 PM Thanks To The Lord (Part II) Psalm 107v10-16 Evening Service Download
2011/07/31 PM Choices & Faith Genesis 13v5-18 Evening Service Download
2011/08/07 PM Presence Of The Lord Genesis 28v15 & 20 Evening Service Download
2011/08/14 PM Serving The Lord Joshua 24v14-28 Evening Service Download
2011/09/11 PM Confrontation & Consequences 2 Samuel 12 Evening Service Download
2011/09/18 PM Capture Of Ai Joshua 8 Evening Service Download
2011/09/25 PM Lovingkindnesses Of The Lord Isaiah 63v7-9 Evening Service Download
2011/10/09 PM Upheld Exodus 17v8-11 Evening Service Download
2011/10/16 PM Prayers Of Our Lord Luke 22v31-42 Evening Service Download
2011/10/23 PM Praying For Sinners Genesis 18v23-33 Evening Service Download
2011/10/30 PM Praying For Saints Ephesians 1v16-19 Evening Service Download
2011/11/06 PM The Lord's Prayer John 17v17-18 Evening Service Download
2011/11/13 PM Who Am I, O Lord? 2 Samuel 7v18 Evening Service Download
2011/11/20 PM Guidance Proverbs 3v5-6 Evening Service Download
2011/11/27 PM A Plea For Justice Psalm 17v7-8 Evening Service Download
2011/12/04 PM Christian's Longing Psalm 119v9-11 Evening Service Download
2011/12/11 PM Come To Give Abundant Life John 10v10 Evening Service Download
2011/12/18 PM Bethlehem Matthew 2v6 Evening Service Download
2011/12/25 PM Messiah And His Kingdom Isaiah 11v1-5 Evening Service Download
2013/01/06 PM Jephthah's Vow Judges 11v30-31&36 Evening Service Download
2013/01/13 PM Hannah 1 Samuel 1 Evening Service Download
2013/01/20 PM Hannah's Song 1 Samuel 2v1-10 Evening Service Download
2013/01/27 PM Contentment 1 Timothy 6v6-8 Evening Service Download
2013/02/03 PM Come To Christ Matthew 11v28-30 Evening Service Download
2013/02/10 PM The Hope? 1 John 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2013/02/17 PM The Gift Of Life John 10v10 Evening Service Download
2013/02/24 PM Precepts For Protection Psalm 37 Evening Service Download
2013/03/10 PM Ziklag 1 Samuel 30v6 Evening Service Download
2013/03/17 PM Mary's Devotion John 12v1-8 Evening Service Download
2013/03/24 PM Love & Humility John 13v1&4 Evening Service Download
2013/03/31 PM Joseph & Nicodemus John 19v38-40 Evening Service Download
2013/04/21 PM Thanks Be To God Psalm 107v1 Evening Service Download
2013/05/05 PM Bless The Lord? Psalm 103v1 Evening Service Download
2013/05/12 PM Our Advocate 1 John 2v1-2 Evening Service Download
2013/05/19 PM The Sovereign Lord Psalm 2 Evening Service Download
2013/05/26 PM Why Forsaken? Matthew 27v46 Evening Service Download
2013/06/02 PM Contending For The Faith Jude v3 Evening Service Download
2013/06/09 PM Responsibility To The Young Psalm 78v1-8 Evening Service Download
2013/06/16 PM Care Of God Matthew 10v30 Evening Service Download
2013/07/14 PM Focusing The Mind Genesis 43v1-3 Evening Service Download
2013/07/21 PM Persistent Luke 18v41 Evening Service Download
2013/07/28 PM Trust In God Acts 27v23-25 Evening Service Download
2013/08/04 PM Christian Experience 2 Kings 7v3-4 Evening Service Download
2013/08/11 PM My Times Are In Thy Hands Psalm 31v5&15 Evening Service Download
2013/08/18 PM Full & Free Colossians 2v9-15 Evening Service Download
2013/08/25 PM Heaviness Through Trials 1 Peter 1v6-8 Evening Service Download
2013/09/08 PM Drooping Hands & Feeble Knees Hebrews 12v12 Evening Service Download
2013/09/15 PM Elijah's Dispondency 1 Kings 19v4-5 Evening Service Download
2013/09/22 PM Meeting By The Well John 4v7 Evening Service Download
2013/09/29 PM Broken But Beloved Jeremiah 31v18-20 Evening Service Download
