2013 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2013/01/01 New Year's Day Boldness Of Faith Joshua 14v12 New Year's Day Download
2013/01/06 AM A Vow By God Genesis 15v17 Morning Service Download
2013/01/06 PM Jephthah's Vow Judges 11v30-31&36 Evening Service Download
2013/01/13 AM Lonely & Oppressed Lives Ecclesiastes 4 Ecclesiastes 4 Download
2013/01/13 PM Hannah 1 Samuel 1 Evening Service Download
2013/01/16 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 123 Pilgrim Songs 4 Download
2013/01/20 AM Worship Ecclesiastes 5v1-7 Ecclesiastes 5 Download
2013/01/20 PM Hannah's Song 1 Samuel 2v1-10 Evening Service Download
2013/01/23 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 124 Pilgrim Songs 5 Download
2013/01/27 AM Money, Money, Money Ecclesiastes 5v10-6v12 Ecclesiastes 6 Download
2013/01/27 PM Contentment 1 Timothy 6v6-8 Evening Service Download
2013/01/30 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 125 Pilgrim Songs 6 Download
2013/02/03 AM Called Christians Acts 11v21&26 Morning Service Download
2013/02/03 PM Come To Christ Matthew 11v28-30 Evening Service Download
2013/02/10 AM The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v10 Morning Service Download
2013/02/10 PM The Hope? 1 John 3v1-3 Evening Service Download
2013/02/13 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 126 Pilgrim Songs 7 Download
2013/02/17 AM Shining Faces Ecclesiastes 7v3&8v1 Ecclesiastes 7 Download
2013/02/17 PM The Gift Of Life John 10v10 Evening Service Download
2013/02/18 Radio Address Wisdom (Part I) Thought For The Day 2013 February 1 Download
2013/02/19 Radio Address Wisdom (Part II) Thought For The Day 2013 February 2 Download
2013/02/20 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 127 Pilgrim Songs 8 Download
2013/02/20 Radio Address Wisdom (Part III) Thought For The Day 2013 February 3 Download
2013/02/21 Radio Address Wisdom (Part IV) Thought For The Day 2013 February 4 Download
2013/02/22 Radio Address Wisdom (Part V) Thought For The Day 2013 February 5 Download
2013/02/24 AM Life Can Be A Puzzle Ecclesiastes 8v1 Ecclesiastes 8 Download
2013/02/24 PM Precepts For Protection Psalm 37 Evening Service Download
2013/02/24 Radio Address Wisdom (Part VI) Thought For The Day 2013 February 6 Download
2013/03/01 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 North Tolsta Communion 1 Download
2013/03/02 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v13 North Tolsta Communion 2 Download
2013/03/03 Communion God's Love - To Sinners Romans 5v8 North Tolsta Communion 3 Download
2013/03/03 Communion Fencing The Table Isaiah 43v1-5 North Tolsta Communion 4 Download
2013/03/03 Communion Responding How? Hebrews 2v1&3v7 North Tolsta Communion 5 Download
2013/03/10 AM Desire Of The Soul Psalm 63v1-5 Morning Service Download
2013/03/10 PM Ziklag 1 Samuel 30v6 Evening Service Download
2013/03/13 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 128 Pilgrim Songs 9 Download
2013/03/17 AM Things Seen - Things Unseen 2 Corinthians 4v16-18 Morning Service Download
2013/03/17 PM Mary's Devotion John 12v1-8 Evening Service Download
2013/03/20 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 129 Pilgrim Songs 10 Download
2013/03/24 AM God Looks On The Heart 1 Samuel 16v7 Morning Service Download
2013/03/24 PM Love & Humility John 13v1&4 Evening Service Download
2013/03/31 AM The Resurrection John 11v25 Morning Service Download
