2010 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2010/01/01 New Year's Day Not By Might!! Zechariah 4v6 New Year's Day Download
2010/01/03 AM Consider Your Ways! Haggai 1v5-7 Morning Service Download
2010/01/03 PM A Spiritual Problem Haggai 1v13&2v4 Evening Service Download
2010/01/06 Bible Study Providence & Worship Ezra 6 Ezra 6 Download
2010/01/10 AM Division, Destiny & Distress Matthew 13v47-51 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 7 Download
2010/01/10 PM Faith & Works James 2v14-26 James 7 Download
2010/01/13 Bible Study Reinstating The Worship Of God Ezra 7 Ezra 7 Download
2010/01/17 AM Responsibility Matthew 13v51-52 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 8 Download
2010/01/17 PM Control Your Words James 3 James 8 Download
2010/01/20 Bible Study Journey To Jerusalem Ezra 8 Ezra 8 Download
2010/01/24 AM Pharisee & Publican Luke 18v9 Morning Service Download
2010/01/24 PM Regarded By God Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2010/01/27 Bible Study Preaching & Prayer Ezra 9 Ezra 9 Download
2010/01/31 AM Miletus & Farewell Acts 20v17-38 Morning Service Download
2010/01/31 PM Honouring God 1 Samuel 2v30 Evening Service Download
2010/02/03 Bible Study Beginnings Ezra 10 Ezra 10 Download
2010/02/07 AM Yes Or No? Matthew 21v28-31 Morning Service Download
2010/02/07 PM Who Has The Last Word? Proverbs 1v24-33 Evening Service Download
2010/02/10 Bible Study Relationships, Requirements & Obligations Deuteronomy 6-7 Bible Study Download
2010/02/14 AM The Vineyard Matthew 21v33-46 Morning Service Download
2010/02/14 PM God Gives Sufficient Grace James 4v6 James 9 Download
2010/02/17 Bible Study Never Forsaken By The Lord! Psalm 22 Bible Study Download
2010/02/21 AM Invitation & Dress Code Matthew 22v1-14 Morning Service Download
2010/02/21 PM Our Relationship With The Lord & Each Other James 4v7-12 James 10 Download
2010/02/24 Bible Study The Powerful Words Of The Servant Isaiah 49v14-26 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 1 Download
2010/03/03 Faith Mission Confronted, Convicted, Cleansed & Commissioned Isaiah 6v5,7&9 Faith Mission, Argyle 1 Download
2010/03/04 Faith Mission Comfort For The Fearful Christian Isaiah 41v10 Faith Mission, Argyle 2 Download
2010/03/05 Faith Mission The God Who Never Fails Joshua 23v14 Faith Mission, Argyle 3 Download
2010/03/07 AM Joseph''s Faith In God Genesis 50v25 Life Of Joseph 16 Download
2010/03/10 Bible Study The Obedience Of The Servant Isaiah 50v4-9 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 2 Download
2010/03/14 AM The Cross Matthew 16v13-28 Morning Service Download
2010/03/14 PM Draw Nearer To God James 4v13-5v6 James 11 Download
2010/03/17 Bible Study The Perseverance Of The Servant Isaiah 50v10-11 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 3 Download
2010/03/21 AM Naaman 2 Kings 5v1-19 Morning Service Download
2010/03/21 PM Christians Preparation For Eternity James 5v7-12 James 12 Download
2010/03/24 Bible Study The Suffering Of The Servant Isaiah 52v13-53v12 Servant Songs Of Isaiah 4 Download
2010/03/28 AM Knowing Christ Philippians 3v10 Morning Service Download
2010/03/28 PM Prayer For The Afflicted James 5v13-18 James 13 Download
2010/04/11 AM The Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15v3-5 Morning Service Download
2010/04/11 PM Power, Love & Self Control 2 Timothy 1v7-8 Evening Service Download