2013/10/13 PM What Did You Expect? Luke 7v24-26 Evening Service Download
2013/10/27 PM A Practical Fatih Hebrews 10v19-39 Evening Service Download
2013/11/03 PM Getting A King! 1 Samuel 10v17-27 Evening Service Download
2013/11/10 PM Remembering 2 Peter 1v12-15 Evening Service Download
2013/11/17 PM Hezekiah Tested 2 Kings 19v16&19 Evening Service Download
2013/12/01 PM Manasseh Jeremiah 15v4 Evening Service Download
2013/12/08 PM How Do We Respond? Mark 12v1-12 Evening Service Download
2013/12/15 PM The Word Of The Lord Isaiah 49v1-6 Evening Service Download
2013/12/22 PM Immanuel Isaiah 7v14 Evening Service Download
2013/12/29 PM Looking Back (Part II) Psalm 139v17-18 Evening Service Download
2014/04/20 PM Christian Tact Philemon v17 Evening Service Download
2014/04/13 PM Psalm Of The Cross Psalm 22v1 Evening Service Download
2014/03/30 PM Know The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18-19 Evening Service Download
2014/06/15 PM Waiting On The Lord Isaiah 40v31 Evening Service Download
2014/06/08 PM Surviving 1 Corinthians 10v13 Evening Service Download
2014/06/01 PM The Power To Change 1 Corinthians 6v8-11 Evening Service Download
2014/05/25 PM If God Be For Us.... Romans 8v31 Evening Service Download
2014/05/11 PM Centurion's Faith Luke 7v1-10 Evening Service Download
2014/05/04 PM Help From The Lord 1 Samuel 23v16 Evening Service Download
2014/08/17 PM How Long?... 1 Kings 18v21 Evening Service Download
2014/08/10 PM Come Apart Mark 6v31 Evening Service Download
2014/08/03 PM Cry Of The Oppressed Psalm 10 Evening Service Download
2014/07/27 PM Waiting On The Lord Habakkuk 2v1-4 Evening Service Download
2014/07/20 PM How Long? 1 Kings 18v21 Evening Service Download
2014/07/13 PM Sins Dealt With Isaiah 38v17 Evening Service Download
2014/07/06 PM Effect Of The Cross Galatians 6v14 Evening Service Download
2014/06/29 PM Foolish Living Luke 12v20-21 Evening Service Download
2014/06/22 PM Troubles Can Be Good Psalm 119v71 Evening Service Download
2014/08/24 PM Are You Listening? Hebrews 3v7-8 Evening Service Download
2014/08/31 PM Divine Physician Isaiah 61v1-3 Evening Service Download
2014/10/19 PM Partial Sight Mark 8v22-26 Evening Service Download
2014/09/14 PM Lord Making Himself Known Luke 24v31-35 Evening Service Download
2014/11/02 PM Standing The Strain Psalm 73v23-24 Evening Service Download
2014/11/09 PM Keeping Safe Jude v21 Evening Service Download
2014/11/16 PM My Days & Lord's Years Psalm 102v23-24 Evening Service Download
2014/11/23 PM Touching The Hem Mark 5v25-34 Evening Service Download
2014/11/30 PM Great High Priest Hebrews 4v15-16 Evening Service Download
2014/12/07 PM A Blessed Nation Psalm 33v12 Evening Service Download
2014/12/14 PM Reasons Behind Christmas Galatians 4v4-5 Evening Service Download
2014/12/21 PM Zecharias & Elizabeth Luke 1v5 Evening Service Download
2017/01/15 PM Intensity Of The Love Of The Lord John 13v1 The Upper Room 1 Download
2008/06/29 PM What Must I Do To Be Saved? Acts 16v30 Vital Questions 1 Download
2009/03/08 PM Look Out! Esther 1 Esther 1 Download
2009/11/08 PM Involvement Of God With His People James 1v1 James 1 Download
2015/10/11 PM The Call To Abram Genesis 12v1 The Life Of Abraham 1 Download
2014/01/05 PM Thessalonica Acts 17v1-15 The Church At Thessalonica 1 Download
2007/11/18 PM The Providence Of God In Joseph's Life Genesis 39v3,21&23 Life Of Joseph 2 Download
2017/01/22 PM The Washing Of Feet John 13v2-17 The Upper Room 2 Download
2008/07/06 PM Where Is He (Jesus)? Matthew 2v2 Vital Questions 2 Download