2013/03/31 PM Joseph & Nicodemus John 19v38-40 Evening Service Download
2013/04/14 AM Consider Your Ways Haggai 1v5&7 Haggai 1 Download
2013/04/14 PM I Am With You Haggai 2v1-9 Haggai 2 Download
2013/04/17 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 130 Pilgrim Songs 11 Download
2013/04/21 AM Where Were You? 2 Kings 5v25 Morning Service Download
2013/04/21 PM Thanks Be To God Psalm 107v1 Evening Service Download
2013/04/24 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 131 Pilgrim Songs 12 Download
2013/04/28 AM Questions & Answers Haggai 2v10-19 Haggai 3 Download
2013/04/28 PM Precious To The Lord Haggai 2v20-23 Haggai 4 Download
2013/05/05 AM Don't Be Weary Galatians 6v9 Morning Service Download
2013/05/05 PM Bless The Lord? Psalm 103v1 Evening Service Download
2013/05/08 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 132 Pilgrim Songs 13 Download
2013/05/12 AM Meeting The Lord Isaiah 6v1 Morning Service Download
2013/05/12 PM Our Advocate 1 John 2v1-2 Evening Service Download
2013/05/15 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 133 Pilgrim Songs 14 Download
2013/05/19 AM A Blessed Person Psalm 1 Morning Service Download
2013/05/19 PM The Sovereign Lord Psalm 2 Evening Service Download
2013/05/26 AM Seriousness Of Sin Joshua 7v1&12 Morning Service Download
2013/05/26 PM Why Forsaken? Matthew 27v46 Evening Service Download
2013/06/02 AM What Protection? 1 Peter 4v17-18 Morning Service Download
2013/06/02 PM Contending For The Faith Jude v3 Evening Service Download
2013/06/09 AM Empty Ritual - Fullsome Reality Isaiah 58v11 Morning Service Download
2013/06/09 PM Responsibility To The Young Psalm 78v1-8 Evening Service Download
2013/06/12 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 134 Pilgrim Songs 15 Download
2013/06/16 AM Entry Of Sin Genesis 3v1-9 Morning Service Download
2013/06/16 PM Care Of God Matthew 10v30 Evening Service Download
2013/07/14 AM Faithfulness Of God Lamentaions 3v21-24 Morning Service Download
2013/07/14 PM Focusing The Mind Genesis 43v1-3 Evening Service Download
2013/07/17 Bible Study Lessons From History Amos 1-2 Bible Study Download
2013/07/21 AM Opportunities John 9v4 Morning Service Download
2013/07/21 PM Persistent Luke 18v41 Evening Service Download
2013/07/24 Bible Study A Jealous God Exodus 20v5 Bible Study Download
2013/07/28 AM God Speaking - Jonah Running Jonah 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2013/07/28 PM Trust In God Acts 27v23-25 Evening Service Download
2013/07/31 Bible Study Prayer Meetings! Acts 12v5&12 Bible Study Download
2013/08/04 AM Faith & Trust 2 Kings 7v3-4 Morning Service Download
2013/08/04 PM Christian Experience 2 Kings 7v3-4 Evening Service Download
2013/08/11 AM In The Right Place? Psalm 92v4-6 Morning Service Download
2013/08/11 PM My Times Are In Thy Hands Psalm 31v5&15 Evening Service Download
2013/08/14 Bible Study Escapism Psalm 55v6-8 Bible Study Download
2013/08/18 AM Where Are You? Psalm 92v12-14 Morning Service Download
2013/08/18 PM Full & Free Colossians 2v9-15 Evening Service Download
2013/08/21 Bible Study Sitting With Them Ezekiel 3v15-27 Bible Study Download
2013/08/25 AM A Picture Of Life Ecclesiastes 9 Ecclesiastes 9 Download
2013/08/25 PM Heaviness Through Trials 1 Peter 1v6-8 Evening Service Download
2013/08/28 Bible Study Wonderful Works Of God 2 Kings 11v1-3 Bible Study Download
2013/09/01 AM Wisdom & Folly Ecclesiastes 10 Ecclesiastes 10 Download
