2014 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2014/01/01 New Year's Day Door Of Opportunity Revelation 3v8 New Year's Day Download
2014/01/05 AM Breaking Fallow Ground Hosea 10v11 Morning Service Download
2014/01/05 PM Thessalonica Acts 17v1-15 The Church At Thessalonica 1 Download
2014/01/08 Bible Study Andrew - Simon Peter's Brother John 1v40 The Disciples 1 Download
2014/01/12 AM The Unexpected Judges 6v7-10 Morning Service Download
2014/01/12 PM Who Are They? 1 Thessalonians 1v1 The Church At Thessalonica 2 Download
2014/01/19 AM Be Converted Matthew 18v1 Morning Service Download
2014/01/19 PM How They Lived 1 Thessalonians 1v2-3 The Church At Thessalonica 3 Download
2014/01/22 Bible Study Philip John 14v8 The Disciples 2 Download
2014/01/26 AM A Story Worth Telling Psalm 66v16 A Great God 1 Download
2014/01/26 PM Election 1 Thessalonians 1v4 The Church At Thessalonica 4 Download
2014/01/29 Bible Study James & John - Sons Of Thunder Mark 7v17 The Disciples 3 Download
2014/02/02 AM Some Things, Just Don't Change Isaiah 46v4 Morning Service Download
2014/02/02 PM Effective Preaching 1 Thessalonians 1v5 The Church At Thessalonica 5 Download
2014/02/09 AM A Song Worth Singing Psalm 40v3 A Great God 2 Download
2014/02/09 PM Receiving The Word 1 Thessalonians 1v6-10 The Church At Thessalonica 6 Download
2014/02/16 AM The Place To Be Psalm 84v10 Morning Service Download
2014/02/16 PM Pastors Heart 1 Thessalonians 2v1-6 The Church At Thessalonica 7 Download
2014/02/19 Bible Study Simon (Part I) John 1v42 The Disciples 4 Download
2014/02/23 AM Are You Sure God Is For You? Psalm 56v9 Morning Service Download
2014/02/23 PM Loving Mother - Concerned Father 1 Thessalonians 2v7-12 The Church At Thessalonica 8 Download
2014/03/02 AM How Long Has It Been? Psalm 42v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/03/02 PM Ultimate Vindication 1 Thessalonians 2v13-20 The Church At Thessalonica 9 Download
2014/03/09 AM A God Worth Trusting Psalm 34v3 A Great God 3 Download
2014/03/16 AM The Bread Of Life John 6v48 Morning Service Download
2014/03/16 PM United We Stand 1 Thessalonians 3v1-5 The Church At Thessalonica 10 Download
2014/03/19 Bible Study Simon (Part II) Luke 5v1-11 The Disciples 5 Download
2014/03/23 AM What Do You Want Out Of Life? Psalm 36v10 Morning Service Download
2014/03/23 PM What Shall I Render?? 1 Thessalonians 3v6-10 The Church At Thessalonica 11 Download
2014/03/26 Bible Study Simon (Part III) Matthew 14v25-31 The Disciples 6 Download
2014/03/30 AM Gripped By Love 2 Corithians 5v14-15 Morning Service Download
2014/03/30 PM Know The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18-19 Evening Service Download
2014/04/13 AM Pilate's Problem Mark 15v12 Morning Service Download
2014/04/13 PM Psalm Of The Cross Psalm 22v1 Evening Service Download
2014/04/16 Bible Study Simon (Part IV) Mark 8v29-31 The Disciples 7 Download
2014/04/20 AM The Resurrection Psalm 89v13-19 Morning Service Download
2014/04/20 PM Christian Tact Philemon v17 Evening Service Download
2014/04/23 Bible Study Simon (Part V) John 6v67-68 The Disciples 8 Download
2014/04/25 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 Fortrose Communion 1 Download
2014/04/26 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v1,3&7 Fortrose Communion 2 Download
2014/04/27 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Fortrose Communion 3 Download
2014/04/27 Communion Vision Of The Lord Isaiah 6v5,7&9 Fortrose Communion 4 Download
2014/05/04 AM Lydia Acts 16v14 Morning Service Download
2014/05/04 PM Help From The Lord 1 Samuel 23v16 Evening Service Download
2014/05/11 AM Loving A Leper Mark 1v40-41 Morning Service Download
2014/05/11 PM Centurion's Faith Luke 7v1-10 Evening Service Download
2014/05/14 Bible Study Simon (Part VI) Matthew 26v75 The Disciples 9 Download
2014/05/18 AM Preaching Jesus Acts 8v5&35 Morning Service Download
2014/05/18 PM A Pastor's Prayer 1 Thessalonians 3v10-13 The Church At Thessalonica 12 Download
2014/05/25 AM Christian?s Confidence Psalm 46v1&10 Morning Service Download
2014/05/25 PM If God Be For Us.... Romans 8v31 Evening Service Download
2014/05/28 Bible Study Simon (Part VII) 1 Peter 5v5 The Disciples 10 Download
2014/06/01 AM Christ Crucified 1 Corinthians 1v22-24 Morning Service Download
2014/06/01 PM The Power To Change 1 Corinthians 6v8-11 Evening Service Download
2014/06/08 AM Settling Down - Stirring Up Psalm 30 Morning Service Download
2014/06/08 PM Surviving 1 Corinthians 10v13 Evening Service Download
