The Upper Room - The events with The Lord Jesus and His disciples in the upper room.

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2017/01/15 PM Intensity Of The Love Of The Lord John 13v1 The Upper Room 1 Download
2017/01/22 PM The Washing Of Feet John 13v2-17 The Upper Room 2 Download
2017/01/29 PM Beloved & Betrayed John 13v18-30 The Upper Room 3 Download
2017/02/05 PM Glory & Betrayal John 13v31-38 The Upper Room 4 Download
2017/02/12 PM Prepared Places John 14v1-4 The Upper Room 5 Download
2017/02/19 PM The Way, The Truth & The Life John 14v5-7 The Upper Room 6 Download
2017/02/26 PM Trusting In The Father John 14v8-11 The Upper Room 7 Download
2017/03/12 PM Turning The Corner John 14v12-17 The Upper Room 8 Download
2017/03/19 PM Questions Answered John 14v18-24 The Upper Room 9 Download
2017/04/09 PM Final Focus John 14v25-31 The Upper Room 10 Download
2017/04/23 PM Abide In Christ John 15v4 The Upper Room 11 Download