2010/04/14 Bible Study The Blood Of The Lord Jesus 1 Peter 1v19 Bible Study Download
2010/04/18 AM Lessons From Zarephath 1 Kings 17 Morning Service Download
2010/04/18 PM What Is Faith? Genesis 15v16 Evening Service Download
2010/04/28 Bible Study "I Know Thy Works" Revelation 3v8 Bible Study Download
2010/05/02 AM Born Again John 3v3 Morning Service Download
2010/05/02 PM Conquerors Romans 8v35 Evening Service Download
2010/05/09 AM Speaking Out & Standing Out John 7v50-51 Morning Service Download
2010/05/09 PM Bethel Genesis 28v15 Evening Service Download
2010/05/12 Bible Study The God Of All Comfort 2 Corinthians 1v3-4 Bible Study Download
2010/05/16 AM Nicodemus John 19v39 Morning Service Download
2010/05/16 PM He Prays! Acts 9v11 Evening Service Download
2010/05/19 Bible Study God's Gift & Man's Efforts 2 Timothy 1v1-8 2 Timothy 1 Download
2010/05/23 AM Cheap Repentance & Return Jeremiah 3v1-4v4 Morning Service Download
2010/05/23 PM The Battle Ephesians 6v10 Evening Service Download
2010/05/26 Bible Study The Revelation Of The Gospel 2 Timothy 1v8-10 2 Timothy 2 Download
2010/05/30 AM Defiance, Derision, Decree, Decision Psalm 2v6-7 Morning Service Download
2010/05/30 PM The Intense Battle In The Soul Psalm 25v7 Evening Service Download
2010/06/06 AM The Great Divide Matthew 25v31-46 Morning Service Download
2010/06/06 PM God On His Throne - Man In His Place Psalm 9v9-10 Evening Service Download
2010/06/10 Bible Study Our Responsibility To The Gospel 2 Timothy 1v11-18 2 Timothy 3 Download
2010/06/13 AM Day Of Salvation 2 Corinthians 6v2 Morning Service Download
2010/06/13 PM Witnessing John 4v6-7 Evening Service Download
2010/06/16 Bible Study Resources Of God's Grace 2 Timothy 2v1 2 Timothy 4 Download
2010/06/20 AM One Desire Psalm 27v4&14 Morning Service Download
2010/06/20 PM Doubt, Darkness... & Light! Job 3v1 Evening Service Download
2010/06/27 AM What God Says Is What Is Important 2 Timothy 4v6-8 2 Timothy 14 Download
2010/06/27 PM A Rest For The People Of God Revelation 14v13 Evening Service Download
2010/07/04 AM Good To Be Near God Psalm 73v28 Morning Service Download
2010/07/04 PM The Tears Of The Lord Luke 19v41-42 Evening Service Download
2010/07/07 Bible Study Paul's Mantle Falls On Timothy 2 Timothy 2v1-7 2 Timothy 5 Download
2010/07/11 AM The Servant Of The Lord Isaiah 49v2 Morning Service Download
2010/07/11 PM The Return Of The Lord Malachi 4v1-6 Evening Service Download
2010/07/14 Bible Study The Cost Of Following The Lord 2 Timothy 2v8-13 2 Timothy 6 Download
2010/07/18 AM The Call Of Levi Matthew 9v9-13 Morning Service Download
2010/07/18 PM The Lord Of Glory Revelation 1v9-29 Evening Service Download
2010/07/21 Bible Study A Workman Approved Of God 2 Timothy 2v14-26 2 Timothy 7 Download
2010/07/25 AM Had Everything - Lacked Something Matthew 19v16-30 Morning Service Download
2010/07/25 PM At Wit's End Corner Psalm 107v23-32 Evening Service Download
2010/07/28 Bible Study Hostility To Be Encountered 2 Timothy 3v1-9 2 Timothy 8 Download
2010/08/01 AM Are You Afraid? Luke 12v4-14 Morning Service Download
2010/08/01 PM God Cares For You 1 Peter 5v7 Evening Service Download
2010/08/04 Bible Study A Contrast & Contiunation 2 Timothy 3v10-15 2 Timothy 9 Download
2010/08/08 AM Defeat & Victory John 12v23-32 Morning Service Download
