2009 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2009/01/01 New Year's Day Caleb Joshua 14 Names 6 Download
2009/01/04 AM Mine Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation Luke 2v30 Morning Service Download
2009/01/04 PM Time Is Up! Daniel 5 Evening Service Download
2009/01/07 Bible Study Passionate But Effective Action Amos 4 Amos 7 Download
2009/01/11 AM Christian Virus - Doubt Isaiah 45v17 Morning Service Download
2009/01/11 PM Importance Of Studying God's Word Daniel 9v1-19 Evening Service Download
2009/01/18 AM The Danger Of Complacency 1 Kings 16v34 Morning Service Download
2009/01/18 PM The Place Of Prayer Daniel 6v10 Evening Service Download
2009/01/21 Bible Study Man's Mind & Soul Amos 5v1-5 Amos 8 Download
2009/01/25 AM The Law Of The Lord Convicting Galatians 3v24 Morning Service Download
2009/01/25 PM The Love Of The Lord Comforting Jeremiah 31v3 Evening Service Download
2009/01/28 Bible Study The Lesson Of Bethel Amos 5v6-13 Amos 9 Download
2009/02/04 Bible Study Amos Sowing A Seed Of Doubt Amos 5v14-20 Amos 10 Download
2009/02/08 AM The Imbalance In Our Lives Matthew 23v23 Morning Service Download
2009/02/08 PM The Problems Of Old Age! Psalm 71v9 Evening Service Download
2009/02/11 Bible Study Where Is The Assurance Of Your Faith? Amos 5v21-27 Amos 11 Download
2009/02/15 AM The Suffering Of the Lord Luke 22v44 Morning Service Download
2009/02/15 PM God's Caring And God's Keeping 1 Peter 5v7 Evening Service Download
2009/02/18 Bible Study Pride & Punishment Amos 6 Amos 12 Download
2009/02/22 AM A Personal Experience John 4v42 Morning Service Download
2009/02/22 PM Rehab In The Trophy Room Of Faith Hebrews11v31 Evening Service Download
2009/02/26 Communion The Vision Of the Lord Isaiah 6 Kilmallie Communion 1 Download
2009/02/26 Communion Regarded By God Isaiah 66v1-2 Kilmallie Communion 2 Download
2009/03/01 AM Warnings & Encouragement Luke 23v42-43 Morning Service Download
2009/03/04 Bible Study God Does Not Change Amos 7v1-6 Amos 13 Download
2009/03/08 AM "Father Forgive" Luke 23v34 Morning Service Download
2009/03/08 PM Look Out! Esther 1 Esther 1 Download
2009/03/11 Bible Study The Vision Of The Plumbline Amos 7v7-9 Amos 14 Download
2009/03/15 AM Is He Precious To You? 1 Peter 2v7 Morning Service Download
2009/03/15 PM The Providence Of God Esther 2 Esther 2 Download
2009/03/18 Bible Study Counting The Cost Amos 7v10-17 Amos 15 Download
2009/03/22 AM Forsaken - In Order To Save Us! Matthew 27v46 Morning Service Download
2009/03/22 PM Persecution Or Opportunity Esther 3 Esther 3 Download
2009/03/25 Bible Study The Basket Of Summer Fruit Amos 8v1-10 Amos 16 Download
2009/03/29 AM What Is Your Life? James 4v14 Morning Service Download
2009/03/29 PM A Personal Experience Luke 24v28-29 Evening Service Download
2009/04/12 AM The Event Of The Resurrection Luke 24v34 Morning Service Download
2009/04/12 PM The Effect Of The Resurrection John 20v16 Evening Service Download
2009/04/15 Bible Study The Judgement Of Our Sin Is Upon Us Amos 8v11-14 Amos 17 Download
2009/04/19 AM Decisive Moments Isaiah 30v21 Morning Service Download
2009/04/19 PM Decisive Moments Esther 4 Esther 4 Download
2009/04/22 Bible Study Reality At Last (Part 1) Amos 9v1-10 Amos 18 Download
2009/04/29 Bible Study Reality At Last (Part 2) Amos 9v11-15 Amos 19 Download
2009/05/03 AM Hear Gods Voice! Hebrews 4v12 Morning Service Download
2009/05/03 PM Waiting Upon The Lord Esther 5 Esther 5 Download
2009/05/06 Bible Study Summary Of Amos Amos 3v1-2 Amos 20 Download
