2012 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2012/01/01 AM Uncharted Waters Joshua 3v4-5 Morning Service Download
2012/01/01 PM Restored Years Joel 2v25-26 Evening Service Download
2012/01/08 AM Moab - Complacency Jeremiah 48v11-13 The Needs Of Modern Society 1 Download
2012/01/08 PM Baruch - Commitment Jeremiah 45 Evening Service Download
2012/01/11 Bible Study The End Hosea 1v1-9 & 2v14-23 Hosea 36 Download
2012/01/15 AM Delusion Jeremiah 6v14 The Needs Of Modern Society 2 Download
2012/01/15 PM Aaronic Benediction Numbers 6v22-27 Evening Service Download
2012/01/22 AM Inadequate Resources Isaiah 28v20 The Needs Of Modern Society 3 Download
2012/01/22 PM Refreshing From God Isaiah 41v17-20 Evening Service Download
2012/01/25 Bible Study Prayer Acts 6v4 Prayer 1 Download
2012/01/29 AM Ichabod 1 Samuel 4v19-22 The Needs Of Modern Society 4 Download
2012/01/29 PM Contrite Spirit Psalm 51v17 Evening Service Download
2012/02/05 AM Dry Bones Ezekiel 37v1-14 The Needs Of Modern Society 5 Download
2012/02/05 PM A Prayer For Guidance Psalm 5 Evening Service Download
2012/02/08 Bible Study Prayer - Worship Job 1v9 Prayer 2 Download
2012/02/12 AM Motivation Romans 12v1-2 The Needs Of Modern Society 6 Download
2012/02/12 PM Thankful Hearts Psalm 116v1 Evening Service Download
2012/02/15 Bible Study Aspects Of Prayer 1 Kings 3v5 Prayer 3 Download
2012/02/19 AM Standing Alone Daniel 1v8 The Needs Of Modern Society 7 Download
2012/02/19 PM Inner Strength Daniel 9v1-2 Evening Service Download
2012/02/22 Bible Study Prayer - Anything Too Hard? Jeremiah 32v27 Prayer 4 Download
2012/02/26 AM Convicted In Heart Acts 2v37 The Needs Of Modern Society 8 Download
2012/02/26 PM Convicted By The Holy Spirit John 16v8-11 Evening Service Download
2012/03/04 AM The Watchman Ezekiel 33v7 Morning Service Download
2012/03/11 AM Commitment To God Matthew 19v21 The Needs Of Modern Society 9 Download
2012/03/11 PM Commitment By God Isaiah 43v1-5 Evening Service Download
2012/03/21 Bible Study Trinity & Prayer Hebrews 10v19-39 Prayer 5 Download
2012/03/25 AM Public Confession Psalm 116v12-14 The Needs Of Modern Society 10 Download
2012/03/25 PM What Mean Ye By This Service? Exodus 12v26 Evening Service Download
2012/04/08 AM The Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15v17 Morning Service Download
2012/04/08 PM The Resurrection Luke 24v1-12 Evening Service Download
2012/04/11 Bible Study Coming In Prayer (Part I) James 5v16 Prayer 6 Download
2012/04/15 AM Wisdom Proverbs 3v13-26 Morning Service Download
2012/04/15 PM Solomon 1 Kings 3v9 Evening Service Download
2012/04/18 Bible Study Coming In Prayer (Part II) Mark 11v23-24 Prayer 7 Download
2012/04/22 AM Jochebed Exodus 2v1-10 Morning Service Download
2012/04/22 PM Ruth - Settings Ruth 1v1 Ruth 1 Download
2012/04/25 Bible Study Persistence In Prayer Luke 18v1-8 Prayer 8 Download
2012/04/29 AM Miriam Singing Exodus 15v20-21 Morning Service Download
2012/04/29 PM The Lord Visiting Ruth 1v6-14 Ruth 2 Download
2012/05/06 AM Complaint & Consequence Numbers 12 Morning Service Download
2012/05/06 PM Ruth Speaking Ruth 1v14-18 Ruth 3 Download
