2015 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2015/01/01 New Year's Day Behold, A Throne Revelation 4v2 New Year's Day Download
2015/01/04 AM Contentment Philippians 4v11 Morning Service Download
2015/01/04 PM Church In An Affluent Society Revelation 3v14-22 Evening Service Download
2015/01/11 AM Seeking The Lost Luke 15v3-7 Morning Service Download
2015/01/11 PM Do Not Pray (Part I) Jeremiah 7v16 Evening Service Download
2015/01/18 AM Obedience 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2015/01/18 PM Do Not Pray (Part II) Jeremiah 11v14 Evening Service Download
2015/01/21 Bible Study Third Oracle Numbers 23v27-24v13 The Life Of Balaam 4 Download
2015/01/25 AM Prodigal Son Luke 15v11-32 Morning Service Download
2015/01/25 PM Do Not Pray (Part III) Jeremiah 14v11 Evening Service Download
2015/02/01 AM Cheer Up Matthew 9v2&22 Morning Service Download
2015/02/01 PM What If? 2 Chronicles 7v12-22 Evening Service Download
2015/02/08 AM Report About The Servant Isaiah 53v1 Servant Of The Lord 1 Download
2015/02/08 PM Jesus Wept John 11v35 Evening Service Download
2015/02/11 Bible Study Forth Oracle Numbers 24v14-25v18 The Life Of Balaam 5 Download
2015/02/15 AM Response To The Report Isaiah 53v2 Servant Of The Lord 2 Download
2015/02/15 PM Providences 1 Samuel 25v32-33 Evening Service Download
2015/02/18 Bible Study Lessons & Applications Revelation 2v14 The Life Of Balaam 6 Download
2015/02/22 AM Despised & Rejected Isaiah 53v3 Servant Of The Lord 3 Download
2015/02/22 PM Kept Safe 2 Peter 2v9 Evening Service Download
2015/02/25 Bible Study A Good Man Acts 11v24 Bible Study Download
2015/03/01 AM Pure Words Psalm 12v6 Morning Service Download
2015/03/08 AM Problem With Providence Psalm 73v13 Morning Service Download
2015/03/08 PM A Lonely Servant Jeremiah 15v10 Evening Service Download
2015/03/11 Bible Study God Does Not Change Malachi 3v6 Bible Study Download
2015/03/15 AM At Cross Roads Jeremiah 6v16 Morning Service Download
2015/03/15 PM What Is Faith? Romans 1v17 Evening Service Download
2015/03/18 Bible Study Stored Up Blessing Psalm 31v19-24 Bible Study Download
2015/03/22 AM Commitment Luke 9v57-62 Morning Service Download
2015/03/22 PM Commitment Ruth 1v16-18 Evening Service Download
2015/03/25 Bible Study Restoring Kindness Isaiah 54v1-10 Bible Study Download
2015/03/29 AM One Last Try Luke 9v37-45 Morning Service Download
2015/03/29 PM Like Precious Faith 2 Peter 1v1 Evening Service Download
2015/04/04 Communion God's Love - To Sinners Romans 5v8 Fort William Communion 1 Download
2015/04/05 Communion To The Uttermost Matthew 27v34 Fort William Communion 2 Download
2015/04/05 Communion Death Of Three People Luke 23v33 Fort William Communion 3 Download
2015/04/06 Communion Fear Not Isaiah 41v10 Fort William Communion 4 Download
2015/04/12 AM Pilate's Problem - Ours! Matthew 27v22 Morning Service Download
2015/04/12 PM Receiving Christ Jesus The Lord Colossians 2v6-7 Evening Service Download
2015/04/15 Bible Study Enthusiastic Praise 2 Samuel 22v31-33 Bible Study Download
2015/04/19 AM Building His Church Matthew 16v18 Morning Service Download
2015/04/19 PM Be Strong? God Is With You 1 Chronicles 28v20 Evening Service Download
