2008 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2008/01/01 New Year's Day Godly Contentment Is Great Gain 1 Timothy 6v6 New Year's Day Download
2008/01/06 AM Repent Before It Is Too Late Luke 13v6-9 Morning Service Download
2008/01/06 PM Living Faith - Trophies Of Grace Acts 4v13-14 Evening Service Download
2008/01/09 Bible Study Paul's Relationship With Christ Ephesians 3v12-13 Ephesians 45 Download
2008/01/13 AM The Vanity Of Life - The Lord's Fullness Ephesians 4v17 Morning Service Download
2008/01/13 PM Joseph's Preperation For Great Responsibility Genesis 40v14&23 Life Of Joseph 7 Download
2008/01/20 AM Paul Boasts In The Cross Galatians 6v14 Morning Service Download
2008/01/20 PM A Question Of Timing Genesis 41v16 Life Of Joseph 8 Download
2008/01/27 AM "The Look" Luke 22v61 Morning Service Download
2008/01/27 PM Memories In A Look Genesis 42v1,7&9 Life Of Joseph 9 Download
2008/01/30 Bible Study Paul's Prayer For Believers Ephesians 3v14 Ephesians 46 Download
2008/02/03 AM God Speaks - Are We Listening? 1 Samuel 3v9-10 Morning Service Download
2008/02/03 PM God Is Speaking - Are You Listening? Genesis 43v1 Life Of Joseph 10 Download
2008/02/06 Bible Study Strengthened In The Inner Man Ephesians 3v16 Ephesians 47 Download
2008/02/10 AM Tested Of God Genesis 22v1 Morning Service Download
2008/02/10 PM Testing Genesis 44v16 Life Of Joseph 11 Download
2008/02/13 Bible Study Christ Dwelling In The Believer Ephesians 3v17 Ephesians 48 Download
2008/02/17 AM The Lord Reveals Himself Luke 24v35 Morning Service Download
2008/02/17 PM Ending & Beginning Genesis 45v1-8 Life Of Joseph 12 Download
2008/02/20 Bible Study Rooted & Grounded In Love Ephesians 3v17 Ephesians 49 Download
2008/02/27 Bible Study Overwhelmed By The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v18 Ephesians 50 Download
2008/03/02 AM The Touch Of Jesus On Our Lives Luke 8v45 Morning Service Download
2008/03/05 Bible Study To Know The Love Of Christ Ephesians 3v19 Ephesians 51 Download
2008/03/09 AM "Fear Thou Not" Isaiah 41v10 Morning Service Download
2008/03/09 PM God Dealing With His People Genesis 45v9-46v7 Life Of Joseph 13 Download
2008/03/12 Bible Study The Doxology Ephesians 3v20-21 Ephesians 52 Download
2008/03/23 AM The Cost Of Calvary Matthew 27v42-43 Morning Service Download
2008/03/23 PM Resurrection Appearance To Peter 1 Corinthians 15v5 Evening Service Download
2008/03/26 Bible Study What Do We Do With What God Is Telling Us? Ephesians 3v20-21 Ephesians 53 Download
2008/03/30 AM Come!! Luke 14v17 Morning Service Download
2008/03/30 PM Come With Us! Numbers 10v29 Evening Service Download
2008/04/13 AM Holding On To Spiritual Things Hebrews 10v23 Morning Service Download
2008/04/13 PM Reunion Genesis 46v7&28 Life Of Joseph 14 Download
2008/04/16 Bible Study The Day Of The Lord Joel 3v16-17 The Minor Prophets 1 Download
2008/04/20 AM Paul's Faith Acts 27v23-25 Faith 1 Download
2008/04/20 PM The Promises Of God Genesis 47v29&48v21 Life Of Joseph 15 Download
2008/04/23 Bible Study A Message To Assyria Nahum 2v13-3v5 The Minor Prophets 2 Download
2008/04/30 Bible Study A Message To Edom Obadiah 3-4 The Minor Prophets 3 Download