2012/05/09 Bible Study Jesus & Prayer Hebrews 2v14-18 Prayer 9 Download
2012/05/16 Bible Study Gethsemane Prayer Luke 22v39-46 Prayer 10 Download
2012/05/20 AM Reasoning Together Isaiah 1v18-19 Morning Service Download
2012/05/20 PM Providences Ruth 2v1-4 Ruth 4 Download
2012/05/23 Bible Study Model Prayer Luke 11v1 Prayer 11 Download
2012/05/27 AM A Reason For Our Hope 1 Peter 3v15 Morning Service Download
2012/05/27 PM The Wings Of Refuge Ruth 2v11-12 Ruth 5 Download
2012/05/30 Bible Study Paul In Prayer Ephesians 1v15-20 Prayer 12 Download
2012/06/03 AM The Jubilee Leviticus 25v10-11 Morning Service Download
2012/06/03 PM Lovingkindness Of The Lord Ruth 2v19-20 Ruth 6 Download
2012/06/10 AM Almost - Not Good Enough! 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2012/06/10 PM Kinsman - Redeemer Ruth 3v12 Ruth 7 Download
2012/06/13 Bible Study Do NOT Pray? Jeremiah 7v16 Prayer 13 Download
2012/06/17 AM Jesus Passing By Luke 19v4-5 Morning Service Download
2012/06/17 PM Sit Still! Ruth 3v18 Ruth 8 Download
2012/06/20 Bible Study Great & Mighty Prayers Romans 15v30 Prayer 14 Download
2012/06/24 AM Who Has The Last Word? Proverbs 1v24-33 Morning Service Download
2012/06/24 PM Marriage Lines Ruth 4 Ruth 9 Download
2012/07/01 AM Action Of A Guilty Man Genesis 32v7 Morning Service Download
2012/07/01 PM Providences Ruth 2v3 & Habakkuk 2v20 Ruth 10 Download
2012/07/08 AM Exceeding Riches Of Grace Ephesians 2v4-7 Morning Service Download
2012/07/08 PM Sufficient Grace 2 Corinthians 12v9 Evening Service Download
2012/07/11 Bible Study Surprising Answers Romans 8v28 Prayer 15 Download
2012/07/15 AM Can You Cope? Jeremiah 12v5 Morning Service Download
2012/07/15 PM How We Worship Ecclesiastes 5v1-6 Evening Service Download
2012/07/18 Bible Study Sin Unto Death 1 John 5v13-16 Prayer 16 Download
2012/07/22 AM Folly Proverbs 9v13-18 Morning Service Download
2012/07/22 PM Wisdom Proverbs 8v32-36 Evening Service Download
2012/07/25 Bible Study Joy In Prayer Isaiah 56v7 Prayer 17 Download
2012/07/29 AM Voice Of Wisdom Psalm 90v12 Morning Service Download
2012/07/29 PM Fear & Trust Psalm 56v3 Evening Service Download
2012/08/05 AM What Will God Say Of Us? Revelation 2v8-11 Morning Service Download
2012/08/05 PM What Will God Say Of You? 2 Timothy 4v6-8 Evening Service Download
2012/08/08 Bible Study Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord? Jeremiah 32v17&27 Prayer 18 Download
2012/08/12 AM How Is Lovingkindness Received? 2 Samuel 10v12 Morning Service Download
2012/08/12 PM Covenant Qualities Jeremiah 34v13-14 Evening Service Download
2012/08/15 Bible Study Abundant Blessings Jeremiah 33v3 Prayer 19 Download
2012/08/19 AM Joining Together In Worship Psalm 34v3 Morning Service Download
2012/08/19 PM Passionate Worship 2 Samuel 22v1-4 Evening Service Download
2012/08/22 Bible Study Solomon's Prayer 1 Kings 8v59 Prayer 20 Download
2012/08/26 AM Problems In Old Age Psalm 71v9 Morning Service Download
2012/08/26 PM Caleb Joshua 14v11 Evening Service Download
2012/08/29 Bible Study God Responding 1 Kings 9v1-9 Prayer 21 Download