2009/03/15 PM The Providence Of God Esther 2 Esther 2 Download
2008/12/14 PM Immanuel Isaiah 7v14 Names 2 Download
2009/11/15 PM Joy In Divers Temptations James 1v2-8 James 2 Download
2015/10/18 PM Testing Times In The Christian Life Genesis 12v10 The Life Of Abraham 2 Download
2013/04/14 PM I Am With You Haggai 2v1-9 Haggai 2 Download
2014/01/12 PM Who Are They? 1 Thessalonians 1v1 The Church At Thessalonica 2 Download
2007/11/25 PM Joseph Early Life Genesis 37v1-4 Life Of Joseph 3 Download
2017/01/29 PM Beloved & Betrayed John 13v18-30 The Upper Room 3 Download
2009/03/22 PM Persecution Or Opportunity Esther 3 Esther 3 Download
2009/11/22 PM Applying Wisdom James 1v9-18 James 3 Download
2015/10/25 PM Strengthened Faith Genesis 13v5-18 The Life Of Abraham 3 Download
2014/01/19 PM How They Lived 1 Thessalonians 1v2-3 The Church At Thessalonica 3 Download
2007/12/02 PM The Dreams Of Joseph Genesis 37v5 Life Of Joseph 4 Download
2009/04/19 PM Decisive Moments Esther 4 Esther 4 Download
2008/12/21 PM "His Son" Galatians 4v4-5 Names 4 Download
2017/02/05 PM Glory & Betrayal John 13v31-38 The Upper Room 4 Download
2015/11/22 PM Lessons Big & Small Genesis 14 The Life Of Abraham 4 Download
2013/04/28 PM Precious To The Lord Haggai 2v20-23 Haggai 4 Download
2014/01/26 PM Election 1 Thessalonians 1v4 The Church At Thessalonica 4 Download
2007/12/09 PM The Experience Of Joseph Genesis 39 Life Of Joseph 5 Download
2009/05/03 PM Waiting Upon The Lord Esther 5 Esther 5 Download
2009/12/06 PM Showing Favour To Persons James 2v1-7 James 5 Download
2008/12/28 PM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Names 5 Download
2017/02/12 PM Prepared Places John 14v1-4 The Upper Room 5 Download
2015/12/06 PM Fears Answered Genesis 15 The Life Of Abraham 5 Download
2014/02/02 PM Effective Preaching 1 Thessalonians 1v5 The Church At Thessalonica 5 Download
2007/12/16 PM Joseph In Prison Genesis 40v3 Life Of Joseph 6 Download
2009/05/10 PM A Question Of Timing Esther 6 Esther 6 Download
2009/12/13 PM The Royal Law James 2v8-13 James 6 Download
2017/02/19 PM The Way, The Truth & The Life John 14v5-7 The Upper Room 6 Download
2015/12/13 PM Plans Frustrated Genesis 16 The Life Of Abraham 6 Download
2014/02/09 PM Receiving The Word 1 Thessalonians 1v6-10 The Church At Thessalonica 6 Download
2008/01/13 PM Joseph's Preperation For Great Responsibility Genesis 40v14&23 Life Of Joseph 7 Download
2009/05/17 PM Surprising Deliverances Esther 7 Esther 7 Download
2010/01/10 PM Faith & Works James 2v14-26 James 7 Download
2017/02/26 PM Trusting In The Father John 14v8-11 The Upper Room 7 Download
2016/01/10 PM Wise & Wonderful Ways Of The Lord Genesis 17 The Life Of Abraham 7 Download
2014/02/16 PM Pastors Heart 1 Thessalonians 2v1-6 The Church At Thessalonica 7 Download
2008/01/20 PM A Question Of Timing Genesis 41v16 Life Of Joseph 8 Download
2009/05/31 PM A False Dawn Esther 8 Esther 8 Download
2010/01/17 PM Control Your Words James 3 James 8 Download
2017/03/12 PM Turning The Corner John 14v12-17 The Upper Room 8 Download
2016/01/31 PM Nothing Is Too Hard Genesis 18v1-15 The Life Of Abraham 8 Download
2014/02/23 PM Loving Mother - Concerned Father 1 Thessalonians 2v7-12 The Church At Thessalonica 8 Download
2008/01/27 PM Memories In A Look Genesis 42v1,7&9 Life Of Joseph 9 Download
2009/06/07 PM Removal, Restraint & Remembrance Esther 9-10 Esther 9 Download
2010/02/14 PM God Gives Sufficient Grace James 4v6 James 9 Download
2016/02/07 PM Boldness Of Faith Genesis 18v16-33 The Life Of Abraham 9 Download