2008/05/18 AM Abraham's Faith Romans 4v17-25 Faith 3 Download
2008/05/18 PM A Lesson To Learn From Mary Luke 10v39-42 Evening Service Download
2008/05/21 Bible Study A Message To God's People Haggai The Minor Prophets 4 Download
2008/05/25 AM Noah's Faith Hebrews 11v7 Faith 4 Download
2008/05/25 PM The Solemnity Of Death Isaiah 38v1-2 Evening Service Download
2008/05/28 Bible Study Judgement Zephaniah 1 The Minor Prophets 5 Download
2008/06/01 AM The Centurian's Faith Luke 7v9 Faith 5 Download
2008/06/01 PM Wait On The Lord Psalm 27 Evening Service Download
2008/06/04 Bible Study Repentance Zephaniah 2 The Minor Prophets 6 Download
2008/06/08 AM The Sick Of The Palsy's Faith Mark 2v5-11 Faith 6 Download
2008/06/08 PM The Transfiguration Mark 9v1-10 Evening Service Download
2008/06/11 Bible Study Rejoicing Zephaniah 3 The Minor Prophets 7 Download
2008/06/15 AM Joshua's Faith Joshua 23v14 Faith 7 Download
2008/06/15 PM A Lifetime Of Spiritual Battles Psalm 71v16 Evening Service Download
2008/06/18 Bible Study A Man With A Problem! Habakkuk The Minor Prophets 8 Download
2008/06/22 AM Timothy's Faith 2 Timothy 1v12 Faith 8 Download
2008/06/22 PM Gideon & The Fleece Judges 6 Evening Service Download
2008/06/29 AM How Do We Respond To God's Call? Exodus 4v13 Morning Service Download
2008/06/29 PM What Must I Do To Be Saved? Acts 16v30 Vital Questions 1 Download
2008/07/06 PM Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved Isaiah 42v22 Evening Service Download
2008/07/06 PM Where Is He (Jesus)? Matthew 2v2 Vital Questions 2 Download
2008/07/09 Bible Study The Church In An Affluent Society Revelation 3v14-21 Bible Study Download
2008/07/13 AM Where Are You? Genesis 3v9 Vital Questions 3 Download
2008/07/13 PM The Reliability Of God's Word 1 Kings 22v38 Evening Service Download
2008/07/16 Bible Study Summary Of Micah Micah Bible Study Download
2008/07/20 AM Do You Understand? Acts 8v30 Vital Questions 4 Download
2008/07/20 PM Thinking Things Through 2 Timothy 2v1&7 Evening Service Download
2008/07/23 Bible Study The Calling To Repent Malachi 1v2 Malachi 1 Download
2008/07/27 AM What Think Ye Of Christ? Matthew 16v15 Vital Questions 5 Download
2008/07/27 PM Look Back - Learn - Be Encouraged Deuteronomy 1v21&28 Evening Service Download
2008/07/30 Bible Study Warnings For The Priests Malachi 2v1-10 Malachi 2 Download
2008/08/03 AM Which Way Do We Go? Genesis 13v9 Vital Questions 6 Download
2008/08/03 PM Light Affliction 2 Corinthians 4-5v9 Evening Service Download
2008/08/06 Bible Study A Principle To The People Malachi 2v11-3v6 Malachi 3 Download
2008/08/10 AM Which Path? Jeremiah 6v16 Vital Questions 7 Download
2008/08/10 PM "I Love The Lord" Psalm 18v1&35 Evening Service Download
2008/08/13 Bible Study Do You Love The Lord? Malachi 3v6-4v6 Malachi 4 Download
2008/08/17 AM Does God Care? Mark 4v38 Vital Questions 8 Download
2008/08/17 PM God Calls Us To Repent & Return Malachi 3v6-7 Evening Service Download
2008/08/20 Bible Study The Christian Life - A Constant Battle Psalm 25 Bible Study Download
2008/08/24 AM Who Believes? Isaiah 53v1-2 Vital Questions 9 Download
