The Disciples - A study looking at each of the twelve disciples.

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2014/01/08 Bible Study Andrew - Simon Peter's Brother John 1v40 The Disciples 1 Download
2014/01/22 Bible Study Philip John 14v8 The Disciples 2 Download
2014/01/29 Bible Study James & John - Sons Of Thunder Mark 7v17 The Disciples 3 Download
2014/02/19 Bible Study Simon (Part I) John 1v42 The Disciples 4 Download
2014/03/19 Bible Study Simon (Part II) Luke 5v1-11 The Disciples 5 Download
2014/03/26 Bible Study Simon (Part III) Matthew 14v25-31 The Disciples 6 Download
2014/04/16 Bible Study Simon (Part IV) Mark 8v29-31 The Disciples 7 Download
2014/04/23 Bible Study Simon (Part V) John 6v67-68 The Disciples 8 Download
2014/05/14 Bible Study Simon (Part VI) Matthew 26v75 The Disciples 9 Download
2014/05/28 Bible Study Simon (Part VII) 1 Peter 5v5 The Disciples 10 Download
2014/06/11 Bible Study Simon (Part VIII) 1 Peter 2v7 The Disciples 11 Download
2014/06/18 Bible Study Nathaniel Bartholomew John 1v45-51 The Disciples 12 Download
2014/06/25 Bible Study Matthew Levi Matthew 9v8 The Disciples 13 Download
2014/07/23 Bible Study Simon, The Zealot Matthew 10v4 The Disciples 14 Download
2014/07/30 Bible Study Thomas John 20v25 The Disciples 15 Download
2014/09/10 Bible Study James Of Alphaeus - Judas Of Thaddeus Luke 6v15-16 The Disciples 16 Download
2014/10/15 Bible Study Matthias Acts 1v15-26 The Disciples 17 Download
2014/10/29 Bible Study Judas Iscariot Acts 1v25 The Disciples 18 Download