2017/03/19 PM Questions Answered John 14v18-24 The Upper Room 9 Download
2014/03/02 PM Ultimate Vindication 1 Thessalonians 2v13-20 The Church At Thessalonica 9 Download
2008/02/03 PM God Is Speaking - Are You Listening? Genesis 43v1 Life Of Joseph 10 Download
2010/02/21 PM Our Relationship With The Lord & Each Other James 4v7-12 James 10 Download
2016/02/14 PM Recurring Sin Genesis 20v13 The Life Of Abraham 10 Download
2017/04/09 PM Final Focus John 14v25-31 The Upper Room 10 Download
2014/03/16 PM United We Stand 1 Thessalonians 3v1-5 The Church At Thessalonica 10 Download
2008/02/10 PM Testing Genesis 44v16 Life Of Joseph 11 Download
2010/03/14 PM Draw Nearer To God James 4v13-5v6 James 11 Download
2016/02/21 PM The Activity Of God Genesis 21v1 The Life Of Abraham 11 Download
2017/04/23 PM Abide In Christ John 15v4 The Upper Room 11 Download
2014/03/23 PM What Shall I Render?? 1 Thessalonians 3v6-10 The Church At Thessalonica 11 Download
2008/02/17 PM Ending & Beginning Genesis 45v1-8 Life Of Joseph 12 Download
2010/03/21 PM Christians Preparation For Eternity James 5v7-12 James 12 Download
2016/02/28 PM Understanding God's Ways Genesis 22 The Life Of Abraham 12 Download
2014/05/18 PM A Pastor's Prayer 1 Thessalonians 3v10-13 The Church At Thessalonica 12 Download
2008/03/09 PM God Dealing With His People Genesis 45v9-46v7 Life Of Joseph 13 Download
2010/03/28 PM Prayer For The Afflicted James 5v13-18 James 13 Download
2016/03/13 PM Death Of Sarah Genesis 23 The Life Of Abraham 13 Download
2008/04/13 PM Reunion Genesis 46v7&28 Life Of Joseph 14 Download
2016/03/20 PM Providence Of The Lord Genesis 24 The Life Of Abraham 14 Download
2008/04/20 PM The Promises Of God Genesis 47v29&48v21 Life Of Joseph 15 Download
2016/04/10 PM Death Of Abraham Genesis 25 The Life Of Abraham 15 Download
2011/10/03 Communion Fear Not, Little Flockā€¦ Luke 12v32 Communion Download
2012/01/01 AM Uncharted Waters Joshua 3v4-5 Morning Service Download
2012/01/08 AM Moab - Complacency Jeremiah 48v11-13 The Needs Of Modern Society 1 Download
2012/01/15 AM Delusion Jeremiah 6v14 The Needs Of Modern Society 2 Download
2012/01/22 AM Inadequate Resources Isaiah 28v20 The Needs Of Modern Society 3 Download
2012/01/29 AM Ichabod 1 Samuel 4v19-22 The Needs Of Modern Society 4 Download
2012/02/05 AM Dry Bones Ezekiel 37v1-14 The Needs Of Modern Society 5 Download
2012/02/12 AM Motivation Romans 12v1-2 The Needs Of Modern Society 6 Download
2012/02/19 AM Standing Alone Daniel 1v8 The Needs Of Modern Society 7 Download
2012/02/26 AM Convicted In Heart Acts 2v37 The Needs Of Modern Society 8 Download
2012/03/04 AM The Watchman Ezekiel 33v7 Morning Service Download
2012/03/11 AM Commitment To God Matthew 19v21 The Needs Of Modern Society 9 Download
2012/03/25 AM Public Confession Psalm 116v12-14 The Needs Of Modern Society 10 Download
2012/04/08 AM The Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15v17 Morning Service Download
2012/04/15 AM Wisdom Proverbs 3v13-26 Morning Service Download
2012/04/22 AM Jochebed Exodus 2v1-10 Morning Service Download
2012/04/29 AM Miriam Singing Exodus 15v20-21 Morning Service Download
2012/05/06 AM Complaint & Consequence Numbers 12 Morning Service Download
2012/05/20 AM Reasoning Together Isaiah 1v18-19 Morning Service Download
2012/05/27 AM A Reason For Our Hope 1 Peter 3v15 Morning Service Download
2012/06/03 AM The Jubilee Leviticus 25v10-11 Morning Service Download
2012/06/10 AM Almost - Not Good Enough! 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2012/06/17 AM Jesus Passing By Luke 19v4-5 Morning Service Download
