James - A series exploring the epistle of "James, a servant of Godand of the Lord Jesus Christ." James 1v1

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Date Service Title Text Series No. Action
2009/11/08 PM Involvement Of God With His People James 1v1 James 1 Download
2009/11/15 PM Joy In Divers Temptations James 1v2-8 James 2 Download
2009/11/22 PM Applying Wisdom James 1v9-18 James 3 Download
2009/11/29 AM The Wisdom From God's Word James 1v19-27 James 4 Download
2009/12/06 PM Showing Favour To Persons James 2v1-7 James 5 Download
2009/12/13 PM The Royal Law James 2v8-13 James 6 Download
2010/01/10 PM Faith & Works James 2v14-26 James 7 Download
2010/01/17 PM Control Your Words James 3 James 8 Download
2010/02/14 PM God Gives Sufficient Grace James 4v6 James 9 Download
2010/02/21 PM Our Relationship With The Lord & Each Other James 4v7-12 James 10 Download
2010/03/14 PM Draw Nearer To God James 4v13-5v6 James 11 Download
2010/03/21 PM Christians Preparation For Eternity James 5v7-12 James 12 Download
2010/03/28 PM Prayer For The Afflicted James 5v13-18 James 13 Download