2013/09/08 AM Bread On The Waters Ecclesiastes 11 Ecclesiastes 11 Download
2013/09/08 PM Drooping Hands & Feeble Knees Hebrews 12v12 Evening Service Download
2013/09/15 AM Spiritual Realities Ecclesiastes 12 Ecclesiastes 12 Download
2013/09/15 PM Elijah's Dispondency 1 Kings 19v4-5 Evening Service Download
2013/09/18 Bible Study Do Things God's Way Exodus 31&35v20 Bible Study Download
2013/09/22 AM Satisfaction In Life & Ministry John 4v34 Morning Service Download
2013/09/22 PM Meeting By The Well John 4v7 Evening Service Download
2013/09/29 AM How Can I Give You Up?! Hosea 11v1-11 Morning Service Download
2013/09/29 PM Broken But Beloved Jeremiah 31v18-20 Evening Service Download
2013/10/11 Bible Study Sitting With Them Ezekiel 3v15-27 Bible Study Download
2013/10/13 AM Who Do You Say I Am? Luke 9v20 Morning Service Download
2013/10/13 PM What Did You Expect? Luke 7v24-26 Evening Service Download
2013/10/27 AM The Presence Of The Lord 2 Samuel 6v12 Morning Service Download
2013/10/27 PM A Practical Fatih Hebrews 10v19-39 Evening Service Download
2013/10/30 Bible Study Don't Worry Philippians 4v6-9 Bible Study Download
2013/11/03 AM Wanting A King! 1 Samuel 8v6 Morning Service Download
2013/11/03 PM Getting A King! 1 Samuel 10v17-27 Evening Service Download
2013/11/10 AM Rememberance Joshua 4v6&21 Morning Service Download
2013/11/10 PM Remembering 2 Peter 1v12-15 Evening Service Download
2013/11/11 Radio Address Piles Of Stones Thought For The Day 2013 November 1 Download
2013/11/12 Radio Address Significance Of Names Thought For The Day 2013 November 2 Download
2013/11/13 Bible Study Anything Too Hard? Jeremiah 32v17&27 Bible Study Download
2013/11/13 Radio Address Remembrance Thought For The Day 2013 November 3 Download
2013/11/14 Radio Address Days Of Youth Thought For The Day 2013 November 4 Download
2013/11/15 Radio Address Who Are You? Thought For The Day 2013 November 5 Download
2013/11/17 AM Christian Experience Psalm 32 Morning Service Download
2013/11/17 PM Hezekiah Tested 2 Kings 19v16&19 Evening Service Download
2013/11/17 Radio Address Not Remembering Sins Thought For The Day 2013 November 6 Download
2013/11/20 Bible Study Exodus Overview Exodus 1 & 40 Bible Study Download
2013/11/22 Communion A Promise Kept John 21v1 Kiltearn Communion 1 Download
2013/11/23 Communion Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9v13 Kiltearn Communion 2 Download
2013/11/24 Communion He Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Kiltearn Communion 3 Download
2013/11/24 Communion Responding Hebrews 3v7 Kiltearn Communion 4 Download
2013/12/01 AM Dangerous Ground 1 Kings 20v40 Morning Service Download
2013/12/01 PM Manasseh Jeremiah 15v4 Evening Service Download
2013/12/08 AM God Speaking Through His Son Hebrews 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2013/12/08 PM How Do We Respond? Mark 12v1-12 Evening Service Download
2013/12/15 AM The Word Became Flesh Hebrews 2v14-18 Morning Service Download
2013/12/15 PM The Word Of The Lord Isaiah 49v1-6 Evening Service Download
2013/12/18 Bible Study Hagar Genesis 21v17 Bible Study Download
2013/12/22 AM Jesus - Saving His People Matthew 1v20-21 Morning Service Download
2013/12/22 PM Immanuel Isaiah 7v14 Evening Service Download
2013/12/29 AM Looking Back (Part I) Luke 2v15, 19 & 29 Morning Service Download
2013/12/29 PM Looking Back (Part II) Psalm 139v17-18 Evening Service Download