2006 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2006/01/01 AM Spiritual Courage To Follow Jesus Jeremiah 29v10-14 Morning Service Download
2006/01/01 PM A Promise To Bless Us Psalm 115v12 Evening Service Download
2006/01/08 PM Remembering God's Goodness To Us Joshua 24v14-28 Evening Service Download
2006/01/12 Bible Study Rich Blessings Of The Gospel Ephesians 2v13 Ephesians 28 Download
2006/01/15 AM The Valley Of Dry Bones Ezekiel 37v1-14 Morning Service Download
2006/01/15 PM Jesus Christ Our Advocate 1 John 2v1-2 Evening Service Download
2006/01/19 Bible Study Christ Is Our Peace Ephesians 2v14 Ephesians 29 Download
2006/01/22 AM Myrtle Trees Zechariah 1v1-17 Visions Of Zechariah 1 Download
2006/01/22 PM John The Baptist Preaches Repentence Luke 3v1-22 Evening Service Download
2006/01/26 Bible Study Being Reconciled To Christ Ephesians 2v16 Ephesians 30 Download
2006/01/29 AM Horns & Carpenters Zechariah 1v18-21 Visions Of Zechariah 2 Download
2006/01/29 PM Jesus Has Overcome The World John 16v33 Evening Service Download
2006/02/02 Bible Study Unique Position Of Christ Ephesians 2v17-18 Ephesians 31 Download
2006/02/05 AM Measuring Line Zechariah 2 Visions Of Zechariah 3 Download
2006/02/05 PM Supersitition - God's Glory Removed 1 Samuel 4v21 Evening Service Download
2006/02/09 Bible Study Unique Position Of The Believer Ephesians 2v19 Ephesians 32 Download
2006/02/12 AM The Branch Zechariah 3 Visions Of Zechariah 4 Download
2006/02/12 PM Repentance - God's Glory Restored 1 Samuel 7v12 Evening Service Download
2006/02/19 AM Candlestick & Olive Trees Zechariah 4 Visions Of Zechariah 5 Download
2006/02/19 PM Obedience Is Followed By Deliverance Judges 7 Evening Service Download
2006/02/26 AM Flying Scroll Zechariah 5v1-4 Visions Of Zechariah 6 Download
2006/02/26 PM A Prayer For Guidance Psalm 5 Evening Service Download
2006/03/09 Bible Study The Family Of God Ephesians 2v19 Ephesians 33 Download
2006/03/12 AM Woman In A Basket Zechariah 5v5-11 Visions of Zechariah 7 Download
2006/03/12 PM Our Lack Of Commitment Haggai 1v6 Evening Service Download
2006/03/19 AM Building Of The Temple Zechariah 6 Visions Of Zechariah 8 Download
2006/03/19 PM The Need To Listen To God Haggai 2v1-9 Evening Service Download
2006/03/23 Bible Study Holy Temple Ephesians 2v20-22 Ephesians 34 Download
2006/03/26 AM The Privilege Of Invitation John 21v12 Morning Service Download
2006/03/26 PM Never Man Spake Like This Man John 7v46 Evening Service Download
2006/04/09 AM The Importance Of Obedience 1 Samuel 15v22 Morning Service Download
2006/04/09 PM Whom Do You Serve 1 Samuel 16v7 Evening Service Download
2006/04/23 AM What Makes A Believer Courageous John 19v39-42 Morning Service Download
2006/04/23 PM Obedience Leads To Abundant Blessing Nehemiah 1v4 Evening Service Download
2006/04/27 Bible Study Christ The Corner-Stone Ephesians 2v20 Ephesians 35 Download
2006/05/04 Bible Study Fitly Framed Together Ephesians 2v21 Ephesians 36 Download
2006/05/07 AM The Danger Of Pride 1 Chronicles 21 Morning Service Download
2006/05/07 PM A Call To Praise & Worship God Psalm145 Evening Service Download
2006/05/11 Bible Study The Growth Of The Christian Ephesians 2v21 Ephesians 37 Download
