2023 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2023/01/08 AM Joseph And His Bones Hebrews 11v22 Morning Service Download
2023/01/08 PM Daughters Of Zelophehad Numbers 27v1-11 Evening Service Download
2023/01/15 AM Bones Hebrews 11v21-22 Morning Service Download
2023/01/15 PM Remember This... Not That Psalm 25v1-7 Evening Service Download
2023/02/08 BS Coming Apart Mark 6v31 Bible Study Download
2023/02/12 AM Vital Question & Experience Acts 16v30 Morning Service Download
2023/02/12 PM Safe Travelling Psalm 124 Evening Service Download
2023/04/02 AM A Vital Experience Acts 16v31 Morning Service Download
2023/04/02 PM Caleb Joshua 14v7-12 Evening Service Download
2023/04/05 BS Perspectives Isaiah 66v1-2 Bible Study Download
2023/04/09 AM The Meaning Of Easter John 11v25 Morning Service Download
2023/05/03 BS Christian Precepts Psalm 37v1-8 Bible Study Download
2023/05/14 AM Two Blind Men Matthew 20v31 Morning Service Download
2023/05/14 PM Travel Talk Psalm 126 Evening Service Download
2023/06/07 BS Evening Meditations Psalm 4 Bible Study Download
2023/06/11 AM God's Love - To Sinners Romans 5v8 Morning Service Download
2023/06/11 PM Building Blocks Psalm 127 Evening Service Download
2023/07/09 AM Felix Acts 24v25 Morning Service Download
2023/07/09 PM In Athens Acts 17v16 Evening Service Download
2023/07/12 BS Looking To The Lord 2 Chronicles 20v12 Bible Study Download
2023/07/30 AM Felix Trembled Acts 24v25 Morning Service Download
2023/07/30 PM Christian Precepts Psalm 37v1-17 Evening Service Download
2023/08/13 AM You Must Be Born Again John 3v3&7 Morning Service Download
2023/08/23 BS Talking Malachi 3v13-18 Bible Study Download
2023/09/06 BS God Walking With His People 2 Samuel 7v5-6 Bible Study Download
2023/09/10 AM Sin Of Doing Nothing Numbers 32v23 Morning Service Download
2023/09/10 PM A Promise Kept John 21v1 Evening Service Download
2023/10/04 BS Who Am I... 2 Samuel 7v18 Bible Study Download
2023/10/08 AM Confrontation & Consequences Acts 9v5 Morning Service Download
2023/10/08 PM An Opened Heart Acts 16v13-15 Evening Service Download
2023/10/22 AM Lydia Acts 16v13-15 Morning Service Download
2023/11/12 AM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Morning Service Download
2023/11/12 PM God Does Not Change! Malachi 3v6 Evening Service Download
2023/11/19 AM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Morning Service Download
2023/11/19 PM Priority! John 9v25 Evening Service Download
2023/12/06 BS Persistence Luke 18v1 Bible Study Download
2023/12/10 AM The Reason... Why? John 1v14 Morning Service Download
2023/12/10 PM Bethlehem Micah 5v1-6 Evening Service Download
2023/12/31 AM Bethlehem Micah 5v1-6 Morning Service Download
2023/12/31 PM New Year Resolution Psalm 73v28 Evening Service Download