2009/05/10 PM A Question Of Timing Esther 6 Esther 6 Download
2009/05/13 Bible Study A Promise Of Safety For Gods People Psalm 91 Bible Study Download
2009/05/17 AM Encouraging Words For The Downcast Psalm 43 Morning Service Download
2009/05/17 PM Surprising Deliverances Esther 7 Esther 7 Download
2009/05/24 AM The Ascension Acts 1v9-11 Morning Service Download
2009/05/24 PM Trust In The Lord Jesus! Acts 3v6 Evening Service Download
2009/05/27 Bible Study A Prayer Of Jabez 1 Chronicles 4v9-10 Bible Study Download
2009/05/31 AM The Judgement Seat Of Christ 2 Corinthians 5v10 Morning Service Download
2009/05/31 PM A False Dawn Esther 8 Esther 8 Download
2009/06/03 Bible Study Ehud Judges 3v15 Judges 1 Download
2009/06/07 AM Seek Gods Kingdom First Matthew 6v33-34 Morning Service Download
2009/06/07 PM Removal, Restraint & Remembrance Esther 9-10 Esther 9 Download
2009/06/10 Bible Study Deborah Judges 4v11 Judges 2 Download
2009/06/14 AM Fearful Consequences Of Ignoring God Deuteronomy 1v41-46 Morning Service Download
2009/06/14 PM The Just Shall Live By Faith Habakkuk 2v4 Evening Service Download
2009/06/17 Bible Study Gideon Judges 6 Judges 3 Download
2009/06/21 AM For Me To Live Is Christ Philippians 1v21 Morning Service Download
2009/06/21 PM Gods Requirements Micah 6v8 Evening Service Download
2009/06/24 Bible Study Jephthah (Part 1) Judges 10-11 Judges 4 Download
2009/06/28 AM Paul Guides & Encourages Timothy 2 Timothy 3v15 Morning Service Download
2009/06/28 PM Sin Has Consequences! Psalm 3v3 Evening Service Download
2009/07/01 Bible Study Jephthah (Part II) Judges 11v30-40 Judges 5 Download
2009/07/05 AM Yes - But! 1 Timothy 1v15-16 Morning Service Download
2009/07/05 PM Christ Came To Save Sinners Luke 15v2 Evening Service Download
2009/07/08 Bible Study Samson Judges 13 Judges 6 Download
2009/07/12 AM Jonah's Rage - The Lord's Compassion Jonah 4v3&8 Morning Service Download
2009/07/12 PM Elijah's Problem - God's Solution 1 Kings 19v4 Evening Service Download
2009/07/15 Bible Study Opposition To A Man Of God Psalm 6 Bible Study Download
2009/07/19 AM Obedience Is Vital Matthew 7v21-29 Morning Service Download
2009/07/19 PM How Do We Respond To Christ? Mark 12v37 Evening Service Download
2009/07/22 Bible Study To Bring To Rememberance Psalm 38 Bible Study Download
2009/07/26 AM God's Patience And Longsuffering Romans 2v4 Morning Service Download
2009/07/26 PM God's Delay - Giving Time To Repent 2 Peter 3v8-9 Evening Service Download
2009/07/29 Bible Study A Cry For Mercy Psalm 51 Bible Study Download
2009/08/02 AM The Danger Of Complacency 2 Samuel 11 Morning Service Download
2009/08/02 PM The Return Of The King (David) 2 Samuel 19v9-39 Evening Service Download
2009/08/05 Bible Study At The End Of Our Tether! Psalm 102 Bible Study Download
2009/08/09 AM The Kingdom Of Heaven Matthew 9v29 Morning Service Download
2009/08/09 PM God Meets Jacob Genesis 32v24-26 Evening Service Download
2009/08/12 Bible Study Out Of The Depths We Cry To The Lord Psalm 130 Bible Study Download
2009/08/16 AM A Spiritual Dimension 2 Corinthians 10v3-5 Morning Service Download
2009/08/16 PM God's Commitment To His People Exodus 14v14 Evening Service Download
2009/08/19 Bible Study A Desire To Walk In God's Way Psalm 143 Bible Study Download
2009/08/23 AM Light John 8v12 Morning Service Download
2009/08/23 PM Consider Him (Christ) Hebrews 12v1-3 Evening Service Download
2009/09/06 AM Encouragement For The "Ordinary" Christian Mark 14v51-52 Morning Service Download