2006/05/14 AM How Do We Deal With Stress? Psalm 31v15 Morning Service Download
2006/05/14 PM The Importance Of Our Conversation Malachi 3v13-17 Evening Service Download
2006/05/18 Bible Study Baruch - A Helpmeet For Jeremiah Jeremiah 32&36 Bible Study Download
2006/05/21 AM The Believer Warned About Opposition Matthew 10v30 Morning Service Download
2006/05/21 PM The Wonder Of Our God Psalm139v14 Evening Service Download
2006/05/28 AM The Afflictions Of The Blind John 9v25 Morning Service Download
2006/05/28 PM The Conversion Of Saul Acts 9 Evening Service Download
2006/06/04 AM The Origin Of Sin Genesis 3v1 Morning Service Download
2006/06/04 PM Jesus Brings Pardon To His People Luke 4v1-13 Evening Service Download
2006/06/08 Bible Study The Aaronic Blessing Numbers 6v22-27 Bible Study Download
2006/06/11 AM The Calling Of Levi Luke 5v27-29 Morning Service Download
2006/06/11 PM Gospel Tact Philemon v9 Evening Service Download
2006/06/15 Bible Study Duties & Responsibilities Of Those Who Rule Over Us Deuteronomy 16v20-17v20 Bible Study Download
2006/06/18 AM Waiting For God Habakkuk 1v1-2v4 Morning Service Download
2006/06/18 PM Struggling With God's Providences Psalm 73v13 Evening Service Download
2006/06/23 Bible Study The Path Of Joseph Genesis 37 Life Of Joseph 1 Download
2006/06/25 AM The God Before Whom We Stand 1 Kings 17v1 Morning Service Download
2006/06/25 PM The Lord's Controversy With His People 1 Kings 18v41-46 Evening Service Download
2006/06/29 Bible Study The Call Of Eternity 2 Kings 13v14 Bible Study Download
2006/07/02 AM Enlightened & Enabled To Endure Ephesians 3v14-19 Morning Service Download
2006/07/06 Bible Study The Shunammite Woman 2 Kings 4v8-37 Bible Study Download
2006/07/09 AM Signs God Gives For Preparation Matthew 25v34&41 Morning Service Download
2006/07/09 PM God's Reward 2 Timothy 4v8 Evening Service Download
2006/07/13 Bible Study The Boldness Of Faith Joshua 17v3-4 Bible Study Download
2006/07/16 AM The Quest For Peace Romans 5v1 Morning Service Download
2006/07/16 PM Loving God's Law Brings Peace Psalm 119v165 Evening Service Download
2006/07/20 Bible Study Barnabas Acts 4v36 Bible Study Download
2006/07/23 AM Our Response When Faith Is Tested 2 Kings 18&19 Morning Service Download
2006/07/23 PM God Tests Hezekiah 2 Kings 20v12-19 Evening Service Download
2006/07/27 Bible Study Silas - Paul's Companion Acts 15v22 Bible Study Download
2006/08/06 AM The Danger Of Making Assumptions Luke 2v44 Morning Service Download
2006/08/06 PM A Sense Of Purpose Luke 9v51 Evening Service Download
2006/08/10 Bible Study The importance Of Obedience 2 Kings 8v1-6 Bible Study Download
2006/08/13 AM The Significance Of Jesus' Baptism Luke 3v21-22 Morning Service Download
2006/08/17 Bible Study The Martyrdom Of Stephen Acts 6v1-7&18 Bible Study Download
2006/08/20 AM Two Vital Questions Luke 9v20 Morning Service Download
2006/08/20 PM The Challenge Of The Gospel Luke 7v24-26 Evening Service Download
2006/08/24 Bible Study The Life & Ministry Of Philip Acts 8 Bible Study Download
2006/09/10 AM The Scriptures Fulfilled In Christ Luke 5v1-11 Morning Service Download
2006/09/10 PM The Mirror Of God's Word Psalm 32 Evening Service Download
2006/09/14 Bible Study A Song Of The Slandered Saint Psalm 7 Bible Study Download