2012/09/02 AM Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Romans 1v16 Morning Service Download
2012/09/09 AM Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7v46 Morning Service Download
2012/09/09 PM The Call To Praise The Lord Psalm 145 Evening Service Download
2012/09/12 Bible Study Scripture & Prayer Daniel 9v1-3 Prayer 22 Download
2012/09/16 AM Return Of The Lord Matthew 25v31-46 Morning Service Download
2012/09/16 PM Return Of The Lord - Consequences 2 Peter 3v11-14 Evening Service Download
2012/09/19 Bible Study Prayer & Scripture Daniel 9v3-19 Prayer 23 Download
2012/09/23 AM Greatness & Grace Of The Lord Isaiah 57v15 Morning Service Download
2012/09/23 PM A Costly Commitment 2 Samuel 24v24 Evening Service Download
2012/09/26 Bible Study Prayed Three Times Matthew 26v36-45 Prayer 24 Download
2012/09/30 AM Go Out To Him Hebrews 13v13 Morning Service Download
2012/09/30 PM A Promise Kept John 21v1-25 Evening Service Download
2012/10/08 Communion Thanks Be To God 2 Corinthians 8v9 & 9v15 Communion Download
2012/10/14 AM Applying Our Faith Mark 6v52 Morning Service Download
2012/10/14 PM Come With Us? Numbers 10v29 Evening Service Download
2012/10/21 AM Silencing The Accuser Zechariah 3 Morning Service Download
2012/10/21 PM Dressed For The Occasion Matthew 22v12 Evening Service Download
2012/10/24 Bible Study Reformed Church Acts 10 Bible Study Download
2012/10/28 AM Loving The Law: Having Peace Psalm 119v161-165 Morning Service Download
2012/10/28 PM God Speaking: Are We Listening? Psalm 19 Evening Service Download
2012/10/31 Bible Study Obstacles & Barriers Psalm 69v5-6 Bible Study Download
2012/11/11 AM Deliverance Psalm 124 Morning Service Download
2012/11/11 PM Commitment Joshua 23v8 Evening Service Download
2012/11/14 Bible Study Judge Me? Psalm 26 Bible Study Download
2012/11/18 AM Practical Christianity Titus 2v11-14 Morning Service Download
2012/11/18 PM Stimulating Christianity Titus 3v3-8 Evening Service Download
2012/11/25 AM What Is Life Like? Ecclesiastes 1v1-2 Ecclesiastes 1 Download
2012/11/25 PM Remember Your Creator Ecclesiastes 12v1 Evening Service Download
2012/11/28 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 120 Pilgrim Songs 1 Download
2012/12/02 AM Chasing The Wind Ecclesiastes 2 Ecclesiastes 2 Download
2012/12/02 PM God Or Cisterns? Jeremiah 2v13 Evening Service Download
2012/12/09 AM By Divine Appointment (Part I) Ecclesiastes 3 Ecclesiastes 3 Download
2012/12/09 PM By Divine Appointment (Part II) Hebrews 9v27 Evening Service Download
2012/12/12 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 121 Pilgrim Songs 2 Download
2012/12/16 AM Exceeding Great Joy Matthew 2v10 Morning Service Download
2012/12/16 PM Wilderness Experiences Deuteronomy 8v3&16 Evening Service Download
2012/12/19 Bible Study Pilgrim Songs Psalm 122 Pilgrim Songs 3 Download
2012/12/23 AM Jesus - The Saviour Matthew 1v18-25 Morning Service Download
2012/12/23 PM His Glory - Full Grace & Truth John 1v14-17 Evening Service Download
2012/12/30 AM Empty Lives Isaiah 55v1-2 Morning Service Download
2012/12/30 PM Kept Safe Jude v24-25 Evening Service Download