2009/09/09 Bible Study Where Is The God Of Elijah? 2 Kings 2 Bible Study Download
2009/09/13 AM The Sovereignty & Authority Of God Daniel 4 Morning Service Download
2009/09/13 PM Great & Precious Promises 2 Peter 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2009/09/16 Bible Study The Promises Of God Hanging On A Thread 2 Kings 11 Bible Study Download
2009/09/20 AM Confrontation (Part 1) Acts 5v1-11 Morning Service Download
2009/09/20 PM Confrontation (Part 2) 2 Chronicles 26 Evening Service Download
2009/09/23 Bible Study A Spiritual Lesson From History 2 Kings 13 Bible Study Download
2009/09/27 AM The Journey Of Life Joshua 23v8 Morning Service Download
2009/09/27 PM "Strange Fire" Leviticus 16v30 Evening Service Download
2009/10/11 AM The Christian's Inheritance Psalm 91v5 Morning Service Download
2009/10/11 PM The Christian's Assurance Romans 8v32 Evening Service Download
2009/10/14 Bible Study A Godly King's Influence 2 Kings 18 Bible Study Download
2009/10/18 AM God Speaks - How Do We Respond? Malachi 3v1-3 Morning Service Download
2009/10/18 PM Jesus - The True Vine John 15 Evening Service Download
2009/10/21 Bible Study A Problem Taken To The Lord 2 Kings 19 Bible Study Download
2009/10/25 AM Christ - Our Representative Luke 4v31-44 Morning Service Download
2009/10/25 PM The Word Of The Lord Is Pure Psalm 12v6 Evening Service Download
2009/11/01 AM God's Word Changes Not Jeremiah 36 Morning Service Download
2009/11/01 PM Lessons From Josiah's Life 2 Kings 22v11 Evening Service Download
2009/11/08 AM Responses To God Matthew 13v1-17 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 1 Download
2009/11/08 PM Involvement Of God With His People James 1v1 James 1 Download
2009/11/11 Bible Study An Ungodly King's Influence - Provoking God's Anger 2 Kings 21v1-20 Bible Study Download
2009/11/15 AM Are You In The Kingdom Of Heaven? Matthew 13v24-30 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 2 Download
2009/11/15 PM Joy In Divers Temptations James 1v2-8 James 2 Download
2009/11/18 Bible Study A Note Of Hope In A Dark Day 2 Kings 25 Bible Study Download
2009/11/22 AM Warning Of Style Over Substance Matthew 13v31-32 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 3 Download
2009/11/22 PM Applying Wisdom James 1v9-18 James 3 Download
2009/11/25 Bible Study Sovereignty Of God Ezra 1 Ezra 1 Download
2009/11/29 AM Size Of The Kingdom Matthew 13v33 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 4 Download
2009/11/29 AM The Wisdom From God's Word James 1v19-27 James 4 Download
2009/12/02 Bible Study Homecoming To God Ezra 2 Ezra 2 Download
2009/12/06 AM The Value Of The Kingdom Matthew 13v44 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 5 Download
2009/12/06 PM Showing Favour To Persons James 2v1-7 James 5 Download
2009/12/09 Bible Study Counting The Cost Ezra 3 Ezra 3 Download
2009/12/13 AM The Pearl Of Great Price Matthew 13v45-46 Parables Of The Kingdom Of Heaven 6 Download
2009/12/13 PM The Royal Law James 2v8-13 James 6 Download
2009/12/16 Bible Study The Beginning Of Hostility To God's Work Ezra 4 Ezra 4 Download
2009/12/20 AM "Bethlehem" Micah 5v1-6 Morning Service Download
2009/12/20 PM Why Jesus Came 1 John 3v5 Evening Service Download
2009/12/23 Bible Study New Start To God's Work Ezra 5 Ezra 5 Download
2009/12/27 AM Restraint, Reality, Resolution & Request Psalm 39v4&13 Morning Service Download
2009/12/27 PM A Time Of Reflection Psalm 46v10 Evening Service Download