2006/09/17 AM Where Is Our Life Going? Matthew 7v13-14 Morning Service Download
2006/09/17 PM Manipulating Or Obeying God? Isaiah 58v11-12 Evening Service Download
2006/09/21 Bible Study "Nothing" Psalm 26 Bible Study Download
2006/09/24 AM Will Ye Also Go Away? John 6v67 Morning Service Download
2006/09/24 PM Our Commitment To Christ Colossians 2v9-10 Evening Service Download
2006/10/02 Communion Focused On Christ Hebrews 13v15 Communion Download
2006/10/08 AM The Road To Emmaus Luke 24v16 Morning Service Download
2006/10/08 PM From Sadness To Gladness Luke 24v31 Evening Service Download
2006/10/12 Bible Study The Danger Of Complacency Psalm 30 Bible Study Download
2006/10/15 AM Faith & Trust Hebrews 4v2 Morning Service Download
2006/10/15 PM Listen - Obey - Trust Deuteronomy 8v3 Evening Service Download
2006/10/19 Bible Study Draw Near To God Psalm 73v28 Bible Study Download
2006/10/22 AM Rebellion, Ruin & Repentance Luke 15v11-32 Morning Service Download
2006/10/22 PM Where Am I? Psalm 119v59-60 Evening Service Download
2006/10/26 Bible Study A Longing For God's House Psalm 84 Bible Study Download
2006/10/29 AM Paul's Preaching And The People's Reaction Acts 17v1-3 Morning Service Download
2006/10/29 PM Not Ashamed Romans 1v16 Evening Service Download
2006/11/02 Bible Study True & False Words Psalm 12 Bible Study Download
2006/11/05 AM Never Underestimate The Power Of Sin! 1 Kings 19v12-13 Morning Service Download
2006/11/05 PM At The Crossroads 1 Kings 19v19-21 Evening Service Download
2006/11/09 Bible Study A Divided History 1 Kings 11v11 History Of Israel 1 Download
2006/11/12 AM The Holy Spirit Applies The Word To Our Souls John 16v8-11 Morning Service Download
2006/11/12 PM More Than Knowledge Acts 24v25 Evening Service Download
2006/11/16 Bible Study Division 1 Kings 13v33 History Of Israel 2 Download
2006/11/26 AM Are We Dressed & Ready To Meet The King Of Kings? Matthew 22v11-12 Morning Service Download
2006/11/26 PM A Quiet Confidence 1 John 2v28 Evening Service Download
2006/11/30 Bible Study Bleak Prospects 1 Kings 14v14 History Of Israel 3 Download
2006/12/03 AM The Power Of The Love Of God To Us 2 Corinthians 5v14-15 Morning Service Download
2006/12/03 PM Wonderful Love Romans 5v8 Evening Service Download
2006/12/07 Bible Study Repeats, Repeats 1 Kings 16v1 History Of Israel 4 Download
2006/12/10 AM Undeserved Love! John 4v4&34 Morning Service Download
2006/12/10 PM The Lord's Commitment To His People Hosea 11v8-9 Evening Service Download
2006/12/14 Bible Study Elijah & Ahab 1 Kings 17 History Of Israel 5 Download
2006/12/17 AM The Spiritual Purpose Of The Lord's Coming 1 John 3v7-8 Morning Service Download
2006/12/17 PM Abundant Life In Christ John 10v10 Evening Service Download
2006/12/21 Bible Study Summary Of The Life Of Elijah James 5v17 History Of Israel 6 Download
2006/12/24 AM The Purpose Of The Lord's Coming John 1v14 Morning Service Download
2006/12/24 PM Good Tidings Of Great Joy! Luke 2v1-20 Evening Service Download
2006/12/28 Bible Study The Other World 2 Kings 2v12 History Of Israel 7 Download
2006/12/31 AM A Time For Reflection Psalm 103v1-5 Morning Service Download
2006/12/31 PM What Shall We Render To The Lord? - Love! Psalm 116v12 Evening Service Download