2016 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2016/01/01 New Year's Day God With Us Acts 18v9-10 New Year's Day Download
2016/01/03 AM A Future And A Hope Jeremiah 29v11 Morning Service Download
2016/01/03 PM New Year Resolution Psalm 71v16 Evening Service Download
2016/01/10 AM Counting The Cost Jeremiah 20v7-13 Morning Service Download
2016/01/10 PM Wise & Wonderful Ways Of The Lord Genesis 17 The Life Of Abraham 7 Download
2016/01/17 AM Once I Was Blind - Now I See John 9v25 Morning Service Download
2016/01/20 Bible Study Social Responsibilities Deuteronomy 15-16 Deuteronomy 16 Download
2016/01/24 AM Breaks The Mould Of History Isaiah 43v18 Morning Service Download
2016/01/24 PM Seeing & Believing John 20v29-31 Evening Service Download
2016/01/27 Bible Study Judges Deuteronomy 16v18-17v13 Deuteronomy 17 Download
2016/01/31 AM New Work Of God Jeremiah 31v31-34 Morning Service Download
2016/01/31 PM Nothing Is Too Hard Genesis 18v1-15 The Life Of Abraham 8 Download
2016/02/07 AM A Heart Of Flesh Ezekiel 36v25-26 Morning Service Download
2016/02/07 PM Boldness Of Faith Genesis 18v16-33 The Life Of Abraham 9 Download
2016/02/14 AM A New Spirit Ezekiel 36v27 Morning Service Download
2016/02/14 PM Recurring Sin Genesis 20v13 The Life Of Abraham 10 Download
2016/02/17 Bible Study Kings Deuteronomy 17v14-20 Deuteronomy 18 Download
2016/02/21 AM Sure & Certain Ezekiel 36v36&37v14 Morning Service Download
2016/02/21 PM The Activity Of God Genesis 21v1 The Life Of Abraham 11 Download
2016/02/24 Bible Study Priests & Prophets Deuteronomy 18 Deuteronomy 19 Download
2016/02/28 AM Who Can Stand? Revelation 6v17&7v9 Morning Service Download
2016/02/28 PM Understanding God's Ways Genesis 22 The Life Of Abraham 12 Download
2016/03/06 AM Separation Matthew 25v34&41 Morning Service Download
2016/03/13 AM Strangers & Pilgrims Hebrews 11v13 Morning Service Download
2016/03/13 PM Death Of Sarah Genesis 23 The Life Of Abraham 13 Download
2016/03/16 Bible Study Killing, Stealing & Telling Deuteronomy 19 Deuteronomy 20 Download
2016/03/20 AM God's Love & Wrath John 3v16&36 Morning Service Download
2016/03/20 PM Providence Of The Lord Genesis 24 The Life Of Abraham 14 Download
2016/03/21 Radio Address Bethany Thought For The Day 2016 March 1 Download
2016/03/22 Radio Address Lord's Supper Thought For The Day 2016 March 2 Download
2016/03/23 Radio Address His Arrest Thought For The Day 2016 March 3 Download
2016/03/24 Radio Address His Trial Thought For The Day 2016 March 4 Download
2016/03/25 Radio Address Crucifixion Thought For The Day 2016 March 5 Download
2016/03/27 AM Resurrection In Christian Faith John 16v20-22 Morning Service Download
2016/03/27 PM Resurrection In Christian Living Ephesians 1v19-23 Evening Service Download
2016/03/27 Radio Address Resurrection Thought For The Day 2016 March 6 Download
2016/04/07 Radio Address Meeting Jesus Thought For The Day Miscellaneous Download
2016/04/10 AM Words Of The Lord Matthew 7v28-29 Morning Service Download
2016/04/10 PM Death Of Abraham Genesis 25 The Life Of Abraham 15 Download
2016/04/13 Bible Study Going Out To War Deuteronomy 20 Deuteronomy 21 Download
2016/04/15 Communion Rejoice With Me Psalm 32 Callanish Communion 1 Download
2016/04/16 Communion How Can I Give You Up?! Hosea 11v8 Callanish Communion 2 Download
2016/04/17 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Callanish Communion 3 Download
2016/04/17 Communion One Thing... (Table Address) Isaiah 42v3 & Hebrews 10v18 Callanish Communion 4 Download