2015/04/22 Bible Study We Will NOT Be Ashamed Isaiah 49v23 Bible Study Download
2015/04/26 AM Suffering Substitute Isaiah 53v4-6 Servant Of The Lord 4 Download
2015/04/26 PM Knowing Christ Philippians 3v8 Evening Service Download
2015/04/29 Bible Study Father's Love Romans 8v32 Bible Study Download
2015/05/03 AM Self Control Isaiah 53v7-10 Servant Of The Lord 5 Download
2015/05/03 PM The Lord Speaking With Samuel 1 Samuel 3v4 Evening Service Download
2015/05/10 AM Delight Of God Isaiah 53v10-12 Servant Of The Lord 6 Download
2015/05/10 PM Assurance 1 John 3v14 Evening Service Download
2015/05/13 Bible Study Prayer Luke 11v1-13 Bible Study Download
2015/05/17 AM Afraid?? Luke 12v4-12 Morning Service Download
2015/05/17 PM Treating Anxiety Philippians 4v6-7 Evening Service Download
2015/05/20 Bible Study Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye Isaiah 40v1-11 Bible Study Download
2015/06/07 AM Sin Of Doing Nothing Numbers 32v23 Morning Service Download
2015/06/07 PM Christian's Portion Psalm 16v5 Evening Service Download
2015/06/14 AM Prepare To Meet Your God Amos 4v12-13 Morning Service Download
2015/06/14 PM Who Is Like Our God! 1 Kings 8v54-61 Evening Service Download
2015/06/17 Bible Study Uplift For The Downcast Psalm 42-43 Bible Study Download
2015/06/21 AM You Must Be Born Again John 3v3 Morning Service Download
2015/06/21 PM Where Are You? Genesis 3v9 Evening Service Download
2015/06/24 Bible Study Introduction Deuteronomy 1v1-8 Deuteronomy 1 Download
2015/06/28 AM Repentance Matthew 4v17 Morning Service Download
2015/06/28 PM My Hope Psalm 119v49 Evening Service Download
2015/07/05 AM Coming Of The Lord Is Near James 5v8 Morning Service Download
2015/07/05 PM Does God Care? Mark 4v38 Evening Service Download
2015/07/08 Bible Study The Land Deuteronomy 1v8 Deuteronomy 2 Download
2015/07/12 AM What You Sow Is What You Reap Galatians 6v7-8 Morning Service Download
2015/07/12 PM Reaping What We Sow Luke 16v19-31 Evening Service Download
2015/07/15 Bible Study Rebellion At Kadesh Barnea Deuteronomy 1v9-46 Deuteronomy 3 Download
2015/07/19 AM Behold The Lamb Of God John 1v29&36 Morning Service Download
2015/07/19 PM Things We Need To Know 1 John 1v5-7 Evening Service Download
2015/07/22 Bible Study Travelling & Arriving Deuteronomy 2-3 Deuteronomy 4 Download
2015/07/26 AM Jesus Christ & Him Crucified 1 Corinthians 2v1-2 Morning Service Download
2015/07/26 PM Preaching Christ Crucified Acts 2v23 Evening Service Download
2015/07/29 Bible Study A Wise People Deuteronomy 4v6 Deuteronomy 5 Download
2015/08/02 AM A Great Question Acts 16v30-31 Morning Service Download
2015/08/02 PM Christ Is Precious 1 Peter 1v8-9&2v7 Evening Service Download
2015/08/09 AM Carrying The Cross Mark 8v34 Morning Service Download
2015/08/09 PM Highly Exalted Philippians 2v9-11 Evening Service Download
2015/08/16 AM Vanity Of The Mind Ephesians 4v17-20 Morning Service Download
2015/08/16 PM Unseen Protection 2 Kings 6v16 Evening Service Download
2015/08/19 Bible Study Essential Commandments Deuteronomy 5v1-21 Deuteronomy 6 Download
2015/08/23 AM Priorities In Life Matthew 6v19-34 Morning Service Download