2010/08/08 PM The Battle Romans 7v24-25 Evening Service Download
2010/08/11 Bible Study Waiting Patiently For The Lord Psalm 28 Bible Study Download
2010/08/15 AM Spiritual Awareness Luke 23v48 Morning Service Download
2010/08/15 PM The Servant Song Isaiah 56v11 Evening Service Download
2010/08/18 Bible Study Protecting & Promoting The Gospel 2 Timothy 3v15-17 2 Timothy 10 Download
2010/08/22 AM Rejoice In The Lord Deuteronomy 33v29 Morning Service Download
2010/08/22 PM The Problem Of Providence Isaiah 54v7-10 Evening Service Download
2010/08/25 Bible Study Confidence In God's Word 2 Timothy 3v15-18 2 Timothy 11 Download
2010/08/29 AM No Hiding Place 1 Kings 21v18 Morning Service Download
2010/08/29 PM "Out On A Limb!" 1 Samuel 17v46-47 Evening Service Download
2010/09/01 Bible Study Preach, Reprove, Rebuke & Exhort 2 Timothy 4v2 2 Timothy 12 Download
2010/09/05 AM A God Of The Impossible! 2 Kings 7v9 Morning Service Download
2010/09/08 Bible Study Paul Encourages Timothy In The Work 2 Timothy 4v1-5 2 Timothy 13 Download
2010/10/10 AM A Fearful Place - Calvary - Why? Matthew 27v43 Morning Service Download
2010/10/10 PM Understanding Ephesians 1v18 Evening Service Download
2010/10/13 Bible Study An Insight Into Paul's Humanity 2 Timothy 4v9-13 2 Timothy 15 Download
2010/10/17 AM Syrophoenician Woman Matthew 15v28 Morning Service Download
2010/10/17 PM Forgiveness & Fellowship 1 John 1v5-7 Evening Service Download
2010/10/20 Bible Study Men Desert Paul But God Is Faithful 2 Timothy 4v14-22 2 Timothy 16 Download
2010/10/24 AM Seeing & Believing John 20v29 Morning Service Download
2010/10/24 PM Following The Lord John 21v22 Evening Service Download
2010/10/27 Bible Study Contending For The Faith Jude v21&24 Bible Study Download
2010/10/31 AM Almost Persuaded! Acts 26v28 Morning Service Download
2010/10/31 PM Thankful Worship Psalm 18v1-3 Evening Service Download
2010/11/07 AM High Priest Hebrews 2v17-18 Morning Service Download
2010/11/07 PM Straight Talking! 1 Corinthians 10v13 Evening Service Download
2010/11/10 Bible Study The Struggles Of Life Jeremiah 20v7-13 Bible Study Download
2010/11/14 AM Assurance (Part I) 1 John 5v13 Morning Service Download
2010/11/14 PM Assurance (Part II) Ephesians 1v13-14 Evening Service Download
2010/11/17 Bible Study Desiring The Lord's Presence Exodus 33v14-15 Bible Study Download
2010/11/21 AM Standing Before God (Part I) 1 Kings 17v1 Morning Service Download
2010/11/21 PM Standing Before God (Part II) 1 John 2v28 Evening Service Download
2010/11/24 Bible Study Summary Hosea 1&3 Hosea 1 Download
2010/11/28 AM Boyhood Years Luke 2v48-49 Morning Service Download
2010/11/28 PM The Voice From Heaven Luke 3v21-22 Evening Service Download
2010/12/01 Bible Study Hosea - The Man Hosea 1v1 Hosea 2 Download
2010/12/05 AM Zechariah & Eliz Luke 1v5 Morning Service Download
2010/12/05 PM Temptation Luke 4v1-13 Evening Service Download
2010/12/08 Bible Study Time Of His Life Hosea 1v1 Hosea 3 Download
2010/12/12 AM Simeon & Anna Luke 2v25 Morning Service Download
2010/12/12 PM Blessings For The Nation 2 Chronicles 7v14 Evening Service Download
2010/12/15 Bible Study Death Of A Kingdom (Part I) Hosea 1v1-3 Hosea 4 Download
2010/12/19 AM Busy Luke 2v17-20 Morning Service Download
2010/12/19 PM Destroy 1 John 3v8 Evening Service Download
2010/12/22 Bible Study Death Of A Kingdom (Part II) Hosea 1v4-9 Hosea 5 Download