2014/06/11 Bible Study Simon (Part VIII) 1 Peter 2v7 The Disciples 11 Download
2014/06/15 AM Seeking & Using Wisdom 1 Kings 3v9 Morning Service Download
2014/06/15 PM Waiting On The Lord Isaiah 40v31 Evening Service Download
2014/06/18 Bible Study Nathaniel Bartholomew John 1v45-51 The Disciples 12 Download
2014/06/22 AM Faith Is Essential Hebrews 4v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/06/22 PM Troubles Can Be Good Psalm 119v71 Evening Service Download
2014/06/25 Bible Study Matthew Levi Matthew 9v8 The Disciples 13 Download
2014/06/29 AM Narrow Way Matthew 7v13-14 Morning Service Download
2014/06/29 PM Foolish Living Luke 12v20-21 Evening Service Download
2014/07/06 AM Counting The Cost Luke 14v28-33 Morning Service Download
2014/07/06 PM Effect Of The Cross Galatians 6v14 Evening Service Download
2014/07/13 AM A Vital Experience Acts 16v30 Morning Service Download
2014/07/13 PM Sins Dealt With Isaiah 38v17 Evening Service Download
2014/07/20 AM What Is Faith? Romans 4v18-22 Morning Service Download
2014/07/20 PM How Long? 1 Kings 18v21 Evening Service Download
2014/07/23 Bible Study Simon, The Zealot Matthew 10v4 The Disciples 14 Download
2014/07/27 AM What Is Man Like? Ephesians 2v1&5 Morning Service Download
2014/07/27 PM Waiting On The Lord Habakkuk 2v1-4 Evening Service Download
2014/07/30 Bible Study Thomas John 20v25 The Disciples 15 Download
2014/08/03 AM You Weary The Lord Malachi 2v17 Morning Service Download
2014/08/03 PM Cry Of The Oppressed Psalm 10 Evening Service Download
2014/08/10 AM What Do You Want? Matthew 20v32 Morning Service Download
2014/08/10 PM Come Apart Mark 6v31 Evening Service Download
2014/08/13 Bible Study Promise Fulfilled John 21v1 Bible Study Download
2014/08/17 AM He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Morning Service Download
2014/08/17 PM How Long?... 1 Kings 18v21 Evening Service Download
2014/08/20 Bible Study Troubles Can Be Good Psalm 119v71 Bible Study Download
2014/08/24 AM Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9 Morning Service Download
2014/08/24 PM Are You Listening? Hebrews 3v7-8 Evening Service Download
2014/08/27 Bible Study If God Be For Us? Romans 8v31-39 Bible Study Download
2014/08/31 AM One Desire Psalm 27 Morning Service Download
2014/08/31 PM Divine Physician Isaiah 61v1-3 Evening Service Download
2014/09/07 AM God Travelling With His People 2 Samuel 7v5 Morning Service Download
2014/09/10 Bible Study James Of Alphaeus - Judas Of Thaddeus Luke 6v15-16 The Disciples 16 Download
2014/09/14 AM An Important Question Mark 8v27-38 Morning Service Download
2014/09/14 PM Lord Making Himself Known Luke 24v31-35 Evening Service Download
2014/10/15 Bible Study Matthias Acts 1v15-26 The Disciples 17 Download
2014/10/19 AM Whose Side Are You On? Exodus 32v26 Morning Service Download
2014/10/19 PM Partial Sight Mark 8v22-26 Evening Service Download
2014/10/26 AM The Vineyard Luke 20v9-19 Morning Service Download
2014/10/29 Bible Study Judas Iscariot Acts 1v25 The Disciples 18 Download
2014/11/02 AM The Anchor Hebrews 6v19 Morning Service Download
2014/11/02 PM Standing The Strain Psalm 73v23-24 Evening Service Download
2014/11/09 AM Remembrance Joshua 4v6&21 Morning Service Download
2014/11/09 PM Keeping Safe Jude v21 Evening Service Download
2014/11/12 Bible Study A Strong Hand - Stretched Out Arm Exodus 6v1&6 Bible Study Download
2014/11/16 AM Consequences Of Justification Romans 5v1-2 Morning Service Download
2014/11/16 PM My Days & Lord's Years Psalm 102v23-24 Evening Service Download
2014/11/19 Bible Study Balaam's Ass Numbers 22v12, 20 & 35 The Life Of Balaam 1 Download
2014/11/23 AM Personal Testimony Joshua 24v15 Morning Service Download
2014/11/23 PM Touching The Hem Mark 5v25-34 Evening Service Download
2014/11/26 Bible Study First Oracle Numbers 22v36-23v13 The Life Of Balaam 2 Download
2014/11/30 AM Black Friday Jeremiah 8v20 Morning Service Download
2014/11/30 PM Great High Priest Hebrews 4v15-16 Evening Service Download
2014/12/07 AM As An Eagle Deuteronomy 32v11 Morning Service Download
2014/12/07 PM A Blessed Nation Psalm 33v12 Evening Service Download
2014/12/14 AM Child With Four Names Isaiah 9v2-7 Morning Service Download
2014/12/14 PM Reasons Behind Christmas Galatians 4v4-5 Evening Service Download
2014/12/17 Bible Study Second Oracle Numbers 23v13-26 The Life Of Balaam 3 Download
2014/12/21 AM Bethlehem Micah 5v1-5 Morning Service Download
2014/12/21 PM Zecharias & Elizabeth Luke 1v5 Evening Service Download
2014/12/28 AM Effect Of Christmas Luke 2v25-30 Morning Service Download