2005 - Year

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2005/01/09 AM A Question Of Reverence Jeremiah 5v22-23 Morning Service Download
2005/01/09 PM The Opposition Of The Eneny Acts 4 Evening Service Download
2005/01/13 Bible Study The Praise & Prayer Of A Christian Ephesians 1v4 Ephesians 1 Download
2005/01/23 AM Knowing God Jonah 1 Jonah 1 Download
2005/01/23 PM The Path Of Prayer 2 Chronicles 20v12 Evening Service Download
2005/01/27 Bible Study Predestination & Adoption Ephesians 1v5 Ephesians 2 Download
2005/01/30 AM God Spoke - Jonah Ran Jonah 1v1-3 Jonah 2 Download
2005/01/30 PM The Prophet's Challenge Jeremiah 35 Evening Service Download
2005/02/03 Bible Study "To Himself" Ephesians 1v4-5 Ephesians 3 Download
2005/02/06 AM The Providence Of The Lord?! Jonah 1v1-6 Jonah 3 Download
2005/02/06 PM A Voyage Of Discovery! John 16v20 Evening Service Download
2005/02/13 AM Principles & Prayer Jonah 1v7-10 Jonah 4 Download
2005/02/13 PM The Seriousness Of Sin Joshua 7 Evening Service Download
2005/02/17 Bible Study Redemption Through Jesus Christ Ephesians 1v7 Ephesians 4 Download
2005/02/20 AM The Justice & Grace Of God Jonah 1v11-12 Jonah 5 Download
2005/02/20 PM God's Controversy With His People Jeremiah 32 Evening Service Download
2005/02/23 Bible Study The Riches Of His Grace Ephesians 1v7 Ephesians 5 Download
2005/02/27 AM Jonah Prays Inside The Fish Jonah 2v1-10 Jonah 6 Download
2005/02/27 PM The Lord Jesus Is Precious 1 Peter 2v7 Evening Service Download
2005/03/13 AM The Sign Of Jonah Jonah 2v10 Jonah 7 Download
2005/03/27 AM The Presence Of The Lord Mark 16v7 Morning Service Download
2005/03/27 PM The Resurrection Of Christ Romans 1v3-4 Evening Service Download
2005/04/10 AM Repentance Matthew 3v1-6 Morning Service Download
2005/04/10 PM A Rest For God's People Hebrews 4v9 Evening Service Download
2005/04/17 AM Where Will Death Take You? Hebrews 9v26-28 Morning Service Download
2005/04/17 PM God Comforts His People Genesis 15v1-6 Evening Service Download
2005/04/21 Bible Study Three Barren Women Genesis 17v6 Bible Study Download
2005/04/28 Bible Study Dealing With Inequalities In Life Genesis 29v17 Bible Study Download
2005/05/01 AM Jonah Preaches At Nineveh Jonah 3 Jonah 8 Download
2005/05/01 PM The Reaction To The Gospel Acts 26v24&28 Evening Service Download
2005/05/08 AM God Does Not Change Jonah 3v9-10 Jonah 9 Download
2005/05/08 PM Do We Measure Up To The Interest Of God? Isaiah 66v1-2 Evening Service Download
2005/05/12 Bible Study The Inheritance That Comes To God's People Ephesians 1v11 Ephesians 6 Download
2005/05/15 AM God's Forgiveness & Jonahs Rage Jonah 4v1-3 Jonah 10 Download
2005/05/15 PM Mountain Tops & Valleys 1 Kings 19v4 Evening Service Download
2005/05/22 AM God Corrects Jonah Jonah 4v4&9 Jonah 11 Download
2005/05/22 PM Death - The Last Enemy Luke 23v33 Evening Service Download
2005/05/26 Bible Study The Assurance Of The Believer Ephesians 1v13-14 Ephesians 7 Download
2005/05/29 AM Jesus Calls UsTo Salvation Luke 19v5 Morning Service Download
2005/05/29 PM Depending On Jesus Christ John 15 Evening Service Download
2005/06/02 Bible Study The Word of Truth Ephesians 1v13-14 Ephesians 8 Download
2005/06/05 AM Don't Play Around with God Proverbs 1v24-33 Morning Service Download
2005/06/05 PM Fulfilling God's Commands Psalm 24 Evening Service Download
2005/06/09 Bible Study Paul Prays For The Believer Ephesians 1v15-16 Ephesians 9 Download
2005/06/12 AM God Honours Those Who Honour Him 1 Samuel 2v30 Morning Service Download
2005/06/12 PM Futility Of Life & Refuge Of God Psalm 90v15 Evening Service Download
2005/06/16 Bible Study Giving Thanks To God Ephesians 1v16-17 Ephesians 10 Download
2005/06/19 AM Peter Encourages Persecuted Believers 1 Peter 3v15 Morning Service Download
2005/06/19 PM The Importantance Of Wisdom James 1v2 Evening Service Download
2005/06/23 Bible Study Wisdom & Revelation Ephesians 1v17 Ephesians 11 Download
2005/07/03 AM Cleave To The Lord Joshua 23v8 Morning Service Download
2005/07/03 PM Calebs Example Joshua 14 Evening Service Download
2005/07/07 Bible Study The Presence Of the Lord Ephesians 1v17 Ephesians 12 Download
2005/07/10 AM The Proper Use Of The Sabbath Day Luke 6v1-11 The Quality Of The Christian Life 1 Download