2008/08/24 PM Who Is To Blame? Isaiah 59v1 Evening Service Download
2008/08/27 Bible Study The Corruption Of Society Psalm 14 Bible Study Download
2008/08/31 AM Will You Go With Me? Ruth 1v11 Vital Questions 10 Download
2008/08/31 PM Problem, Provision, Providence & Praise 1 Samuel 30v6 Evening Service Download
2008/09/03 Bible Study God As Man's Host - Man As God's Guest Psalm 15 Bible Study Download
2008/09/07 AM How Can I Be Right With God? Matthew 27v46 Vital Questions 11 Download
2008/09/21 AM What Is My Responsibility? Genesis 4v9 Vital Questions 12 Download
2008/09/21 PM Doors Of Opportunity John 9v3-4 Evening Service Download
2008/09/25 Bible Study "Come Down Lord" Isaiah 64v1 Bible Study Download
2008/09/28 AM Is It Finished? John 19v30 Vital Questions 13 Download
2008/09/28 PM What Mean Ye These Stones? Joshua 4v6&21 Evening Service Download
2008/10/12 AM The Widow Of Nain Luke 7v11-17 Morning Service Download
2008/10/12 PM Peace & Contentment Philippians 4v11 Evening Service Download
2008/10/15 Bible Study Commiting All To The Lord Psalm 17 Bible Study Download
2008/10/19 AM John The Baptist Luke 7v18-23 Morning Service Download
2008/10/19 PM Christian Assurance 1 John 3v2&24 Evening Service Download
2008/10/22 Bible Study Rejoice In The Lord Psalm 33 Bible Study Download
2008/10/26 AM Reaching The Wrong Conclusion Luke 7v24-35 Morning Service Download
2008/10/26 PM The Door Was Shut! Matthew 25v10 Evening Service Download
2008/10/29 Bible Study Taste & See That The Lord Is Good Psalm 34 Bible Study Download
2008/11/05 Bible Study "Why, When & How Long Lord?" Psalm 35 Bible Study Download
2008/11/09 AM Appreciation Of The Lord Luke 7v30-50 Morning Service Download
2008/11/09 PM The Believer's Appreciation Luke 7v41-43 Evening Service Download
2008/11/16 AM Listen Carefully Luke 8v18 Morning Service Download
2008/11/16 PM The Pursuit Of Holiness Romans 6v13 Evening Service Download
2008/11/19 Bible Study Amos & His Times Amos 1v1-2v3 Amos 1 Download
2008/11/23 AM The Preciousness Of A Soul Luke 8v26-40 Morning Service Download
2008/11/23 PM The Rich Man & Lazarus Luke 16v19-31 Evening Service Download
2008/11/26 Bible Study Amos' Sermons Amos 2v4-6 Amos 2 Download
2008/11/30 AM Maid Arise!! Luke 8v54 Morning Service Download
2008/11/30 PM Believe Or Doubt? Genesis 12v1-3 Evening Service Download
2008/12/03 Bible Study The Lord's Judgement Amos 2v4-3v2 Amos 3 Download
2008/12/07 AM We Are Accountable To God Acts 17v23 Morning Service Download
2008/12/07 PM Behold Your Sins Will Find You Out!! Numbers 32v23 Evening Service Download
2008/12/10 Bible Study Crossroads Of Spiritual Opportunity Amos 3v1-8 Amos 4 Download
2008/12/14 AM Ma-her-shal-al-hash-baz Isaiah 8v1 Names 1 Download
2008/12/14 PM Immanuel Isaiah 7v14 Names 2 Download
2008/12/17 Bible Study The Encircling Foe Amos 3v11 Amos 5 Download
2008/12/21 AM Jesus Matthew 1v21 Names 3 Download
2008/12/21 PM "His Son" Galatians 4v4-5 Names 4 Download
2008/12/24 Bible Study Why Lord? Amos 3v9-15 Amos 6 Download
2008/12/28 AM A Kingdom That Cannot Be Moved Hebrews 12v28 Morning Service Download
2008/12/28 PM Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7v12 Names 5 Download