2015/08/23 PM Imbalances Matthew 23v24 Evening Service Download
2015/08/26 Bible Study Relevance Deuteronomy 5v3 Deuteronomy 7 Download
2015/08/30 AM Essential Living Luke 12v15 Morning Service Download
2015/08/30 PM Love To The Lord Luke 7v47 Evening Service Download
2015/09/06 AM Knowing God Daniel 11v32 Morning Service Download
2015/09/13 AM What The Lord Is Looking For Hosea 6v6 Morning Service Download
2015/09/13 PM The Patience Of The Lord Romans 2v4 Evening Service Download
2015/09/16 Bible Study Key Words Deuteronomy 6 Deuteronomy 8 Download
2015/09/20 AM Nathan Confronting David 2 Samuel 12v7 Morning Service Download
2015/09/20 PM Jesus Confronting Peter John 21v15-19 Evening Service Download
2015/09/23 Bible Study Who Are We? Deuteronomy 7 Deuteronomy 9 Download
2015/09/27 AM Come - All Is Ready Luke 14v17 Morning Service Download
2015/09/27 PM It Is Finished John 19v30 Evening Service Download
2015/10/11 AM The Bread? And The Storm Matthew 14v26-33 Morning Service Download
2015/10/11 PM The Call To Abram Genesis 12v1 The Life Of Abraham 1 Download
2015/10/14 Bible Study The Lord For All Changes Deuteronomy 8 Deuteronomy 10 Download
2015/10/18 AM Our Only Hope Psalm 39v7 Morning Service Download
2015/10/18 PM Testing Times In The Christian Life Genesis 12v10 The Life Of Abraham 2 Download
2015/10/21 Bible Study Meticulous Preparation Deuteronomy 9 Deuteronomy 11 Download
2015/10/25 AM A Great God & Saviour Psalm 103v8-14 Morning Service Download
2015/10/25 PM Strengthened Faith Genesis 13v5-18 The Life Of Abraham 3 Download
2015/11/01 AM A Sure & Certain Hope 1 Peter 1v3 Morning Service Download
2015/11/01 PM Growing In Grace & Knowledge 2 Peter 3v17-18 Evening Service Download
2015/11/08 AM Remembrance Psalm 20v7 Morning Service Download
2015/11/08 PM Meeting Our Needs Joshua 5v13 Evening Service Download
2015/11/11 Bible Study Devotion To The Lord (Part I) Deuteronomy 10v12 Deuteronomy 12 Download
2015/11/15 AM The Gospel Isaiah 55v6-7 Morning Service Download
2015/11/15 PM Convicted Luke 23v48 Evening Service Download
2015/11/18 Bible Study Devotion To The Lord (Part II) Deuteronomy 11v1&13 Deuteronomy 13 Download
2015/11/22 AM Convcern For Your Soul Psalm 51v1-4 Morning Service Download
2015/11/22 PM Lessons Big & Small Genesis 14 The Life Of Abraham 4 Download
2015/11/26 Bible Study Worship Of The Lord Deuteronomy 12-13 Deuteronomy 14 Download
2015/11/29 AM No Other Name Acts 4v12 Morning Service Download
2015/12/06 AM Paul In Athens Acts 17v16 Morning Service Download
2015/12/06 PM Fears Answered Genesis 15 The Life Of Abraham 5 Download
2015/12/13 AM Benedictus Luke 1v68-80 Morning Service Download
2015/12/13 PM Plans Frustrated Genesis 16 The Life Of Abraham 6 Download
2015/12/16 Bible Study Principles & Practice Deuteronomy 14 Deuteronomy 15 Download
2015/12/16 Radio Address Christmas Thought For The Day Miscellaneous Download
2015/12/20 AM Effect Of Christmas Luke 2v17-20 Morning Service Download
2015/12/20 PM Come To Destroy 1 John 3v8 Evening Service Download
2015/12/27 AM Our Standing Before The Lord John 1v11-13 Morning Service Download
2015/12/27 PM The Christian's Confidence Hebrews 12v27-29 Evening Service Download