2016/04/17 Communion Separation Matthew 25v34&41 Callanish Communion 5 Download
2016/04/20 Bible Study Vivid Examples - Basic Principles Deuteronomy 21 Deuteronomy 22 Download
2016/04/24 AM The Way. The Truth & The Life John 14v6 Morning Service Download
2016/04/24 PM A Decisive Moment Exodus 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2016/04/27 Bible Study Be Different!! Deuteronomy 22 Deuteronomy 23 Download
2016/05/01 AM The Truth Makes You Free John 8v32&36 Morning Service Download
2016/05/01 PM Privileges Abused Brings Peril Amos 3v1-2 Evening Service Download
2016/05/08 AM Wheat & Weeds Matthew 13v24-30 Morning Service Download
2016/05/08 PM God's Intervention Psalm 84v11-12 Evening Service Download
2016/05/11 Bible Study Pure Worship Deuteronomy 23v1-8 Deuteronomy 24 Download
2016/06/05 AM Had Everything - Lacked Something Matthew 19v16-30 Morning Service Download
2016/06/05 PM Temptation Luke 4v1-13 Evening Service Download
2016/06/08 Bible Study Ordinary & Routine Deuteronomy 23v9-25 Deuteronomy 25 Download
2016/06/12 AM Gladden My Heart Psalm 86v4 Morning Service Download
2016/06/12 PM One Thing Needful Luke 10v39 Evening Service Download
2016/06/15 Bible Study Basic Rights Deuteronomy 24 Deuteronomy 26 Download
2016/06/19 AM Closing Of The Sunday School Psalm 78v1-8 Morning Service Download
2016/06/19 PM My People Isaiah 51v1-16 Evening Service Download
2016/06/26 AM Are You Staying? Or Coming? Numbers 10v29 Morning Service Download
2016/06/26 PM A Rest For The People Of God Hebrews 4v9 Evening Service Download
2016/06/29 Bible Study Social Foundation Deuteronomy 25 Deuteronomy 27 Download
2016/06/29 Radio Address Looking Up Thought For The Day Miscellaneous Download
2016/07/03 AM Deliverance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2016/07/03 PM Immediate Obedience Deuteronomy 1v19-43 Evening Service Download
2016/07/10 AM Persistence In Preaching Jeremiah 36v2 Morning Service Download
2016/07/10 PM Persistence In Praying Luke 18v1 Evening Service Download
2016/07/17 AM Persistent In Commitment Job 13v15-16 Morning Service Download
2016/07/17 PM Persistent In Commitment Romans 8v32&38 Evening Service Download
2016/07/20 Bible Study Spiritual Worship Deuteronomy 26 Deuteronomy 28 Download
2016/07/24 AM Who Will Speak For You? Zechariah 3v1-5 Morning Service Download
2016/07/24 PM Who Will Speak For You? Luke 22v31-32 Evening Service Download
2016/07/27 Bible Study Dealings With The Lord Deuteronomy 27 Deuteronomy 29 Download
2016/07/31 AM How Long Lord? Psalm 13 Searching Questions 1 Download
2016/07/31 PM Words From Jesus Mark 5v21-43 Evening Service Download
2016/08/07 AM How Many, Lord? Psalm 3 Searching Questions 2 Download
2016/08/12 Radio Address Lifts Up My Head Thought For The Day Miscellaneous Download
2016/08/14 AM A Searching Question Psalm 15v1 Searching Questions 3 Download
2016/08/14 PM Evening Meditation Psalm 4 Evening Service Download
2016/08/17 Bible Study Blessings & Cursings Deuteronomy 28 Deuteronomy 30 Download
2016/08/21 AM Who Can Stand? Psalm 24 Searching Questions 4 Download
2016/08/21 PM A Bold Faith Hebrews 10v19-39 Evening Service Download
2016/08/28 AM The Glory Of Our God Micah 7v18-19 Searching Questions 5 Download
2016/08/28 PM Experience Of Forgiveness Isaiah 6v5 Evening Service Download
2016/08/31 Bible Study Valedictory Address Deuteronomy 29 Deuteronomy 31 Download
2016/09/04 AM What Shall I Give..? Psalm 116v1&12 Searching Questions 6 Download