2012/06/24 AM Who Has The Last Word? Proverbs 1v24-33 Morning Service Download
2012/07/01 AM Action Of A Guilty Man Genesis 32v7 Morning Service Download
2012/07/08 AM Exceeding Riches Of Grace Ephesians 2v4-7 Morning Service Download
2012/07/15 AM Can You Cope? Jeremiah 12v5 Morning Service Download
2012/07/22 AM Folly Proverbs 9v13-18 Morning Service Download
2012/07/29 AM Voice Of Wisdom Psalm 90v12 Morning Service Download
2012/08/05 AM What Will God Say Of Us? Revelation 2v8-11 Morning Service Download
2012/08/12 AM How Is Lovingkindness Received? 2 Samuel 10v12 Morning Service Download
2012/08/19 AM Joining Together In Worship Psalm 34v3 Morning Service Download
2012/08/26 AM Problems In Old Age Psalm 71v9 Morning Service Download
2012/09/02 AM Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Romans 1v16 Morning Service Download
2012/09/09 AM Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7v46 Morning Service Download
2012/09/16 AM Return Of The Lord Matthew 25v31-46 Morning Service Download
2012/09/23 AM Greatness & Grace Of The Lord Isaiah 57v15 Morning Service Download
2012/09/30 AM Go Out To Him Hebrews 13v13 Morning Service Download
2012/10/14 AM Applying Our Faith Mark 6v52 Morning Service Download
2012/10/21 AM Silencing The Accuser Zechariah 3 Morning Service Download
2012/10/28 AM Loving The Law: Having Peace Psalm 119v161-165 Morning Service Download
2012/11/11 AM Deliverance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2012/11/18 AM Practical Christianity Titus 2v11-14 Morning Service Download
2012/11/25 AM What Is Life Like? Ecclesiastes 1v1-2 Ecclesiastes 1 Download
2012/12/02 AM Chasing The Wind Ecclesiastes 2 Ecclesiastes 2 Download
2012/12/09 AM By Divine Appointment (Part I) Ecclesiastes 3 Ecclesiastes 3 Download
2012/12/16 AM Exceeding Great Joy Matthew 2v10 Morning Service Download
2012/12/23 AM Jesus - The Saviour Matthew 1v18-25 Morning Service Download
2012/12/30 AM Empty Lives Isaiah 55v1-2 Morning Service Download
2012/01/11 Bible Study The End Hosea 1v1-9 & 2v14-23 Hosea 36 Download
2012/01/25 Bible Study Prayer Acts 6v4 Prayer 1 Download
2012/02/08 Bible Study Prayer - Worship Job 1v9 Prayer 2 Download
2012/02/15 Bible Study Aspects Of Prayer 1 Kings 3v5 Prayer 3 Download
2012/02/22 Bible Study Prayer - Anything Too Hard? Jeremiah 32v27 Prayer 4 Download
2012/03/21 Bible Study Trinity & Prayer Hebrews 10v19-39 Prayer 5 Download
2012/04/11 Bible Study Coming In Prayer (Part I) James 5v16 Prayer 6 Download
2012/04/18 Bible Study Coming In Prayer (Part II) Mark 11v23-24 Prayer 7 Download
2012/04/25 Bible Study Persistence In Prayer Luke 18v1-8 Prayer 8 Download
2012/05/09 Bible Study Jesus & Prayer Hebrews 2v14-18 Prayer 9 Download
2012/05/16 Bible Study Gethsemane Prayer Luke 22v39-46 Prayer 10 Download
2012/05/23 Bible Study Model Prayer Luke 11v1 Prayer 11 Download
2012/05/30 Bible Study Paul In Prayer Ephesians 1v15-20 Prayer 12 Download
2012/06/13 Bible Study Do NOT Pray? Jeremiah 7v16 Prayer 13 Download
2012/06/20 Bible Study Great & Mighty Prayers Romans 15v30 Prayer 14 Download
2012/07/11 Bible Study Surprising Answers Romans 8v28 Prayer 15 Download
2012/07/18 Bible Study Sin Unto Death 1 John 5v13-16 Prayer 16 Download
2012/07/25 Bible Study Joy In Prayer Isaiah 56v7 Prayer 17 Download
2012/08/08 Bible Study Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord? Jeremiah 32v17&27 Prayer 18 Download
2012/08/15 Bible Study Abundant Blessings Jeremiah 33v3 Prayer 19 Download
2012/08/22 Bible Study Solomon's Prayer 1 Kings 8v59 Pr