2005/07/10 PM Privileges Bring Responsibility Matthew 11v28-30 Evening Service Download
2005/07/17 AM Significance Of The Life Of Jesus Luke 6v12 The Quality Of The Christian Life 2 Download
2005/07/17 PM God's Provision Psalm 34v8 Evening Service Download
2005/07/21 Bible Study The Riches Of Our Inheritance Ephesians 1v18 Ephesians 13 Download
2005/07/24 AM Changed By His Grace Luke 6v13-16 The Quality Of The Christian Life 3 Download
2005/07/24 PM The Sufficiency Of God's Grace 2 Corinthians 12v9 Evening Service Download
2005/07/28 Bible Study Our Riches In Christ Ephesians 1v19 Ephesians 14 Download
2005/07/31 AM The Unfolding Of God's Plan & Purpose Luke 6v20 The Quality Of The Christian Life 4 Download
2005/08/07 AM Our Great Need - A Search For Peace Luke 6v21 The Quality Of The Christian Life 5 Download
2005/08/07 PM The Neglect Of Our Spiritual Needs Jeremiah 2v13 Evening Service Download
2005/08/11 Bible Study Paul Encourages The Christian Ephesians 1v22v23 Ephesians 15 Download
2005/08/14 AM Sorrow Over Sin Luke 6v21 The Quality Of The Christian Life 6 Download
2005/08/14 PM Jesus Heals The Broken Hearted Matthew 12v19 Evening Service Download
2005/08/18 Bible Study Prayer - Hope Or Habbit? Acts 12 Bible Study Download
2005/08/21 AM Counting The Cost Of Discipleship Luke 6v22-23 The Quality Of The Christian Life 7 Download
2005/08/21 PM Considering The Peace Of God's People Isaiah 26v3 Evening Service Download
2005/09/08 Bible Study The Condition Of All Men Ephesians 2v1 Ephesians 16 Download
2005/09/11 AM The Dealings Of God With Namaan 2 Kings 5v1-14 Morning Service Download
2005/09/11 PM Dangers Of A Covetous Heart 2 Kings 5v15-27 Evening Service Download
2005/09/15 Bible Study The Conduct Of Man Ephesians 2v2-3 Ephesians 17 Download
2005/09/22 Bible Study The Consequence - Under Condemnation Ephesians 2v3 Ephesians 18 Download
2005/09/25 AM The Suffering Of Jesus On The Cross Luke 23v44 Morning Service Download
2005/09/25 PM The Meaning Of Communion Exodus 12v26-27 Evening Service Download
2005/10/09 AM Choices Genesis 13 Morning Service Download
2005/10/09 PM Dealing With Problems Genesis 32v7 Evening Service Download
2005/10/13 Bible Study But God! - A Divine Solution Ephesians 2v4 Ephesians 19 Download
2005/10/16 AM Abraham Believed God - Do We? Romans 4v1-3 Morning Service Download
2005/10/16 PM What Does God Require Of Us? 2 Timothy 1v1-12 Evening Service Download
2005/10/20 Bible Study God's Intervention Ephesians 2v4 Ephesians 20 Download
2005/10/23 AM God Speaks - Do We Listen? 1 Samuel 3 Morning Service Download
2005/10/27 Bible Study Saved By Grace Ephesians 2v5-6 Ephesians 21 Download
2005/11/03 Bible Study Union With Christ Ephesians 2v6-7 Ephesians 22 Download
2005/11/13 AM The Truly Happy Man Psalm 1 Morning Service Download
2005/11/13 PM Why Does God Allow Suffering? Job 1v1 Evening Service Download
2005/11/17 Bible Study Unmerited Favour Ephesians 2v8-9 Ephesians 23 Download
2005/11/20 AM The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v9-10 Morning Service Download
2005/11/20 PM The Reality Of The Day Of The Lord 2 Peter 3v11-14 Evening Service Download
2005/11/27 AM Have We Learned To Be Content Philippians 4v11-12 Morning Service Download
2005/11/27 PM The Danger Of Envy Proverbs 23v17-18 Evening Service Download
2005/12/01 Bible Study God's Workmanship Through Us Ephesians 2v10 Ephesians 24 Download
2005/12/11 AM God Assess Us Isaiah 55 Morning Service Download
2005/12/11 PM How Do We Respond To Gods Word? Mark 4v3-20 Evening Service Download
2005/12/15 Bible Study Man's Weakness - Forgetfulness Ephesians 2v11-22 Bible Study 25 Download
2005/12/18 AM The Joy Of Christmas Rests In Christ Hebrews 1v1-3 Morning Service Download
2005/12/18 PM With Privilege Comes Responsibility Mark 12v1-12 Evening Service Download
2005/12/22 Bible Study The Power Of God In Our Lives Ephesians 2v11-12 Ephesians 26 Download
2005/12/25 AM The Search For Jesus Matthew 2v1-3 Morning Service Download
2005/12/25 PM True Peace & Joy - Only In Christ Luke 2v17-20 Evening Service Download
2005/12/29 Bible Study Brought Near To God By Christ's Blood Ephesians 2v13 Ephesians 27 Download