2016/09/11 AM What The Lord Requires Micah 6v6-8 Searching Questions 7 Download
2016/09/11 PM What The Lord Looks For Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2016/09/14 Bible Study Valedictory Address Concluded Deuteronomy 30 Deuteronomy 32 Download
2016/09/18 AM How Can We Escape? Hebrews 2v1-4 Searching Questions 8 Download
2016/09/18 PM Where Can We Go? Psalm 139v7 Evening Service Download
2016/09/21 Bible Study Some Things Change - Some Things Remain The Same Deuteronomy 31v1-18 Deuteronomy 33 Download
2016/09/25 AM Longing Of The Lord Luke 22v15 Morning Service Download
2016/09/25 PM Be Still? Psalm 46v15 Evening Service Download
2016/10/09 AM Yes? Or No? Matthew 21v28-32 Searching Questions 9 Download
2016/10/09 PM He Trusted In God Matthew 27v43 Evening Service Download
2016/10/16 AM Thinking Things Through 2 Timothy 2v7 Morning Service Download
2016/10/16 PM Comprehending The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18 Evening Service Download
2016/10/17 Radio Address Our Feet Thought For The Day 2016 October 1 Download
2016/10/18 Radio Address Our Eyes Thought For The Day 2016 October 2 Download
2016/10/19 Radio Address Our Ears Thought For The Day 2016 October 3 Download
2016/10/20 Radio Address Our Arms Thought For The Day 2016 October 4 Download
2016/10/21 Radio Address Our Words Thought For The Day 2016 October 5 Download
2016/10/23 AM Thinking Things Through Deuteronomy 32v28-29 Morning Service Download
2016/10/23 PM Scripture Is Sufficient Luke 16v29-31 Evening Service Download
2016/10/23 Radio Address Our Heart Thought For The Day 2016 October 6 Download
2016/10/26 Bible Study Our God Deuteronomy-32v1-14 Deuteronomy 34 Download
2016/10/30 AM Confrontation With Consequences 2 Chronicles 26v18-19 Morning Service Download
2016/10/30 PM Confrontation With Consequences Acts 9v5 Evening Service Download
2016/11/06 AM Wisdom & Understanding Proverbs 9v10 Morning Service Download
2016/11/06 PM Trials & Wisdom James 1v2-8 Evening Service Download
2016/11/09 Bible Study Jeshurun Deuteronomy 32v15-18 Deuteronomy 35 Download
2016/11/13 AM Remembrance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2016/11/13 PM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Evening Service Download
2016/11/20 AM Felix Acts 24v25 Morning Service Download
2016/11/20 PM No Control Proverbs 25v28 Evening Service Download
2016/11/23 Bible Study Intervention Of God Deuteronomy 32v19-33 Deuteronomy 36 Download
2016/11/27 AM Time Is Up! Daniel 5 Morning Service Download
2016/11/27 PM Bold Praying Acts 4v24-31 Evening Service Download
2016/12/04 AM God Reigns Daniel 4v34-35 Morning Service Download
2016/12/04 PM Great & Precious Provision 2 Peter 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2016/12/07 Bible Study Purposes Of The Lord Deuteronomy 32v34-43 Deuteronomy 37 Download
2016/12/11 AM Preparatory Work Luke 3v4-6 Morning Service Download
2016/12/11 PM Preparatory Work Acts 20v17-21 Evening Service Download
2016/12/14 Bible Study A People The Lord Loves Deuteronomy 33v1-5 Deuteronomy 38 Download
2016/12/15 Radio Address Christmas Thought For The Day Miscellaneous Download
2016/12/18 AM Planning Before Hand Acts 10v33 Morning Service Download
2016/12/18 PM Planning Before Hand Ephesians 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2016/12/21 Bible Study Blessings On The Tribes Deuteronomy 33v6-12 Deuteronomy 39 Download
2016/12/25 AM Protection Of The Lord Matthew 2v11-15 Morning Service Download